Labor is stuck in the government, party officials say
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 09.09.07, 20:48
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1. Attila helps create reality.
sk ,   USA   (09.09.07)
Really, dude, as you are part of the forces that are protecting ilmert, I can understand why you want to stand distant from your handiwork. ilmert is in office only because journalists have helped him stay there. Ynet is as much part of the "political left" as Peace Now.
2. Labor is broke, partner in coming capitulation
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (09.09.07)
Labor has no viable platform of its own, and given the financial bankruptcy of the party, would be unable to compete in a near term election. Furthermore, they continue to support Olmert's concessions based policy. So what reason would they have to leave the government?
3. this article is bad news and soon it will be the streets !
redmiike ,   tel aviv   (09.09.07)
"recent political moves that seem to be going nowhere have stabilized the government" - what the hell does this mean!? "Meretz-Yahad Chairman Yossi Beilin, fellow MK Chaim Oron and members of Peace Now met ..". The public don't want to know about Olmert, Beilin or Peace now .. and now most probably about Ehud Barak either! Seems like going to the streets is getting closer and closer. The country is being led by more and more people that 97% don't want! I have never been an insurrectionist but now see little option to country wide protests! - Mike
stude ham   (09.09.07)
Labour continues its myopic approach to Israel's future. It is the same approach that was so well used by Neville Chamberlain back in 1938.... hamas will pretty much overthrow fatah and even fatah is not particularly interested in israel's future. so what is labour really saying other than they are complete idiots?
5. The IDF should restore Israel's democracy
Mordechai   (09.09.07)
The people are against Olmert therefore in a parlimentary democracy he should resign. The IDF should remind Olmert he cannot stay in office without support of the people and take steps to bring new elections.
6. #3 Well, I guess it's better than going2 the mattress hey?
Sonny Corleone ,   The Bronx!!!   (09.10.07)
7. Cowards
freejay ,   Israel   (09.10.07)
Cowardly Labour can go down with Olmert. The elections will be held in the near future and Labour cant do a thing about it. If it takes civil disorder to force an election, then let that be. 96% of the poeple dont support Olmert, dont support giving land away and are sick of seeing Olmert bolster the terrosists. He really thinks that he can fool everyone by pushing the absurd idea that Fatah are moderate, even though Abass still hasnt even changed the Palastinian charter calling for israels destruction. Massive protests will be the start of his eviction. Bibi is gettibg ready. WE ARE ALL SICK OF THIS PATHETIC GOVERNMENT!
8. to #3 & #7
Brooke ,   Sad in Canada   (09.10.07)
I pray you are both right about Israel finally taking to the streets. I don't hear Netanyahu or Feiglin calling for elections. I just see a suicidal gov't. What makes you think the public will finally revolt? Isn't there a private citizen(s) who could start with petitions and emails and post them on the talkbacks to send to the gov;t? The Jews the world over will sign them. When will a date, time and place for the mass revolt be announced? BEFORE Olemrt, Peres & Co do more harm? What do you think it will take to finally see this uproar---and finally a change in voting policies? Could you also explain to me what is going on with the Temple Mount and why there isn't a human chain-link protecting this most important and precious find---proving Israel's historical and rightful connection to her land? Thanks. Shana Tova and G-d bless Israel
9. Sharon's corruption solution......
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.10.07)
Just goes to show that the Left has only lip service to concepts of justice and purity of means. That's why Israel's history since Shamir has been a string of weak and tainted politicians using "peace" as fig leaf to garner a little support.
10. Correct me if I'm wrong
Judith   (09.10.07)
There will be no citizens demonstrations. Not mass rallies, not even token demonstrations. There will be no elections until the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009. No political party will win a significant majority. There will be more coalitions, more compromise, more corruption. By then the WB will have been ethnically cleansed one town at the time. The Yesha esidents will have resisted and been beaten up and jailed, but the rest of Israelis will watch the events on TV and do nothing. Labor is finished but it does not matter to them, as long as the agenda of expelling Jews from the WB and Golan gets completed. Olmert will retire from politics and take on a prestigious new job somewhere else, with maybe a Nobel Peace Prize in his living room, and will live comfortably and happily ever after somewhere in Europe. Bibi will become PM by default, since there will be no one else able to assemble a coalition. Feiglin will continue to count percentage growth in popularity for his movement. Maybe it'll grow by 5% with each election. Perhaps. But what will be the point, when Israel will have been reduced by then to an indefensible, demoralized, under siege and shrunk state. Feiglin will have missed the opportunity to rally Israelis to defend their land and demand new elections. He was Israel's only hope, but he was counting votes, raising money and writing a few columns. No passion, no action, no nothing. Arabs will continue to make demands and take on a more active role in the new de-Judeized Israel. New flag, new national anthem, new Arab-approved school curriculum for everyone. Religious Jews will be squeezed between the increasingly self-confident Israeli Arabs and the more aggressive seculars. They will become a minority within the country waiting for the final onslaught by Israel's Arab neighbors. And your grandchildren will ask you, what did you do in the year 5768?
11. Labor stuck in Government
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.10.07)
Yes indeed they are "stuck" in Governement. They are "stuck" to their seats because that is where they want to be "stuck' to, and we are "stuck" with them. Please get "unstuck" and rid us of this political system that we are "stuck" with so that we can elect some decent leaders to office who will represent us and not themselves, leaders who will not come to office equipped with a tube of glue.
12. Labor is stuck because they choose to be stuck. They could
change things today ,   by walking out.   (09.10.07)
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