Syria brushes off report that IAF struck targets
Associated Press
Published: 12.09.07, 23:44
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1. Ahh, but wait until Israel releases the pictures of these
weapons. Than Israel ,   will say blah, blah!   (09.13.07)
2. i would rebuff too if i was caught
if i was caught so humiliatingy off guard and with my undies down.
3. Hezbolah weapons from Iran RIGHT ???
M. Segal ,   mpls america   (09.13.07)
I realize media people who enjoy using poor little Israel the way English soccer teams do is stating the IDF flew a clandestine strike to destroy stock piles of weapons from Iran destined going to Hezbolah guerilas in southern Lebanon any thing else like any IDF air stikes against Iran nuclear facilitys in the works CNN REUTERS BBC FOX CBS NBC all you media people with big ideas as if the shakey peace is not fragile enough RIGHT ??? old Greek saying people who live in glass houses should not throw stones Syria Israel peace fragile enough RIGHT ??? THANK YOU... M. Segal
4. Israel thought was runing from UFOS MARTIANS RIGHT ???
M. Segal ,   mpls america   (09.13.07)
I realize that the IDF may not report the truth IDF war planes did inadvertingly fly over Syria air space but they thought UFOS MARTIANS VENUSIANS SPACE MONSTERS were shooting at them way to go Syria you HAVE ??? improved or have you RIGHT ??? only joking RIGHT ??? THANK YOU... M. Segal
5. blah blah!
T.I ,   Israel   (09.13.07)
The syrians have no single proof to our "action", but let to say they have. We need to perepare the ground for a war, it's unavoidable, the axis of evil must be eliminated as soon as possible. Assad is a weak leader who don't want a peace, if he was serious he should kick out all the terrotists headquarters from damascus until then, he is irrelevant. But, I have to acknowledge that Syria is very important country on the geopolitical realtions of the middle east.
6. Liar
Thomas ,   Cleveland, USA   (09.13.07)
To "Torpeado the peace process"? Are you kidding? Israelis are the most peace loving people in the middle east! Let us not forget some simple facts in compare and contrast format. 1. Syria is run by the fascist Baath party. Israel is a parliamentary democracy, the only one in the Middle East. 2. Syria has housed, aided and supllied internationally recognized terrost groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, the PLO and the PFLP. Israel has it's own legally recognized military. No other forces exist in Israel's favor. 3. Syria was the clear aggressor in the 1948, 1967 and 1973 wars. Israel was on the defense. 4. Syria has ties with Iran, a fanatical Islamist regime. Israel has ties with the USA, a Constitutional democracy. Why must Syria lie?
7. Facts: Syria supports terror, occupied Lebanon, minority rul
David ,   Boston, USA   (09.13.07)
Syria doesnt have many positives, at least not from a government, economic, resource point of view. I cant determine what happened based on all of this propaganda, half truths, denial of truths, and general polical posturing, but my guess is Israel really embarrassed Syria and if North Korea is involved, Syria really is in trouble. They will either be a puppet state for Iran, destroyed, or the toughest option, be forced to make peace with Israel, something they have no interest in because the government might collapse. No more ruthless alawites controlling the masses.
8. At least the Israelis admit being in the airspace
Micha   (09.13.07)
that's more than Syria can say. I feel terrible for the Syrian populace that has to live under dictatorial rule. The dictator's wife should be ashamed of her position. As we say, all dictators end the same way. poof.
9. #8, actually Israel has NOT admitted it
Danny   (09.13.07)
There is a third-hand anon source saying they confimed it and the same "source" guessed it was Hizbollah arms.
ANA MARIA ,   LATIN AMERICA   (09.13.07)
Nowhere Man ,   Metropolis, Zion   (09.13.07)
That's why they will not insist too long at the UN. Not once in their protests do they really tell what the IAF planes really did. They just talk about an 'aggression' or a 'flagrant violation' of their sovereignty. If they full disclose what has been destroyed, they would increase their international discredit; because in any case, it's compromitting: Either long-range missiles for hizb'allah or some non-conventional military development projects with North-Korea and/or Iran.
12. If the UN won't act, Israel and the US will
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.13.07)
If the UN will do nothing to stop iran and syrian from providing weapons to their puppets, Hezballah, then Israel and the US will act to stop them. Seems simple enought to me.
13. Actually
Micha   (09.13.07)
Majadele: IAF regularly flies over Syria In first comment by Israeli official on Israel's alleged violation of Syrian airspace Friday, minister says incident not likely to trigger war with Syria Roee Nahmias Published: 09.07.07, 13:25 / Israel News Minister Raleb Majadele said Friday that the Israel Air Force enters Syria's airspace on a daily basis, and estimated that the recent plane incident would not prompt a war with Syria, Nazareth-based al-Sinara newspaper reported. According to the minister, the Israeli aircraft possibly entered the Syrian airspace by mistake.
14. Israel Obviously Embarrassed To Admit it was Driven off
Truth Seeker ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (09.13.07)
Clearly if the IDF had hit anything they would have admitted their success, especially after Israeli demoralizing defeat in Lebanon, so clearly the Syrian reports of driving off the IAF planes is more credible than Israeli silence. The IAF is not used to attacking people who can defend themselves and shoot back, and this time their target was not a column of fleeing refugees, so having SAMs heading their way must have caused the IAF pilots to panic, drop their tanks and boot scoot out of there. I'm sure after this recent act of war perpetrated by Israel upon their Sovereignty, Syria will be buying even more defensive SAMs to defend against further Israeli aggression.
15. to#14 Israel has kicked arab ass for 60yrs
andy ,   orlando,fl   (09.14.07)
Israel has always attacked military targets and terrorists.Your comments "IAF not used to attacking people who can defend themselves" is a joke considering your arab brethren commit terrorist atrocities by blowing up innocent women & children.Your buddies usually hide behind their womens skirts.GO LIVE IN SYRIA.
16. To #14
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (09.14.07)
It is nothing short of amazing, if not incredible, how you people try to re-write, scientifically verified, well documented facts, and history, and then attempt to pass it off as truth- even when everyone knows better. You people were even busted for falsifying photographs for Rueters. What is your explanation for the "giant hole" in the Syrian desert- Assad is re-routing the Euphrates River? Or is he digging to create a giant swimming pool and spa resort that glows in the dark? For now on, sign your name "Truth Twister, an Islamic occupier of Jerusalem"- it is more factually honest.
Nowhere Man ,   Metropolis, Zion   (09.14.07)
IAF and IDF in general have a very long track record of successful operations without necessarily disclosing them immediately. Since it was a underground operation, there was no need for them to enter into conflict with Syrian's defensive reaction. As for your remark regarding the IAF 'not used to attacking people who can defend themselves and shoot back', I kindly suggest that you remember our common history. Israel has been attacked many times and though finally won every battle for its survival. I know many people like you, who deliver their utmost effort to deny reality & history. I kindly suggest to keep tight in the real world, build a future for your children (instead of focusing on our destruction), and that's where might find each other one day.
18. Hey...Syria
Pini, Israel   (09.14.07) eventually get attacked by Israel, beleive me - you are gonna know it, Pini, IDF, Hedera, Israel
19. IDF start defending Israel, stop being Politically correct
Hillel Sefarad ,   Cayman Island   (09.14.07)
People like #14 should be taught a lesson they will not forget. The IDF should put people's safety first rather than trying to be Politically Correct. Stop giving out lands to this ungrateful non-Jews living on Jewish land. Do what Joshua did when they enterd the promised land and when the Walls of Jericho fell...
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