Report: US crafting Iran bombing plan
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.09.07, 18:52
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31. DIDN'T MISS IT,DR...........#10
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.12.07)
Did not miss the point at all.At the moment we are gathering another type of statistics,DR.Leave the bombing part for the time being.........will you?germany has to yawn when it comes to american adventurism.But follow the unfolding events closely.
32. Iran
king Alfred ,   London   (09.12.07)
the end of the USA of America will be the day they attack Iran, however we know what Neron did to Rome now you will see GB doing the same to Washington
Scott   (09.12.07)
"you're going down, honey" (one way or another, fight or no fight)
34. plans for attacking iraq?
joell   (09.12.07)
George Bush ,   usa   (09.12.07)
36. George Bush will attack Iran next
Dic Rumsfled ,   usa   (09.12.07)
year maybe mid or late 2008, so he can dump the problem onto the next president.
37. Mahmood, Knowitall,King Alferd
jo, ,   dc.usa   (09.12.07)
The three moron stooges. One Occupies, The other doesnt know sh#### The third has the royal credentials of Bokasa . nuff said
38. to #31
Alan ,   Israel   (09.12.07)
you don't know what the hell you're talking about, you're trying hard to mess with peoples minds, or better yet " confuse the enemy" as we say in Israel.......... (u r the enemy, and we're not confused...) good luck to you!
39. I agree with 20, Mr. Kowitall, with one exception
Steve ,   US   (09.12.07)
#20 is right. Bush has bungled the war in Iraq. Not because it could not have been executed properly but because of Mr. Bush's utter lack of historical perspective and his poorly informed concept of the enemy we face. Therefore I tend to go with 20's view, "Sorry Israel, But the US will not be bombing Iran for you." I am not absolutely certain but I suspect #20 is correct. Where I disagree with #20 -- perhaps there is a slight cause for hope that Bush will finally do the right thing -- bombing Iran's nuclear facilities is not about prolonging the war or expanding the war to the entire region. There is no need to occupy Iran; simply destroy her incipient nuclear facilities. That's all. US has sufficient capability. Is there any doubt? But does this failed, now unpopular US president have the will?
40. #11 bc
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.12.07)
you really think our leaders are that smart ? We're bogged down in Iraq bleeding soldiers and billions and russia and China see their time has come. It won't just be Iran we deal with. Thats what the idiots in Washington and those who put their trust in them fail to see. psalm118;8,jeremiah 17;5
41. #29
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.12.07)
Sadly ,America has become too incompetent to win anything anymore. We allow our enemies to prepare their attacks and do nothing. We forgot God and are left with stupid.,0,4701457.story?coll=all_tab01_layout
Chuck Roven ,   San Pedro, USA   (09.12.07)
43. To # 1 & 3
R. Alkalai ,   USA   (09.12.07)
You need to know what is on those Carriers to understand why they will not be hit by any "surprises". Presently, you are looking at well over 100 nuclear armed, technologically superior destroyers, subs, and carriers that have the means to take down whatever can be launched at them- be it amphibious, land, or air, and for extended periods of time. That is their purpose. That is why they were sent. The USS John C. Stennis, and its full compliment, alone, can literally destroy an entire country. Even if Iran got lucky enough to hit a nuclear armed and nuclear powered carrier, the amount of radiation alone, that would carry onto land from the sea and the air, would be enough to quickly sicken, and kill off a population. The "blabbing" serves 3 purposes: To prepare the American public for what will come ;The psych-out game to coax Iran's people to pressure their leaders; And to provide the final warning-so the world cannot turn around and accuse the US of taking such an extreme action that will cause annihilation without notice of intent. The actual plans and their stages are already prepared. They have been for some time, but that is something never provided to the media. As for the Iranians choosing to believe it or not- that is their affair, not the Pentagon's. They have now been warned, and to the Pentagon, that is sufficient.
44. "Bomb bomb bomb bombbombIran..."
David Westmeier ,   Louisville, Kentucky   (09.12.07)
People, the title of this missive is a direct quote from our mighty "vice" president, shown on national news just a few months ago. He was taped singing this to the tune of the Beach Boys pop hit 'Barbara Ann'. So go ahead, cowboy, finish inciting the Armageddon you so desperately seek under the guise of "divine guidance" you widely proclaim. Well, it is written in the bible, sir. Why are English speaking peoples the only ones backwards thinking enough to incite terror and the total annihilation of nations and civilian peoples around the globe?). Haven't we seen enough of war YET? Russia won't support us, China refuses to support us, Germany refuses to "publicly" support us, though England will, even though their country has seen multiple terroristic attacks and plots, including the recent, first time in history, use of Radiation Warfare. Answer this one: Mr. President: When you and "daddy" took Mr. Putin fishing after he allegedly used radiation to eliminate an innocent man did you ask him about that? Or did you instead ask him only if you could help him pin another innocent wriggling worm upon his hook? Readers, research the following book published by the Chinese Government in 1999: Unrestricted Warfare, by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui (Beijing: PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House, February 1999) in which they declared all out war on the U.S. without the use of military force. Witness: the recent hacking of Robert Gates' computer; the recent hacking of American Airlines computer system as well as other reported gov't computers; The recent plot to destroy German Airfields prevented only minutes before the attachment of the extremely difficult to obtain militaristic detonator to their weapon of mass destruction (suppose our "intelligence" personnel had arrived just 15 minutes later). Attacking Iran will be the final phase of our demise, nothing more. Why, it's clear as mud to our American Precedent, isn't it... the paranoid annihilation of another country to whom we've undoubtedly sold the necessary technologies, even taught them through our university systems how to destroy us? At taxpayers expense? Mr. President in my humble opinion, and with all due respect sir, you are quite daft!
