Syrian VP: We'll retaliate for Israeli aggression
Nir Magal
Published: 08.09.07, 22:20
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1. knowing syria, there will be terror from their proxies
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.08.07)
the return address for terrorism in israel is syria, so no one will be surprised when the islamic perverts spring into action on the orders of baby assad. we're afraid. not.
2. A Winner?
mark ,   israel   (09.08.07)
You have to hand it to this guy, he talks like a winner. Something like the wimps that are running this country.
3. The talks about peace are a disguise for blatant aggression.
Helene ,   Israel   (09.08.07)
That may be so - also from the Syrian point of view... Can't personally see what Israel can gain with such a peace conference, when the prereqisites that the Arab League present, for the negotiations even to take place, are impossible for Israel to fulfill... I can only think that Israel has everything to lose and nothing to win with such a conference!!! Any hopes that may falsely have been held will with certainty be turned into disappointment. AND HAVE NO DOUBTS ABOUT IT!!! Whatever concessions Israel makes, the Arabs will NEVER be content but just want more and more. Like usual!!! This will also create an even bigger western support for the Arab side... west still believing "peace" is possible, while in fact, the Arab states will not accept less than Israel's unconditional surrender on all their demands as a satisfactory outcome of the "peace" conference. Knowing the Arabs, I'd rather look upon it as a pre-war conference... When the conference breaks down, and it infallibly WILL, what will happen then? False promises. False hopes. Certain disappointment. AND THEN WHAT?!
4. Bring it on if you dare!
free world   (09.08.07)
5. Assad the babt
Come on Assad show your a man not just a boy back up your threats with actions your father would. I dare you use millitary force abd retalite to this act of Israeli aggresion then hey you can have more than just 2 Israeli planes flying into Syria and they will be dropping more than fuel tanks. So Assad are you a man who is fit to be president or are you a boy who should just go back to testing eyes and leave the running of your country to the big boys?
6. Assad the baby or Assad the man who backs up threats
zionist forver   (09.08.07)
Come on Assad show your a man not just a boy back up your threats with actions your father would. I dare you use millitary force abd retalite to this act of Israeli aggresion then hey you can have more than just 2 Israeli planes flying into Syria and they will be dropping more than fuel tanks. So Assad are you a man who is fit to be president or are you a boy who should just go back to testing eyes and leave the running of your country to the big boys?
7. TO #3 helene
Marwan ,   Amman, Jordan   (09.08.07)
do you seriously expect the so-called "state of israel" to last for another hundred years? i mean seriously... do you?!? you're living in the wrong place at the wrong era... and all you're enjoying is a false tumbling illusion.
8. To Mike
Dima   (09.08.07)
Dont really think that they will do it throught proxies.. Why? Because Syria denies that it funds and supplies all the proxis and terrorist organisations..
9. Not the Best Move
Jason, Ph.D.   (09.08.07)
It seems rather stupid for Israel to let itself get caught this way. Nonthe less, of course Israel should respond with maximum force if Syria tries anything. Let the UN and the international community complain all they want. Syria is a totalitarian terror-supporting state, and it deserves no sympathy.
10. Damascus will retaliate
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.08.07)
That sounds like a very credible threat. Farouk blames Israel for everything in this interview going back to when they lost the last war with Israel. I think the land for peace agenda has failed ,but the land from war has worked well for Israel. Israel's neighbors should be prepared to give up more land for peace with Israel. gog-u-magog
11. Dear Marwan,
Helene ,   Israel   (09.08.07)
With the weapons that exist in this part of the world today, I don't expect ANYTHING to exist for another 100 years.
12. I agree with you Marwan
Ahmed ,   Egypt   (09.08.07)
muslims on the world must unite,it is the moment.
13. TO MARVIN #7
Sean ,   Kork, Ireland   (09.08.07)
do you seriously expect the so-called "state of jordan" to last? i mean seriously... do you?!? you're living in the wrong place at the wrong era... and all you're enjoying is a false tumbling illusion. Its 2007: Get with the times arab man. Ever notice how arabs are "into" moustaches? And the men, too!
