Syrian VP: We'll retaliate for Israeli aggression
Nir Magal
Published: 08.09.07, 22:20
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61. #60 - I basically agree with you - we may not be unprepared
Helene ,   Israel   (09.09.07)
for war, but I certainly would like to see a better level of readiness. The saddest thing, though, is to hear a number of Israelis still complaining about the last war and blaming people for it's outcome. We should not blame, but LEARN!!! Moreover, people in this country should join, stand up together as one man and protect this country where they live, no matter of etnicity, group, party or religion... Right now many Israelis remind me of the people of Moses, who were led through the desert, given manna and quails, but still kept complaining... Refusing personal responsibility and just looking to blame others... especially the leaders. Yes, this is a democratic country. Many different views are allowed expression. Of course! That's what we want to defend, isn't it?! But in times of crisis, it would create a better image abroad, if we could keep a united front and not squabble between ourselves...
62. to john
micha   (09.09.07)
John you are very mis-informed israel is stronger than it ever has been A war against Syria will be a 100% different from trying to fight against misslies lauched from apartment roof tops in lebanon. A war against Syria would be a matter of days, Israel fought against hisblolah and yes they did struggle, but, they did not lose, whilst with all their mite, the usa struggled mor
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