Report: Israel spots nuclear installations in Syria
Published: 12.09.07, 14:21
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1. Well....if little Mr. Nutty man from North Korea
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.12.07)
can't keep his nukes???? Then sell them to the other nutty men in the Middle East. The USA gives the little dick cash to stop production and then he sells the missiles out the back door to terrorists. What a country...North Korea? I'd put North Korea on my Samson list if any nuclear accidents occur in Israel.
2. Boy the plot in this little incident just
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (09.12.07)
thickens by the day! One has to wonder with the various articles I've read if Israel didn't bomb a arms transfer of some sort from North Korea to Syria. I hope we find out that this is the case and the Israeli jets woke the Syrians up to the fact by breaking the sound barrier in celebration of a successful strike!
3. Too Many "Thinkers"
Peter Morris ,   new Zealand   (09.12.07)
For 10 years prior to 2003 thinkers in Israel were supplying the US with "possible'" nuclear weapons sites and various biological weapons labs sites in Iraq. These "thoughts" have lead to over 4000 dead Americans and something like 300,000 dead Iraqis. Now more thoughts on Syria and Iran all dutifully reported by compliant news reporting organisations in the US, Britain, EU etc and easily believed by the gullible. George Bush had the right terminology when caught off guard with a microphone on. Saying... "Stop giving us this sh*t".
4. Its coming!
D. Refaeli   (09.12.07)
I think a war is coming soon with Syria and later possibly Iran. Hashem please bless Israel and please help us win and please protect Israel. Pray for our medina and our soldiers. I will because I LOVE Israel and the Jewish people. HASHEM BLESS ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Nuke, nuke. Who's there?
Mark ,   Kibbutz Elrom   (09.12.07)
6. Yup, pants are right down around the ankles of them Syrians
Fred Flinstone ,   Bedrock   (09.12.07)
AND NOW, the N. Korean too. Well done IDF!! Now (as the song goes), ~"US forces, get the nod . . ."~ (not as in 'fart' to all the hebrew speakers out there in tv land) smile and wave!
7. More Reason For Preemptive Action.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (09.12.07)
Will we sit & wait while Syria arms against us? Does any sane person not understand their intentions? The Syrian threat must be eliminated as a first step in our war with Iran.
8. Syrian Installations
ari ,   scottsdale   (09.12.07)
take them out at all costs. do it now and dont wait...
9. Will Israel attack Syria?
Harry ,   USA   (09.12.07)
Is this the same as Bush's claim that there were WMDs in Iraq and that's why we Invaded Iraq? Unlike Iraq that never attacked the USA Assad is no angel and he has been supplying arms and money to Hezbollah and Hamas. More than that Assad has been trying to undermine the Lebanese government. Syria richly deserves a swift kick in the pants. But what will be the consequences of Israel attacking Syria.
10. To 3
Shai ,   IL   (09.12.07)
Right. Everybody else "thinks", but Peter Morris of New Zealand "knows". Your sources must be the same who believe that Jim Morrison assasinated John Kennedy with Elvis' gun on the set of the fake moon landing located within the basement of the World Trade Center, all of which was destroyed to cover the traces of the Mossad's advancement of Jewish world domination. Peter, there must be some drug that can help you, no?
11. delusional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
robert ,   farmington   (09.12.07)
if anybody really believe war is not coming to the middleeast you need to be check into the local hospital and tested for delusion war is coming get ready.!!!!!!!!!!!! may the lord for ever bless the state of israel.!!!!!!!
12. #3, I agree Peter
Danny   (09.12.07)
"Stop giving us this sh*t", please it is getting embarassing. PS for someone who is so careful to "interpret" quotes, you have misquoted this one. He was talking about Syria and that the Kofi needed to go to Damascus and get Syria "to stop this sh*t". Sounded and sounds eminently sensible
13. Report??? What report?
Antonio ,   Haifa   (09.12.07)
Sounds more like a bathroom conversation between the journalist and the "unnamed Washington officials".
14. The Quest to wipe out Israel is relentless by Iran & Co.
Obama ,   Washington DC   (09.12.07)
Israel will not just sit and wait for this day to come. Israel will respond not just in kind but with devastation and Isaiah 17:1 is what I am talking about.
15. rogue states
Yisraeli   (09.12.07)
These rogue states have to be vanquished. They feed the terror and as long as they continue the whole world will be terrorised.
16. Israel spots nuclear installations in Syria
Carolyn ,   israel   (09.12.07)
If thiese alligations are true than North Korea is mad because it got caught selling nuclear technology to Syria and there for also to Iran (which there is an embargo against). The North Koreans must be made to answer for their actions to the United Nations Security council, and must be punished for violating sanctions against Iran , and for selling the nuclear material to Syria. N. Korea is the one who is endangering the entire middle east not Israel!
