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Madonna tells Peres she is 'in love with Israel'
Tzachi Koma
Published: 16.09.07, 10:07
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1. In love with Israel?
Juan ,   Spain   (09.16.07)
"Tell me what I should do, Mr Peres, because I am in love with Israel," says Madonna. Answer should be: Pray to the God of Israel for the protection and peace of Israel and Jerusalem! (Kabbalah = CULT)
2. Madonna would make me happier if...
Steve ,   US   (09.16.07)
instead of visiting the president, she showed solidarity with our settlements; the lifeblood of our nation. She could visit Bet el or Gush Etzion, Elon Moreh, Yitzhar, Itamar, Shiloh, Psagot, Tekoa, Nokdim, Pnei Hever, Ma'on or Otniel for starters.
3. only a lunatic would be in love with israel= i rest my case
rami   (09.16.07)
4. Exc. Shimon Peres looks as smitten by Madonna as
Rivkah   (09.16.07)
Ariel Sharon and George Bush looked when with Condoleeza Rice. It is helpful for Israel to have entertainment allies just as it is helpful for entertainers to have Jewish friends since the Jews practically own Hollywood and the entertainment industry.
5. what she should do is...
settherecordstraight   (09.16.07)
either convert to judaism properly, and not just 'dabble' in it like it's some hollywood pasttime, or she should stay away completely. we don't need her patronizing. and as for the HOLY BOOKS, SHE HAS NO BUSINESS, WHATSOEVER, TOUCHING. i personally think madonna is a complete joke.
6. to no 1
fish   (09.16.07)
This is a very silly remark, here we have an international superstar( and not a silly drunken girl like Britney Spears), who is bright, businesslike, clever and has a huge interntional standing, she is a friend of our country, and seems to be a true one, what else do you need? To make a giyur? She obviously wants safety and peace for Israel and Jerusalem...
7. in the spirit of no. 6
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (09.16.07)
Yes, I think we should take what we can get here. Madonna is a dubious character who has done depraved things, but people can mature with the years. I see no reason that a person can't get involved with aspects of Judaism without going all the way and converting. I only wish our president wasn't Shimon Peres--instead someone who, instead of telling Madonna to go sing songs of peace, would tell her to tell people that Israel is existentially threated by Iran, Syria, Egypt, Hizbullah, Hamas, and Fatah and now is under a Bush-Rice pincers movement to take away land vital for its defense and hand it to terrorists.
8. its a shame Katzav isn't around when you need him
9. #3 u mean like how all u pals are in love with YOUR ghettoed
corner of Israel. I ,   rest my case too.!!   (09.16.07)
10. Madonna in Israel
CSB ,   USA   (09.16.07)
This is one of the lowest characters in the public eye. It is simply disgusting, and I, for one, refuse to have her represent me, or my children, or grandchildren. She is not a Jew, thank God. Therefore, she cannot represent them. Peres' character ? Well, that is, certainly, no secret.May Israel's leadership never sink any lower than it has.
11. Correction in regards to former talkback
CSB ,   USA   (09.16.07)
Please, please, know I meant to include "Judaism" along with "Jews," as in ,she does not represent me , or my family, or Judaism. She isn't even Jewish, and Judaism is a belief system by which one conducts one's life. There is nothing in her behavior that qualifies her to represent us.
12. #5: You think YOU own God and HIS BOOKS and
Rivkah   (09.16.07)
only you can decide who reads them? Pride was the sin that caused the devil to fall. Moses was the meekest man on earth and had the greatest empowerment by God on the Hebrews of his time. You need some humility. Yeshua (Jesus), a Jewish Rabbi, told a story of a man who prayed in the temple who paid tithes of all he had and thanked God that he was not like other people like a publican nearby who would not even lift his head to pray, unlike the prideful man. Yeshua said the publican was justified and got God's favor, not the prideful man who should have shown humility in his prayers. Madonna has led a sinful life and repented and is more likely to be forgiven than a prideful person who does not repent. Christians as well as Jews have a valid covenant with God. One is the grafted on Gentile branch and the other is the root of the tree of faith. But neither wants to admit the other has a right to worship God and to be a part of God's family of believers. Sad.
13. Talk is cheap, and love is blind.
Richard ,   New York, USA   (09.16.07)
Madonna should try living in Israel first, before she talks about how much she loves it. Once she gets a taste of that day to day living over there, then she will see the true reality.
14. To no 6.
Ariel ,   Italy   (09.16.07)
She wants to promote herself and be on the news! All this rich annoyed celebs who embrace Buddhism, Judaism, Scientology etc becuase they are tired with their lives....
15. i wish she would show appreciation by giving us that concert
mish ,   tlv   (09.16.07)
16. I think it's, overall, good - Israel needs friends!
Roni   (09.16.07)
17. any true friend of Israel is ok with me!!!!
jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (09.16.07)
18. Nobody in Hollywood has ever heard of -
Darren ,   Los Angeles   (09.16.07)
the book of splendor. What's Madonna on, LSD? HA HA- I bet she choked on her bile when he handed her that bible. Must have been his idea of a little joke.
19. What to Do?
sameer ,   jerusalem   (09.16.07)
She is looking for poularity, after she became old and not usefull any more, she better see what israel is doing? and where are the palestinian people living since 1948
20. I would remind all of you ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (09.16.07)
That our religion does not claim to be the exclusive path to G-d. In the time of the Temple, gentiles were welcome to offer sacrifice. While I am not at all religious, this is one of the aspects of Judaism that is most worthy of respect. So if Madonna or any other goy wishes to study Judaism, it can only be viewed as a good thing. And maybe Pres. Peres could learn something from Madonna about loving his own country more than himself.
21. I love modonna's music
Yair ,   Israel   (09.16.07)
She has so many pioneering and innovative lyrics, and she has influenced and changed the world so many times,In my opinion an artist capable of writing and performing/conducting in such a high level of understanding and foreseeing perhaps she has a point not only in her music but also in what she is doing. I my self am secular but because I don't have any answers nor do I think anyone has the right answer until present time I can only assume everyone has the right to believe in whatever he wants and so does she. and I wish her well and all of you too.
Israel   (09.16.07)
She'll soon be looking to adopt an Israeli child.
23. It's all about extremism?nothing but body language she speak
24. Shouldn't Judaism's Ambassador...
David ,   Israel   (09.16.07)
Be Jewish?
25. #20 but do you think Zionists respect Judaism?
then why they are blocking 1.4 bilion Moslems from visiting Al-Aqsa? don't till me they are only allowing theTurkish ally.
26. She's Right!!
GEORGE.W.BUSH   (09.16.07)
She loves israel just like i do,last her ,condi(the cotton picker) and i had a threesome....maybe next week i might tag along with her bringing condi,laura,and we can try to let katzav and livni into an all time orgy while my soldiers are "kicking a$$) in iraq. yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaawwwwwww
27. I love Israel,and love to love Israel
dave ,   worldwide   (09.16.07)
then i tend to LOVE those who love Israel. I've been in Kabbalah readings and even they were not of my taste, I only felt love for the religion. so, and must off all for reading so many disgusting "talkbacks" I LOVE MADONNA (aca Esther, if is her wish)
Eliane Israel ,   Brazil   (09.16.07)
Thanks Madona for your friendship and love for Israel and for the jewish people. Bruhim HaBaym!
29. She just loves to be SEEN in Israel, certainly does NOT live
a Jewish life & has ,   no intention of it.   (09.16.07)
30. Activist President
Josh Golden ,   Rehobeth Beach, SUA   (09.16.07)
I ask you, is it really in the job description that Uncle Simon take high-level policy meetings such as this?
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