Turkey asks for clarification over Israeli fuel tanks
Associated Press
Published: 10.09.07, 12:50
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1. Clarification: A Common Lunch Meat
Charlie Smartz ,   Valhalla, USA   (09.10.07)
ALSO: Traditionally prepared delightfully and eaten by Americans on Thanksgiving
2. I sure don't understand why we'd do such a thing either
Israel   (09.10.07)
Mr. Ali Babacan
stude ham   (09.10.07)
4. #3 Dangerous games with a grossly underestimated “ally”!
Anom   (09.10.07)
Violating Turkish airspace and dumping fuel tanks on sovereign Turkish territory does not conform too well with Turkey’s understanding of the term ally hood. Perhaps Israel’s understanding of the term ally is the direct opposite to what the western world defines it to be. #3 defending ones rights under international law is in fact not an attribute of radical Islamists (the last time I checked) but instead that of a true statesmen! But you guys already new that- like always you just wanted to create an argumentum ad hominem in a bid to prevent the addressing of your failures in current Israeli Foreign Policy! Wake up my brothers and also do not make the fatal mistake of putting the Turks in the same category wıth Arabs! Our Sovereignty rests unconditionally with the Turkish nation!! We also highly respect the sovereign rights of others but expect such respect in return! If such respect is not genuine or forthcoming then we talk a different language! שָׁלוֹם
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