Report: Israel targeted N. Korean nuclear equipment
Ynet and Reuters
Published: 16.09.07, 12:07
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1. Syria has the right
As long as Israel still have such nuclear arsenal all the countries in the rigion has the right to have it too , Israel is the one who started and now all will have it and Israel will be in danger like never before ....
2. "A devastating Syrian surprise for Israel"
3. "A devastating Syrian surprise for Israel"
Scott   (09.16.07)
4. "Syria has the right"
Ehud ,   TA   (09.16.07)
There is no such thing as a basic "right to have a nuclear bomb". There is a basic right though to free speech and to free democratic elections (which the Syrians don't have). Countries who do not believe in these basic rights, only in the right to a nuclear bomb should be prevented from acquiring one.
5. Syria is the main pipe
T.I ,   Israel   (09.16.07)
It's seemed,that the international community starting to internalize that the state of Israel is the major blanket for the west during the contemporary conflict between the free world and Islamofasicsm. People must realize that syria is the main pipe via Hizbullah has been armed and at the same time syria being managed as an Iranian puppet. The baath regime in syria has been losing it's ideology, Assad is a stupid leader who instantly would bring a disaster on his own people. The Baath regime will be disappeared very soon.
6. Exactly right #4 Ehud...But Israel has never spruiked
Scott   (09.16.07)
about them or said that she'd use what she's not supposed to have - against other people. In stark contrast to Iran - whose leadership openly wants to wipe Israel off the map, but wants to acquire nuclear for domestic purposes - ha ha. Israel's nukes have preserved the peace to date.
7. No.1, Syria may have the right and even
the left, but it won't help them. Israel will always be on high alert to destroy anything nuclear building up in that hell-hole. As for "Israel is the one who started..." this is your idiotic and arrogant remark coming from nowhere since Israel has NEVER acknowledged the existence of such an arsenal on its territory. Or, are you so clever that no one can reach your level of information ? According to your whining style I highly doubt that. Try better next time, pal !
8. olmert did not know about it
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (09.16.07)
i am almost 100% sure that,this criminaly insane,traitorous,incompotent pathetic fool ehud olmert,was kept in the the dark,about this brilliant mission,for had he known,i have no doubt he would have vetoed it
9. This article
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (09.16.07)
has value, but it wastes its space quoting. N. Korean denials. Why bother ?
10. a teastament to our capabilities
Isragirl   (09.16.07)
beautiful, simple and efficient. Tsahal at its best... I'm proud, thank you.
11. israel failed
David ,   new york   (09.16.07)
this was nothing more then an attempt by the olmert and bush to penetrate Syria's defenses on the way to send Iran a message, i said this from day one, well Israeli jets were caught they cut and run. nothing was bombed nothing was harmed ,olmert knew this real well and all of sudden the Israeli army has regained its superiority, when did the IAF lose its superiority!! was hizbullah's jets out maneuvering the IAF!!! olmert should be court marshaled for his actions by placing Israel in jeopardy and its well being not once but twice, what are we waiting for ? thousands of missiles raining on our country before we except that he is bad for israel!!!!!
12. to #11 How can olmert be court marshalled
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.16.07)
olmert was never a soldier! olmert's family does not have the guts to be soldiers. If you were not so illiterate, then you would have read that a facility was bombed. What thousands of missiles are going to rain down on your country?
13. Re syria has the right...
Tal ,   melbourne   (09.17.07)
You say that syria has the right and that Israel had nuclear as well. Israel never pressed the button in all that time and do not wish to press the button. it never claimed that it wanted to destroy anyone. Iran (ties to syria- Fact) wants to destroy Israel. history shows a desire of destroying israel. That's the difference
14. #1.....good answer
James ,   Alabama, USA   (09.17.07)
That is the very reason for keeping nukes from these countries. Its always threats. If the M.E. had nukes, you would all be gone, not just Isreal
15. Olmert as Bush stooge?
DE Teodoru ,   NYC, USA   (09.18.07)
Bush believes that if he can steal Iraq's oil through the PSA privatization law, making it $1.50 a galllon to fill-er-up your SUV, Americans will forget the idiotic bloodshed and costs and will remember him as hero president. Iran is in the way. Will Olmert sacrifice Isreli blood to help Bush do the Saudi's bidding? We all thought the neocons controlled Bush, but they were cover for the Saudi masters. I cry over how a fool fooled such a smart but desperate Olmert
H.H.M ,   Jerusalem   (09.18.07)
Mixture of collective research reporting by Reuters and Ynetnews produce a nearly complete time table of this attack with quite a number of details. - Here this part of the story ends up on the rubberized Wall of Silence by Israel’s authorities, whilst an Israel person is quoted as a source of some information / details. Additionally a message appears “… newspaper said that Sergei Kirpichenko, Russia's ambassador to Syria, warned President Bashar Assad last month that Israel was planning an attack against Syria, but hinted the target to be the Golan Heights…” assuming this information is to be accepted in full and based upon facts here additional question come up! Have the Russians “a spy or a half sleeping in spy either in Israel or Syria?” Consecutively if the Russians had information about impending Israeli attack why did they pointed out to the Syrians the possible target Golan Heights! Was this done intentionally keeping in mind tomorrows politics? Or is this apparent leak in the secrecy to be found somewhere in USA quarters or elsewhere? Again upon an assumption that at least the general trend of the rather detailed facts published, it becomes unacceptable that Israel Governmental Resources refuse to recognize this act, or at least inform the relevant Israeli Parliamentary Knesset Commissions about these occurrences. - assuming a detailed understanding / information / cooperation with USA authorities for 3 months and the somewhere else published information about change of Israel Satellite’s routes and its evaluations of Syrian territory, plus conveying all this to US authorities. This is s t r e n g t h e n i n g t h e d e m a n d for Parliamentary C o n t r o l as well as how wasn’t this situation / information / action not discussed with the supervising sovereign parliamentary authority? - At least N O W come out with an authorized version covering this case.
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