14. 2000
TOM ,   BSAS,ARGENTINA   (09.08.07)
in 2000 Ehud Barak offered Arafat Terrorits and Pals, he offered the 100% of Gaza, 97% of West Bank and lands within Israeli territory in a compensation for the remaining 3%. ARAFAT DID NOT WANT THAT! now. PLO was established in 1964, 3 years before the 6 days war, and Israel was not occupying anything ( and sitll does not) but they cheered for death and called for destruction of Israel. They AS WELL AS ARAB COUNTRIES LIKE SYRIA AND IRAN, DOES NOT WANT A TWO STATE SOLUTION, THEY WANT ALL OF ISRAEL FOR ¨ PALESTINE¨ So.... Israel will prevail. and crush Syria and Iran once again. Long Live Israel
15. # 7, Marwan. Yes, WE KNOW SO and
we also know you are dellusional and /or childish in your assesments. Actually, your talk-backs emanate the stench of hatred and wish of death for Israel. No way, Jose !
16. Re: "The relations with Iran are very tight."
Outrage! ,   usa   (09.08.07)
A public admission that the Syrian government has been particpating in a proxy war of terrorism against our soldiers in Iraq with the blessing of Iran. By allowing insurgents to infiltrate Iraqi sovereign territory, the Syrians are fomenters of civil strife among their own Muslim people of Iraq. If the Syrians object to IAF flyovers of their so-called sovereign air-space, then they should cease their hypocritical indignance, respect the sovereignty of other countries like Lebanon and Iraq and stop winking and nodding at weapons smugglers and terrorists sneaking across their borders!
17. 7
zionist forever   (09.09.07)
Marwan The state of Israel in the long term much more valuable to the world and likley to survive than the arab states are. Israel produces things the world wants, it has the ability and will to look after itself. The arabs find a valiable alternative to oil and the west will dump the arab world overnight leaving the arabs nothing ton do with their oil other than drink it while they play in the sand. When your not throwing tanturms and trying and failing to destroy Israel your trying to destroy each other. Look at Iraq today it could be a model for all the arab world .. it could be run as a democracy without facist dictaitors who gas their own people. Once the dictaitor is overthrown instead of trying to make your country a better place for all Iraqis to live you go around killing each other and making Iraq the hell hole of the region. The palestians Israel gives them Gaza free of charge, leaves valuable hot houses for palestians to use and make money from. Instead of turning Gaza into a mini model of what a succesfull palestian state could be like you destroy the hot houses, startn firing rockets, kidnaping soilders and force Israel into carrying out millitary operations in Gaza once again. Then instead of uniting you have a civil war and start throwing each other off tall buildings in Gaza. Time is on Israels side not the arabs
18. 12
zionist forever   (09.09.07)
When was the last time the muslim world was every united ? What glorious thing is Allah going to do now to unite the muslims which he hasnt done before?
19. #7 Marwan, this is an Israeli website, do u really think u
can lull us into ur ,   kind of hatred? NOT!   (09.09.07)
20. hmm
Doron   (09.09.07)
sounds like some strings are being pulled from a beliicose tehran. why is syria so eager to talk about 'retaliation' for something that it brought to this a gulf of tonkin syrian/iranian style? something is fishy in all of this...
21. Marwan u r an idiot! Helene is right
There is nothing to work for the Israelis trying to negotiate with the Arabs, because all they do is make angry and self-centered demands and give nothing substantial in return except empty assurances. Why don't the Arabs offer some land to the Palestinians for a change? Why do Arabs always feel they have the right to demand something for nothing?
