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'Zero Degree Turn': An Iranian soap opera
Smadar Peri
Published: 10.09.07, 18:41
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1. is iran
admitting there were gas chambers to kill mass number of jews? WELL, FINALLY!
2. it's a ploy by iran
just a ploy, nothing more! to show what good guys they are, while denying the gas chambers and holocaust.
3. khamenei
the jews of iran have no problem with what you call the little satan...israel. they love israel and support her. so, if you have a problem with israel and zionists and not jews in general, you are mistaken. the jews of iran are zionists and israel supporters and no matter what you say and do to divide jews and israel, it won't work. this production is a begging. it is to falsly show what a good country you are to the jews while you hate them intensly and deny them their movement and rightful country. WE ARE NOT BUYING!!!!!!!
4. Propaganda
Mark ,   USA   (09.10.07)
A year ago, Iran questioned whether the Holocaust existed. Now they are claiming the Holocaust existed. What is the Iranian President up to? He is always planning some scheme.
5. To #2
Alex ,   San Diego, CA   (09.10.07)
I agree with you 100%!
6. thier governemtn must be in trouble
if they have to turn to the Eternal Scapegoat with such intensity. Soon there will be the New Iranian Revolution. Whose head will be on the stick this time?
7. Jews in Iran
Persian Jew ,   NY, USA   (09.10.07)
Jews in Iran have the oldest and brightest history compare to any other etnics in Iran. They never betaryed Iran and the culture and history of Iran has witnessed thousands of Jews in top of all aspects of science like economy,medicine,music,chemistry, and many more fields. That is true they also faced many killings and bitter times like any other Jewish Communities during centuries but most of the time the Iranians as a nation accepted and respected them among themselves. Dariush the Second the king of Iran was born by a jewish mother Queen Ester and the Jewish culture has been a significant part of ancient Iran. What is going on these years in Iran specially under Ahmedinejad dose not reflect the truth about Iranian as a people. Ahmedinejad like Haman and Hitler is an Amalelk and like Jews who are scattered all over the world the same are the Amalek and his decendants. These are the anti-semits no matter where they are and where they have power in hand. If persians were anti-semit it was impossible to sit and watch this episode so closely. Those are only a few in top in Islamic regim who really are anti-semits but if diplomacy works in the right direction they could be thrown out of power and if not it can be a disaster for them. Israel is a Reality today as well as Anti-semits and Israel would not tolerate an atomic fanatic regime next to her borders.
8. Zionists” Mean Judaism. The entire world Jews believes in Is
e.m ,   s.f   (09.10.07)
Almost 250.000 Iranians Jews living in State of Israel and that is clears to Iranians regime. The entire Iranians Jews in Iran have some family in Israel and is it also clears to regime in Iran .Now my question to Iranians government is that despite that you are all knows the reality which every Jew believe in Zionist then why you are run away from the true and hiding your heads in the SAND? If Holocaust did not happen then how do you believes that the Pahlavy regime have saved thousands of Jews in ww2?In the end I believe the day will come that Israel and Iran will have the best relation ship even better then Pahlavy regime
9. Not so fast, Smadar?
eh-oop ,   England   (09.10.07)
Smadar Peri analyses the series differently to Mohamad Reza Kazani in Spiegel Online. Mohamad draws the reader's attention to the revisionist history theme contained in the series - that there was complicity between the Nazis and Zionists resulting in the deaths of non-Zionist Jews to further the Zionist cause. This relates directly to Ahmadinejad's sponsorship of the Holocaust denial conference and to his delegitimisation of Israel. Mohamad also points out that the notorious Holocaust denier, Roger Garaudy, is credited as a source, while another, Abdollah Shabazi, is credited as historic advisor. Someone's interpretation will turn out to have been wrong.
10. The right wingers in Iran...
Micha   (09.11.07)
are always talking out of both sides of their mouths. And frankly, it has been shown time and time again that what is said in arabic or persian is one thing and then in English is a completely opposite sentiment. Long live the Persian Jews and Long live Israel.
