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Madonna tells Peres she is 'in love with Israel'
Tzachi Koma
Published: 16.09.07, 10:07
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61. #53 Rakan, stop crying
GJW   (09.20.07)
If some Palestinians are not doing well it is because of their continued focus on hatred, violence and the destruction of Israel instead of on peace and nation-building. Your leaders have stolen billions$ that were donated for education and civic projects. What money they don't stash in their Swiss bank accounts, they use to buy kassam rockets and to train suicide bombers. You could have had your Palestinian state decades ago and been living in thriving, modern communities. Your children could be growing up in peace like other children of the world. Instead, they learn how to kill themselves and other innocent people from a Hamas Mickey Mouse look-alike. Your people will never be "free" until they free themselves of their jealousy and hatred of Jews and Israel.
62. Strong Woman, Why not
anonymous ,   ny, ny   (09.20.07)
In my opinion, Madonna is a really special woman who has accomplished a lot on Earth. Think about all that she has gone through, though to some it may seem she is shallow and has only experienced the Hollywood life, it doesn't mean she is empty. She did something that so few people on Earth manage to do whether you think it is noble or not, good or not, whatever--she did what she did somehow. I think the fact that she is attracted to Judaism of all religions really says something. She is powerful whether you like it or not. She is known all over the world and I am not such a fan myself but I give props when I have to. I believe if she uses her fame and power for the good of Israel she is a friend to me. Maybe studying Kabbalah is not realistic for someone like her but at least she is showing respect for something so great. Also, don't forget some of the greatest Tzaddikim in our history were converts themselves so dont be so quick to judge her or anyone just because they are not born Jewish. I say she is helping us and she and anyone else who loves Judaism is welcome in any home land of mine.
63. 46# Nora: Where are you from?
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (10.16.07)
MUCHAL ,   CALIFORNIA   (10.22.07)
65. Madonna is gaining my admiration.
Lee ,   Manchester, UK   (12.27.07)
If anyone can bring the truth to the masses - its Madonna. As a non -Jew and furthermore non Madonna fan - with her stance on this difficult subject, she couldnt make me happier! God bless Israel. And may Madonna begin to resurrect the REAL TRUTH.
66. I am just so happy she's living in the UK
grt ,   USA   (01.27.08)
and in love with Isreal. We are free of her, USA! ;o)
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Friends of Israel ,   Israel   (05.07.08)
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