22. Ahmed the Dreamer, #12
Sonny   (09.09.07)
"Muslims of the world, unite"? "Now is the moment", you say? Don't make me laugh! Muslims are as divided as can be. Sunnis and Shias slaughtering each other in Iraq. Minority Alawites (not even considered Islamic by other Muslims) desperately clinging to power in Syria via their secret police. A hugely unpopular clerical regime in Iran also clinging to power with brute force and backward policies, like closing down barbershops that give excessively Western haircuts to customers! The outnumbered Hashemite kingdom in Jordan resented by the population which is 70% Palestinian. Musharraf in Pakistan, a seeming moderate who's also feverishly hanging on to the throne, a bullet away from having extremist elements take over his own nuclear-armed country. Mubarrak in Egypt similarly threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood. Fatah and Hamas throwing each other off of high-rises in "Palestine", in the midst of the first real civil war in Palestinian ranks since the conflict began. The restless Kurds, locked in savage conflict with Arabs in Iraq. Many Lebanese secretly hating Hezbollah for bringing disaster on their country. And all the Sunnis in the region terrified of the Shia Crescent, fomented by Iran which is trying to grab a slice of Iraq, but opposed by Saudi Arabia which wants its own piece of the pie. And so on and so forth. The Muslim world isn't "uniting" any time soon, except perhaps to slaughter each OTHER. And even during those times when some of them did manage to join forces, they couldn't succeed in destroying Israel. For Muslims like Ahmed, apparently, the conflict will never end as long as Israel exists. Ahmed and his ilk don't want peace in the slightest. For them, the war never ended. They'd rather condemn future generations to perpetual war and misery than make peace with a Jewish state.
23. Marwan
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.08.07)
Israel was around thousands of years before mohammed was born. Israel will be around long after Islam has disappeared from the face of the eart'h It's not in the numbers but Whom is on Israel's side. God against 6 billion souls out to destroy Israel ,the 6 billion lose. signed; A Christian
24. Woohoo! Bring it on!!!!!
25. #3 a hundred years is a long time. thank you for that
idan ,   haifa,israel   (09.09.07)
when Israel was created all the Arabs were all "Israel will be gone in a few days". after the crushing defeat you were all "it's a matter of months before the jewish state is gone" .after 1967 it was "no more than 10 years" and after 73 it was "30 years, tops". Now, it's "a hundred years". in a hundred years from now what will it be? "a 1000 years from now we Arabs will finally defeat these Zionists. that is if we won't be any less relevant to the world than we already are" I'm glad you give us a 100 years, that's very kind of you,but you know what they say: those who can - do. those who can't - talk.
26. let's hope it's a "proportional response"
Muslims are constantly talking about "proportional response". after all, muslims are known to be proportional, aren't they? lets see... cartoons = kill quote = kill someone decides to go near temple mount = kill land = kill umm... i wonder what could be the response to violating air space? i'm guessing candy and diplomacy. oh, no, wait. KILL. and if all the killing doesn't work, kill some more, and after that fails, just maybe, ask for peace, and declare victory when you realize you haven't been totally obliterated from earth. "yea, the enemy destroyed only 99 percent of us. we manage to keep them off this 1%. DIVINE VICTORY! "
27. to 7 marwan
aaron ,   ra'anana   (09.09.07)
do you believe the hashemite kingdom of "jordan" will last another 10 years? who is smoking the real crack man... you live in a future western shiite iraqi republic.
28. Solution ?
Sara ,   Israel   (09.09.07)
Come on Syria! What ever you destroy we shall destroy double! What ever Jewish land you owe us we shall accept ! Lets get it over and done with ! It is only you who is asking for it!
29. What I mean is...
Helene ,   Israel   (09.09.07)
that it might be better for all parts to keep the sort of status quo that exists today - no one is extremely happy, nor is anyone particularly sad about it (relatively spoken) - than to stir the pot too eagerly... with very little chance of success. Try to keep the borders as they are. Try to go on with life (in stead of death)... As the Arabic definition of success in no way agrees with the Israeli one. As much as I didslike to say it, peace conferences have, in history, sometimes been a cover for vast war preparations and - in the end - war. It's not my invention, Marwan...
30. To #12 Muslims Uniting?
Dima   (09.09.07)
Muslims uniting?? What a joke?
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