11. Wind!
Soheil Bashardoust ,   Iran   (09.11.07)
Whether is Israel clean by a filme? yes, because Israel base is on wind...
12. who gives a ****?
Antonio ,   Haifa   (09.10.07)
We are thankful to those INDIVIDUALS who helped our people during the WWII. But we live now, in this day and age.
13. so what skinheads say the same thing
Steve from Raleigh   (09.10.07)
They claim there was no Holocaust but in the same breath, Hitler was a god for exterminating Jews. Iranians tell you there was no Holocaust but that some Iranian was a hero in it. May they all boil in hell screaming, for eternity.
14. #9 is right
Ellie   (09.11.07)
This is a propaganda series attempting to show Iran's tolerance towards Jews while showing that the "Zionist entity" sold out Jews during the Shoah. #9, I would appreciate a link to the spiegel article...tks
15. What Jew has the last name of Motamed? This is not a Jew!
In Iran nothing is what they say it is. All the Jewish schools, hospitals, schools, Synagogues are run by Muslims. The occupants are not real Jews. Most Jews have left Iran and the majority that remain are underground, in prison, or being used by the Islamic regime for propaganda purposes. Don't believe anything that a facist, anti-semtic regime says. It's all smoke and mirrors. One day the truth will come out and it won't be anything like Iran portrayed it to be.
16. the holocaust didn't exist, but we saved the jews from nazis
ahmedinijad ,   a place beyond logic   (09.10.07)
17. the name of the show says it all
"zero degree turn". meaning, it may seem like you're turning somewhere but infact you're standing still all along. just like what it tried to portray - we may seem like we changed our views about jews but infact we're at square one.
18. To No. 15
NYC Girl   (09.11.07)
It just so happens that the vast majority of Iranian Jews have Persian surnames. In fact, I've never met one who doesn't, although several of them had Hebrew first names. But keep in mind that not every Jew in the world has a name like Schwartz or Goldberg. However, having said that, I do agree with your characterization of the Iranian regime.
19. #14 response
eh-oop ,   England   (09.11.07)
Ellie, here's the link,1518,504864,00.html The reference to the Holocaust deniers is three paragraphs up from the end. I'll translate a quote one paragraph later from Hassan Fatthi, who also appears in the Ynetnews article. "There's historical proof that the majority of the victims of the Nazis were those Jews who were against the occupation of Palestine". However high its production values, I hope that the facts about this series reach Smadar's "European and American TV channels" before they make any decisions that prove difficult to unwind. The industry has its own media, and Mohamad's piece, which is highly critical of the Wall Street Journal article, is doing a public service. On the subject of doing a public service, I'd like to observe that, with Ynetnews full of anger about the Israeli givernment's decision to purchase Audis (ne'er a mention of BMW and Mercedes, whose ownership and reparations histories are reputed to be less creditable than those of Volkswagen / Audi), it is a fact that the important points about this Iranian series are being made by a man named Mohamad who writes in a German publication.
20. ‘Iranian Schindler
amir ,   UK   (09.11.07)
The Wiesenthal Centre in remembrance of the Holocaust has actually honoured Hossein Sardari the “‘Iranian Schindler” who, as a young Iranian diplomat in Paris, succeeded in having hundreds of Iranian Jews classified as "‘non-racially" ‘ connected to the rest of the Jewish people, and thereby saving them from the Nazi death camps. Additionally, in 1942, he turned over 500 blank Iranian passports to Jewish acquaintances in Paris to help save other non-Iranian Jews fleeing from Nazi persecution
21. Abusing this Iranian Schindler's achievement
eh-oop ,   England   (09.11.07)
A reminder that poisonous propaganda can rest on a foundation of precious truth. This good man represented a government that was leaning towards Germany in 1940/1. Alone in Paris (the other embassy staff had moved to Vichy), he was able to save many innocent Jewish lives. How sad that the current Iranian regime abuses this humanitarian achievement as it does everything else.