45. bombing iran
david ,   denver,usa   (09.12.07)
bombing iran is 27 years over due.bush is not going to hang the jewish people out to dry.i hope the towel heads enjoy the music made by f-22s.their will be three aircraft off iran in ten days listen and you will hear americas to irans nuke program.
46. #5
do most lebanese feel like you do, or they support iran and hizbullah/syria? if most lebanese will help bring that iranian threatening regime down finally, maybe tghere will be ots of people thanking us in the process. a weak iran will liberate your country from syrian and hizbullah influence and terror. you dealt very well with the teerrorists in the palestinian camp. now, please, back up israel, the usa and everyone that wants to liberate themselves from these crazy fanatics. get your country back and make it prosper like it did before hizbullah took it down the drain. kick out syrian and iranian influences harbored in each of the palestinian camps in lebanon and southern beirut and build your lives back up again. israel wants exactly what you want. let's work together. iraqis will thank us profusely since they are murdered each day by these fanatics and the iranians and syrians who murder them by proxy. lebanon is a gorgeous country. do not loose it to extremists. it is the pearl of the medditerranian and you have to work hard and fight hard to keep it that way. help israel, help the usa to take the cancer out.
47. Germany-hitler
Michelle Wayne ,   Sydney Australia   (09.13.07)
Whay I'm not suprised? nothing has changed synse the 2 world war for Germany.Styl dreaming of imposible.
48. Bush needs to act on Iran soon
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (09.13.07)
With the 08 presidential elections rapidily aproaching, One last great piece of action before leaving office would be attack Iran and leave picking up all the pieces to that blatheing Idiot Hillary and (Osama )when they take over.
49. When you said "A" you should say "B" too
Lednah ,   Europe   (09.13.07)
After Iraq hitting Iran seems the most logical thing to do. This will resolve the problems with Syria, Lebanon and Hamasistan too.
50. to #44 It was McCain, not Cheney
Kelly ,   Kansas City, US   (09.13.07)
John McCain said that, not Dick Cheney. Hmm, me thinks you are the one that's quite daft...
51. #44 Do us all a favor and pull your bottom lip over your
face!! We don't care ,   what u have 2 say.!!   (09.13.07)
52. #44 Put down ur damn chinese books and go play some chinese
checkers, or go race ,   a horse.   (09.13.07)
53. #44 No 1 wants a piece of ur mind. Besides, you need to save
what little mind u ,   have left.!!!!!!!!!!   (09.13.07)
54. #44 I also wrote TB #24 & sing that song ALL the time. PS
horse boy, it was ,   McCain that sang it.   (09.13.07)
55. #44 Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, etc...
r the ones who START ,   Armegeddon. NOT USA.   (09.13.07)
56. #44 The president might by daft, but your'e DAFFY DUCK!!!
blame Carter 4 the ,   Iran situation uputz   (09.13.07)
57. #45
Martin ,   USA   (09.13.07)
I hightly doubt the US will do anything more than threaten Iran. Russia is playing shield for them. If the Russians get wind of an actual attack, they will send Bush a strongly worded protest. Something like a russian boomer sub popping up off the coast of Virginia.
58. #44
JS ,   USA   (09.13.07)
It was John Mcaine who sang that rendition of Barberan at a veterans fund raiser. The Vice President denounced his actions as inflamatory. Any other nuggets of wisdom you would like to share?
59. #28 AR!
JS ,   USA   (09.13.07)
Where have you been man, I have been dying to argue with you for months now. I am glad to see your back, especially now that the show is about to begin. Hey by the way, why are Iranian weapons in Syria?
60. Mr Knowitall
Kilroi ,   Boulder CO USA   (09.13.07)
"and has a track record of incompetence in every military action to date." Appreantly you don't know much? How long before the Taliban was crushed? or Saddams army? Destroyed our image in the world? Are you kidding? Why should I care about the opinion of countries that stand by and let us fight battles they too should be fighting? Pansies, just like you.
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