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Rabbi stabbed on street in Frankfurt bank quarter
Published: 08.09.07, 19:36
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1. jews in eurabia should carry stun guns so the attacker will
debra ,   usa   (09.08.07)
not believe jews are easy targets. and then these cowards will think twice before trying to kill a jew. my prayers for the rabbi's swift recovery.
2. @1, I agree
MM ,   Andover, UK   (09.08.07)
The jews should be given a right to defend themselves, I think it's clear they're not the sort to abuse that right. I haven't heard any cases of jews attacking muslims here in Britain anyway. Give them safety! Glad the Rabbi survived.
3. #1, people in eurabia aren't allowed to bear arms
Adamush   (09.08.07)
of any kind. That's why these thugs are allowed to get away with it.
4. # 1 & # 2
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.08.07)
You are both wrong. Jews should not be in Eurabia at all.
5. Attacks on Jews in UK
LH ,   Windsor, UK   (09.08.07)
The Muslim population here is always claiming 'victim' status due to Islamophobia (despite blowing up innocent people on our public transport system for which they show no remorse). In Britain Jews are FOUR TIMES more likely to suffer assault than Muslims. Part of it is because these thugs know that Jews are not violent. As well as murdering their own children in 'honour' killings (can their ever be a worse euphemism?) many ethnic areas are dangerous if you're not Muslim.
6. Fighting Back
NYC Girl   (09.08.07)
While I'm certainly no fan of Meir Kahane, his exhortation to Jews to learn to detend themselves sounds like very good advice to the ones who are living in Europe these days. In fact, the best way to deal with these thugs is to make them think that any Jew they attempt to attack could potentially beat the crap out of them.
7. @4
MM ,   Andover, UK   (09.08.07)
I am very sad that jews are at such risk, and feel they have to leave. I despair that this world is so messed up. :(
8. #1, #2 dont agree
Told U. So ,   Israel   (09.08.07)
If the rabbi carried a weapon of any kind the headlines would be "Jew attacks Arab teen". The Rabbi would be in jail for a hate crime. In the meantime, muslims would riot and burn synagogues while everyone would talk of their just revenge. After his jail term he would have to damages to the Arab guy. Move to Israel.
9. Oh the perils of going to the bank
Cameron ,   USA   (09.08.07)
10. So,what else is new?
lea ,   usa   (09.08.07)
with Cambell & his ilk distorting our Rosh HaShanna calling it Satanic,what can you expect from brain-washed ignorant idiots?? Check out the internet for Kol Nidre & see the vast hatred to ALL our people. With love of Israel, Never Again
11. #8 Israel is no different
Michelle ,   Vancouver   (09.08.07)
When the Negev rancher Shai Dromi defended his home and family against a group of Arab assailants and robbers some months ago, he was at first charged with murder. Later on, after much public protest, he was charged with manslaughter. I haven't heard what else happened after that. When an Arab mob led by the mayor or Ramallah proceeded to threaten Yesha residents and uproot their trees, the IDF and police came in late and refused to arrest anyone, although the land was legally Jewish. While the picture you paint about Eurabia's and world reaction to a Jew defending himself in Eurabia is quite likely, the situation for Israeli Jews with a pro-Arab government and courts, also places Jews who are victims of Arabs in Israel sometimes in a precarious situation. Justice is not evenly and fairly applied because politics get in the way. And we won't even go into the police/IDF violence against Jews in Israel. That's a whole separate story. My personal opinion is that Jews must defend themselves - the heck with public opinion. They must defend themselves in Eurabia and in Israel. Israelis should stop giving land away to pacify the bullies, and European Jews should make criminals, whatever their nationality or ideology, think twice before they mess with Jews again.
12. #1 - STUN guns???
guess who ,   guess where   (09.09.07)
Pepper gas!!!
13. Camera surveillance will find the criminal
100% Arab
14. 4-Sagi
Datit ,   Erets Hakodesh   (09.09.07)
So u think Jews should be living in the Jewish nation ??? Gimme a break, from all your talkbacks we see you abhorre Jewish values, tradition and religion as much as a nazi does Every time Nefesh vNefesh lands with another contingent of quality Jews similar to this stabbed rabbi , your rabid hate for anything religious sprouts Well may be you are changing a little, who knows ?
15. Never again…
Yehuda ,   Brooklyn, NY   (09.10.07)
Nobody can protect Jews but the IDF.. send IDF troops to everywhere Jews live in around the world. The IDF has a great experience in protecting the Jewish people in Israel, and especially the Jewish settlers in the West Bank and formally the Gaza Strip that the Palestinians occupied. The state of Israel has to think also about building walls not only around Palestinian populated areas, but also around Jewish neighborhoods and streets in Europe so nobody but Jews can approach those areas. The Israeli government has to push its European counterparts to ensure buffer zones around the Jewish neighborhoods to prevent non-Jewish Europeans from penetrating into their areas. Never again…
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