22. You people hear what you want to hear.
AR ,   USA   (09.12.07)
Its clear to anyone who actually looks into the iran israel relationship that the REAL leader of Iran Khameni said "the holocaust is a historical fact and anyone who disagrees with this is a moron" he pretty much called amadinejad a fool. Iranians dont hate jews, they are not antisemetic etc etc etc. This show making it on air clearly shows that the real leader in Iran knows exactly what he is doing. He is using amadinejad as the bad cop. While he is the good cop. Amadinejad is irrational. He can be reasoned with. It really dosnt matter how the media looks at this issue. This is one of the ways Khameni is telling bush and olmert who they should be dealing with.
23. #18 That's b/c we had to change our last names
Persian Jew ,   Los Angeles, Ca   (09.12.07)
When our family moved to Iran we had to change our last name so we would fit in and not experience discrimination. Our older family member did have Hebrew names but had to "change" these names to Muslim names if we ever ventured out of Tehran to the small towns and such. BUT we did have Hebrew names at some point and some Jews I know have changed their names back to the original.
24. What's so surprising!
Joe ,   San Francisco, USA   (09.12.07)
Every ordinary Iranian loath to be called anti-anything let alone anti-semitic, also they see their government as a untouchable entity which suppose to look after their interest much like others in the rest of the world, difference between Iranian population and her government is that the government have to take in to consideration of Iranian national interest which is, who are they going to bark diplomatically with, 7 million in Jewish state or 1.2 billion in Muslim states, you do the math, it is and has been a tough neighborhood for Iranian since beginning of civilization, current Iranian president is ideal match for current US president, both diplomatically challenged so ignore them both, rhetoric's are between US and Iran and have nothing to do with Israel, just a flack here and there because of your relationship with US.
25. To Smadar Peri the author
Some Persian ,   DC/USA   (09.12.07)
In the age of internet, journalism has a wealth of knowledge at its disposal. When you say the "claim" of Iranians saving Jews during WWII, or as you put it "rumor have not been officially substantiated" only goes to show how little you read. I have read in numerous papers about that fact (not a rumor). If you had googled your propaganda before writing, you would've gotten MANY MANY sites to educate yourself. Just ONE fraction of what Iran did for the jews during the war is well known as "Tehran Children" why don't you just google that and see for yourself that your kindly worded 'rumor' was in fact a FACT. I cannot believe I started my freakin day reading this article!
26. I am watching this series right now
Iranian ex-pat ,   USA   (09.13.07)
It'sbeing shown on the FTA channel out of Iran in the USA. Here are some of the story line that's missed here: 1. The Iranian diplomat is actually selling the passports to a wealthy Iranian jewish business man in Paris. He is quite pro-Nazi in the series ans does it only for the money. 2. The young student in Paris steals 5 passports with the help of the wife of the Iranian diplomat and gives it to Sarah;s familiy(the jewish gilrl) and also a mixed German/French non-jew couple who are hsi best friends in school. 3. The unlce of Sarah is anti-zionist in the series and is killed off by his own brother's thugs who is very zionist and is helping he Nazis in Paris in an indirect way. This is what has happened so far, this friday Sarah and his family arrive in Iran :) I think this is an excellent series to be put on PBS for national broadcast.
27. Zionists
A-Man ,   Canada   (09.16.07)
What you are saying S.F. is incorrect, Zionism and Judaism are completely different concepts, please educate yourself before posting.
28. Jews are respected in Iran
Mahmoud ,   Montreal - Canada   (11.30.07)
Iran has the biggest population of Jews in middle east after Israel. They are Iranians as I am. If some people in the government says something non-pleasant it does not mean that Iranians believe that. If Bush, for example is moran, that does not mean that all Americans are. Jews in Iran have a prosperous life. The Iranian society is not what the media says. You should study to find out the reality.
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