17. this explains n. korea's condemnation
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.12.07)
if anyone wondered why suddenly north korea is issuing condemnations about israel/syria affairs, this could explain a lot.
18. occupied golan hights
assad ,   jerusalem   (09.12.07)
give the syrians their occupied land and stop frightining the world and making more wars, is america a police for israel? or israel a polic for the world? you better go back to your countries and stop this stuped stat - ISRAEL
19. eye by eye
Israel was the first who opend the door of the nuclear hell in the area and they thought that no other contries will have this in the middl east , soon Israel will be serunderd from all sides with countries with nuclear arsenal and the nightmare Israel caused to the others will come back now .... so that's life
20. # 3 Peter Morris
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.12.07)
You are a naive individual Peter, let me set you straight. First of all in general Islam has an agenda to take over the world, including your lovely country, convert everyone to Islam on threat of death, and if need be carry out this threat. Only when the Western World wakens up to this fact will we be able to confront them and find a solution. Second, Israel's territorial neighbors have always tried to annihilate her since the day of independence, agreed upon by the UN. It took Jordan and Egypt over 30 years to realize that it is both futile and wrong. It will take the others another few years and possibly a lesson or two but what you have to understand is the fact that they still want to try and they will cling to every new possibility that arises. At the moment the big champions of the cause are Iran and anyone else who is antagonistic towards the West in general and America in particular. Syria could have had the Golan back years ago with a signed peace treaty and normal relations with America but the possibilty of destroying Israel is far more enticing to them. It would serve as a victory for Islam and thus as a stepping stone to the ultimate victory over the US and then the rest of the world. These are the bare facts, this has nothing to do with land or Israel, this is a "them or us scenario".
21. #3 And just what has NZ done to fight terrorism? Oh yeah I
know NOT A DAMN ,   THING.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (09.12.07)
22. the secret is that there is no secret
just to keep everyone in Israel busy with the national project that's far important than a big Gaza incursion.
23. 18 Sadly misinformed Assad, what propaganda.
freedom ,   canada   (09.12.07)
The Golan heights are not occupied. The syria waged an offensive war, and the Israelis responded in a defensive manner. Land won in a defensive war is kept by the defender, to do what he wants to do with it. Dont your read history books or do you just want to write your own history.
24. OK, what am I missing here?
Israel believes NK sold Syria nuke materials, so Israel struck a cache of Iranian weapons sent to the hezzbos by via Syria. Seems like 2 completely different issues. Why did IAF not just hit the stuff they allegedly photographed?
25. Dumb IDF
Fadi ,   Syria   (09.12.07)
I have benn always writing her and saying , War is not the solution ,I wonder if the Israeli people are ready to pay the price of big war in this region , thousands of people will be killed from both sides ,Peace is always the answer, but your army leaders are so dubm to understand
26. #23 Sadly misinformed
Aharon   (09.12.07)
I'm quite a rightist myself and believe that Israel should hold on to the Golan, but I don't lie to myself about the legality of the issue. International law is clear, one simply cannot gain territory during war. It is that simple.
27. To#18 Assad
David ,   Israel   (09.12.07)
Assad , Syria occupied the Golan 20 years before us!! Try to study what exactly happened in the 1947. If the Syrian occupation for 20 years means that they have rights of property , I say that our occupation for 40 years means that we have a double right of property !! Israel is ready to reach an agreement since many years , but Syria want it all back.....and they will not have anything !
28. #20 facts don't match your hypothesis.
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (09.12.07)
Since killing seems Israel's national pastime lets look at the facts in a way you can relate to. How many individuals who resided near Israel has Israel killed over say the last 5 years. How many Israeli's have been killed in the same time? My estimate and I am open to correction is 7000 versus 1000. So if Israel's neighbours are trying to annihilate Israel they obviously are not doing a very good job. By that argument then Israel must be doing a much better job of annihilating its neighbours. But hey maybe its time to bring in a spin docter there must be a way of spinning these figures to mean something else. I'll say it again. The way Israel treats the Palestinians is a blot on the whole world. The time, money etc etc taken up catering to the whims of Israel is disgusting as many urgent and needy hotspots around the world are not being supported. The lies, spin and crazy religious bias I read on Jewish websites such as the Idea Islam is taking over the world is as crazy as the idea Jews want to rule the world which is labelled as anti semetic. Currently billions of dollars and man power has been expended into armaments for attacking Iran and dimwits on these websites are horrified by the inaccurate translations of the Iranian presidents.
29. So-called "syria" HUMILIATED BY THE IAF
Jim Goldberg ,   Lawrence, USA   (09.12.07)
Nice work fellas !!
30. #25 fadi. Our leaders?
linda   (09.12.07)
No, your leaders are singing a peacesong and walking with flowers all day and say that they don't hate Jews and want Israel of the map. Get real and look at yourselfs for ones!
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