Turkish intelligence assisted IDF in attack on Syria – report
Roee Nahmias
Published: 13.09.07, 16:11
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31. 21 Whoever you are...
Bill ,   Oregon, USA   (09.14.07)
...You sure got that right!
32. #23
so, pussy cat, have you heard the latest. "syria chose not to respond to israel's actions?.....this coming from the syrian minister through the arab papers today. yes, eat crow! syria doesn't want to respond because they know they will be history if they do and assad, an unpopular non suni dictator is afraid for his presidential seat. if there's a war and israel will annihilate every military that is standing together with what they found when invading syrian airspace, this alawi government and assad will be turned over. he can't have it both ways. he either goes full out to kill israel or when he looses, he's overthrown.
33. NOTHING more then a big LIE
Julian ,   tel aviv   (09.14.07)
if our IDF was out for syrian targets then why the extra fuel tanks!! and if they did score a hit then why dump those fuel tanks and ammo in order to cut and get out!!!! olmert got caught with his hand in the iranian cookie jar, maybe with the assistance of turkey who knows, but syria wasnt the target, syria busted up the play by detecting the jets. the message was to iran that israel can invade it from the air and embarrass syria in the process , nothing more then a mere move to send a strong message to iran and in the process embarras the assad regime by using it to overfly to iran. olmert was embarrased instead and now all of a sudden syria is nuclear, this pathetic strategy puts my children in danger, i bet olmert's family was in a safe place as he is always playing with fire...
34. Syria and Turks
Ako ,   Germany   (09.14.07)
That Turkey helped Israel on Targets in Syria is a Rumor .. Far from it , the rassist State of Turkey had in 2 Wars helped the Arabs against Israel. Turks wants ingratiate themself by Israel and USA to make Benefit.Turks are antisemit. and this ist a Glitch in the turkish Informationpolitik..
35. #33 and #34
Mark ,   NJ USA   (09.14.07)
#33 i agree with you that nuclear Syria is a big lie. there is a dangerous game being played #34 where do you get your info? you look so angry at turks. i wonder what happened? my freudian side says that turkish kids in germany beaten you up when you were a kid and banged your sister and left her heartbroken.
36. Allies share inteligence all the time!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.14.07)
That is why they call them allies!
37. Damascus
Bill Jones ,   usa usa   (09.14.07)
Elias ancient Biblical Prophecy states that in the future Damascus will be totally destroyed and never inhabited again. Sounds nuclear to me. Just know Israel has the Samson option and will take down all her enemies with her if it comes to it. Your future has been determined and your fate sealed. Your hate of Jacob will be your downfall. Beware the coming war of Gog and Magog the enemies of Jacob will be destroyed on the mountains of Israel.
38. Assad needs anti depresents
zionist forever   (09.16.07)
Assad shouts and screams demands the arab world do something but they sit back watch him scream and dont say a single world. The UN sits back and says nothing for once. The US publicly supports it Turkey originaly the only one with anything to say it now turns out gave Isarael the inteligence needed to carry out this operation. Time to send Assad some anti depresents nobody loves him and it makes him depresed and sad.
39. thanks for hizbollah too !!!!!!!!!!!
mazen ,   beirut /lebanon   (09.19.07)
yes a huge thanks for hizbollah too for his last victory against you in last war so.... thanks to hizbollah in 2006
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