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Madonna in Israel
Published: 14.09.07, 12:06
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31. ...only to married men over 40?
Malcolm   (09.16.07)
That's a bunch of old world Ashkenazi supremacy BS. Kaballah is not age or learning level restricted in the Sephardi world. Only after the Shabtai Tzi debacle did the Ashkenazim clamp down on studying Kaballah....Their loss.
32. #24 Yeah, finally someone in Israel gets it.!!! What can we
do to get u in a ,   place of authority??   (09.15.07)
33. Esther is not a Hebrew name
tma   (09.16.07)
Queen Esther's Hebrew name was Hadassah. Esther is a Persian name. Writers really ought to learn something before printing nonsense.
34. #7 - very funny :)
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (09.16.07)
35. #17 Juan if you didnt care you wouldnt write it...
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (09.16.07)
...its so sad to be jealous, I am sure that she will visit Spain very soon as well... please dont cry...
36. hani-#21,Read #24!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (09.16.07)
Read ,hani,read #24!Read,re-read and then read again and then ,maybe,just maybe your face will brush a bit! Read your reality,hani,READ,and answer if you can!
37. Madonna
Sima Cohen ,   Israel   (09.16.07)
While I am not a follower of the Kabbala, I am a religious Jew and I think that it's a shame that more Jews don't have any interest in anything Jewish.
38. The name Esther
Mark ,   Los Angeles   (09.17.07)
I hadn't realized Esther was not a Hebrew name. Then why are so many Jews named Esther. I remember a singer from Israel way back named Esther Ofarim.
39. #28 #32 #36
thanks for reading my talkback. i am #24, a former israeli presently living in the usa. when we retire, we are going to make aliyah for sure. we can't wait! anyway, i grew up in israel during the 50's and 60's when we were a proud nation of cohesive people and youngsters, when we were proud to be zionists and jews and protect our historically given land. we didn't have neo nazis. we didn't go to synagogues. we were very secular. but we felt an extremely strong attachment to this land, our only home, and we understood that we have no where to turn to except to israel. your present leaders and society make a mockery of everything that our generation held as ideal and pure....working for the betterment of all in a refuge country of our own, excitment about serving your country in any military capacity and a profound love for each other and supporting each other in times of war and trouble. we were not divided then. we were not fighting against each other then. we were not stealing from each other then. however, america has finally arrived to israel and everything mentalitywise has changed. we israelis don't understand that we can't live an american life style in this region of the world. our security situation doesn't permit us to live this way. we have become a nation divided, of fools, of appeasers and of those who are willing to give the country away without reason and sight into the future. israeli leaders are shameful. they don't lead for the people. they lead the people......into chaos. hunger for more, more money, more villas, more cars, more bank accounts, more, more, more has led this country astray. if you are so divided inside, you will never beable to present a unified force when in trouble. wake up. make it harmonious for a single purpose...and that is to survive and continue. you have incredible social problems. clean up the house. decide on a unified approach, stop arguing and for god's sake, leave the military and intelligence alone to work and decide what to do for your security. and most of all, empeach this fool olmert and his cabinet and choose a strong leader who can show you the way!
david ,   jerusalem   (09.18.07)
HI Esther, pls send me yr agent's email or tel. shanah tovah David
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