Syria warns flyovers will have tragic consequences
Roee Nahmias
Published: 11.09.07, 12:00
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31. get a life
DWC ,   Hamilton Canada   (09.12.07)
These people expect the world to condemn Israel ? Syria, we condemn you.
32. #20 come and get it!
retah milsum ,   palestine   (09.12.07)
33. Right on Terry!
American guy   (09.12.07)
cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!
34. Hey Mouth! #8
American guy   (09.12.07)
Take your sorry ass to syria and be a part of that surprise. Hard ass! You and people like you are plankton!
35. #4 Played what well?
American guy   (09.12.07)
Just what is it that Assad the douche bag played well? The skin flute?
36. #22 There are three birds in the world
American guy   (09.12.07)
Doves Eagles Ostritches You Mr. Righteous are an Ostritch. Your indifference will not save your sorry ass in this world. Nor will your denial of the facts.
37. Prophecy will come true
erich ,   usa   (09.12.07)
Jehova said that Damascus will be wiped out at some point. that has yet to happen, but since the Creator of all said it it shall come to pass. be it by their hand or iran or Israel, it is by Gods voice going to happen. syrians should relocate before. It is Gods land they are after, and He has the upper hand in all.
38. #26 I knew the French would come around
American guy ,   Numero uno   (09.12.07)
Hey we are long time allies and must support Israel because they are on the front line of the war on terror every single day. They sleep on it. The French are starting to feel the burn of their muslim parasites. Now lets stand up together and get the world back on track.
39. #24 What the hell are you talking about?
American guy   (09.12.07)
Oh it just a citizen of the marginalized, middle child nation of Russia. Sorry I understand now.
40. # 38 I agree with you
Abel Shoni ,   France   (09.12.07)
In my humble opinion we are not only allies but friends, true friends, whatever it may be said around. The French have not forgotten the Normandy landings and the Marshall Plan. I personally have supported Israel and Israelis for long time and I will never give up the blessed people. A lot of older French people like me have long felt that "burn", it's now high time to face terror with courage and determination, for the sake of liberty, "liberté chérie". God bless you and your great country too.
41. isaiah 17 verses 1-6
ben ,   athens,texas   (09.13.07)
read this in your bible and this will show where this is headed between syria and israel
42. response to Ari (Post 7)
Johnny ,   Georgia, USA   (09.13.07)
Ari, The giving of territories by Israel will not bring peace. Land is not the issue. The existence of the Jewish State is the issue. Your people have been the scapegoat for the failures of the world for centuries. The land belongs to you by divine mandate. It is irrevocable. Soon, very soon the Lord shall roar from Zion. Shalom!
43. I keep reading these talkbacks and
Marjie ,   Michigan, USA   (09.13.07)
they all talk basically about one thing "War". But it is a religious war, who's land belongs to who. So everyone aquires nukes to wipe each other out. Those in Christ know what the final outcome will be. Israel belongs to "God", and I don't care what anyone says here, God will protect his chosen people "Israel". Damascus is prophecied to be a heap of ruins, in Isaiah. These other countries and terrorists are fighting a NO WIN WAR! The moment Christ's feet land on Mt. Olivet, it will be all over! Praise God for that!
44. Israeli jets over Syria
Mathews ,   North Carolina, USA   (10.29.07)
I believe that the only way to find out whether Syria has or will have nuclear weapon's building facilities is to look first hand. And, if the only way to do that is to fly over the country and snap off a few photos to prove it, so be it. There is a reason that the international community is remaining silent over this matter. They know as the rest of the world knows that Syria has or will have nuclear weapons capabilities, just as Iran. Syria calls these fly overs "aggressive". Hey, it's only aggressive if they drop a few bombs before they leave their air space. I don't blame the Israelis for wanting to know what their neighbors are up to after the kinds of threats that have been made toward them by Syria and Iran. I know the U.S. has a 'don't fire until fired' upon approach to war, but frankly I wish the rest of the world would support America, the U.K. and Israel to go into Iran and Syria and simply take out their country's bomb building facilities and military bases before they have the opportunity to do any damage whatsoever. These radical Isla*ists hate anyone who is not one of them and are willing to kill just for the sake of killing! How can you trust a person who raises their children just to have them die by strapping a bomb to their little kid bodies. They're just babies, they don't know why or what they are dying for. These people care nothing for life and even less for freedom. They are happy living as a third world nation without improving their quality of life. Syria says they want peace, but I can tell you, they can't wait to drop the first nuclear bomb and kill as many Westerners and Israelis as possible. Why, they even kill their own. How can Israel, or any country for that matter, deal rationally with people like that? I certainly hope the U.S. and the U.K. continues their support for the citizens of Israel. They have this Christian's support through thick and thin. Y'all buckle up, it's gonna get nasty in the next few years! May God bless Israel.
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