Obama advisor raises concerns
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 16.09.07, 17:17
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31. #24 Hope you are right about Obama
Claudia ,   Tampa USA   (09.16.07)
But I would vote for Colin Powell, and certainly not for any woman married to Bill Clinton. Presidents need to have some moral character, thank you. Hiliary proved last week, once and for all, with her criticism of Gen, Patraeus that she has none and will say anything to get elected.
32. I read that book
Mich ,   Florida   (09.16.07)
I think this book full of facts. There are no 2 countries in the history neither in future history that have the same political interest all the time. This is a Geo Strategic fact. Basically it is only Israel who benefit from the relationship with USA, and at the same time USA harmed because of continues blind support to Israel. Since 1967 USA used the VETO for 48 times to block any UN decision against Israel.
33. Let's not forget Obama's Muslim roots
Richard ,   USA   (09.16.07)
Obama will never be a friend to Israel. But Hillary and the rest of the Demos are not one bit better. They are in the pocket of the Move-On leftists who launched the Anti-Semetic attacks against Joe Lieberman in Conn. Vote Rudy or regret it in all too short a time.
34. Obama's pro-arab advisor
RAY ,   USA   (09.16.07)
No Question. Anyone who has followed USA history since Jimmy Carter KNOWS ZB has always been an Israel basher with a scent of anti-semitism about him.
35. USA
Sidney ,   The issue for me   (09.16.07)
I have no doubt that Brzezinksi is hostile to Israel and little doubt that Obama is not. However, my big concern about Obama on this and many issues is whether he is mature enough to be president. Inexperience can be corrected by good advisers. After the mess of the Bush Administration, we need a wise and skillful president to restore our country. Charisma is not enough. This appointment does not ease my discomfort about Obama.
36. Mitch
Mitch Amerikan Name ,   Al-Florida   (09.16.07)
How can you have read that book when you can barely construct an English sentence? It has yet to be translated into Arabic, or Ukrainian, or whatever language you actually do speak.
37. Stupid Move
Alan ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.16.07)
Forget about Israel, Obama coming from the left will have twice the trouble winning national elections with undoubtedly the worst Security advisor to the worst and perceived as the weakest US government modern history. It seems to show how surrounded by left nutroots from Obama is. This decisions might have lost the 2008 elections for the Democrats. They will have only themselves to blame, when the American voter rejects leftist appeasers.
38. Way to go, we need people not scared by Jewish lobby/media
Joy ,   Las Vegas   (09.16.07)
The well-documented Walt and Mearsheimer study should be taught in our schools so our future generations will undersand the REAL "why" Arabs and Muslims hate so much and for what. Very Simple: before Israel and its occupation of Palestine we had no enemies in the mideast.
39. Mich! Who's counting?
Alan ,   SA   (09.16.07)
40. he's toast. but i hope jewish democrats wont support hillary
aaron ,   ra'anana   (09.16.07)
hillary who gave a big hug and kiss to suha arafat while suha gave a speech accusing the israelis of spreading poison gas among palestinian children.
41. #33 Political mudslinging in the heat of the moment
is very different from normal operations. When things get down to the wire, candidates are capable of all sorts of childish crap. In contrast, the link between Obama and his followers clearly has much darker, deeper, more serious underpinnings.
42. Obama's new hire
Mary ,   USA   (09.17.07)
Zbig's appointment shows Obama's thinking regarding the mid east and Israel, in particular. At least we know where the guy stands. Too bad for him that he just sealed his political fate.
43. A question
Bill Feldman ,   Gold Canyon, Arizona   (09.17.07)
Is George W. Bush popular in Israel?
44. #38 The British were the Enemy
MARK ,   Boston   (09.17.07)
45. Jimmy Carter never goes away.
MARK ,   USA   (09.17.07)
That man is being paid by the Saudis. He is a phony and was a horrible President. His book does not use footnotes and endnotes to source its facts. That man wants to make a Habitat for Hamas.
46. Democrats.
The axis of evil and their supporters are waiting for the USA to elect a leader with no wisdom at all.That makes it possible for them to strengthen their agenda.The list of candidates from the democratic side is full of names,but no real candidate for the position as The President.
47. Henry Kissinger is just as bad.
MARK ,   Boston   (09.17.07)
He wanted Israel to take a heavy hit in the 1973 war. Golda Meir asked Nixon to help out and he gave military equipment to Israel.
48. Word to bigot #38 : they hate you because you're not Muslim
49. #38 ha, ha, everything u've said so far is wrong. Are you
stupid or something? ,   Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.   (09.17.07)
50. #45 Al-Jimmah-Carter IS a Habitat for Hamas!!!!
51. #42 Bill
Gato the Cato ,   Meggido   (09.17.07)
Of course W is popular here. The 2 Ehud's wet in their pants every time he calls on the phone and we so carefully follow his peace agenda to the jot and tittle. Condi is coming this week and we can't wait. The peace they bring to Israel is so wonderful. We worship them,they are like gods to us
52. don't be fooled: brzezinski is an enemy!
dante ,   uk   (09.17.07)
too old? just for decoration? not really all that bad? sing yourself whatever lullaby you want, if you want, but these excuses are a dream: brzezinski is a determined, relentless enemy of Israel. it is very personal with zbig; he, like carter, is obsessed. he is a malignant addition to obama's staff. the academics quoted in the article don't have a clue.
53. To #38: Lest we forget it was the Christian Right Lobby
that got Bush elected in the first place. So, one might also argue that it was the Christian Lobby who got us into Iraq by electing Bush, thus exacerbating greatly the Muslim anger directed toward America and the Western world. Jewish Lobby---Christian Lobby---according to your backassed logic, we need to scapegoat the usual suspects before putting the responsibilty for the hatred on the haters.
54. Brzezinski may be a brilliant thinker, but people like him
usa   (09.17.07)
can still make poor political decisions and be a poor judge of character. Sizing up a complex geo-political situation requires more than just brains or astuteness; it requires gut instinct too. Churchill and Reagan had gut instinct; Carter and Brzezinski DO NOT.
55. Brzezinski the Antisemite
Brod ,   USA   (09.17.07)
Brzezinski is an Antisemite. He was Carter's guru that let the Ayatollah and Antisemite genies out of the bottle. Obama will never win the election. In fact, unless a Democratic Candidate is strong on defense, foreign affairs and America's fight against the Wahhabhist and Ayatollahist Islamist-Jihadist terrorists, financiers, and preachers of hate, none of them will stand a chance to win. America cannot afford to have a weak President in America's War against the Dark Forces--Antisemites and Islamist-Jihadists!!
56. "Before Israel... no enemies in the mideast" - Say what???
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (09.17.07)
Joy (#38) writes, "Very Simple: before Israel and its occupation of Palestine we had no enemies in the mideast." It's said, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." Well, Joy, you've removed all doubt. If you knew anything about Arab or Islamic history, you'd know this is poppycock. Read Oren's recent "Power, Faith and Fantasy" and get yourself an education. And to suggest that the Walt and Mearsheimer study is "well-documented" shows where your head is at. Errors and distortions of facts, selective evidence, and fabrications is more like it.
57. lacking in Al-Taqiyya skills
marie ,   usa   (09.17.07)
I really expected mr. smooth operator to hold off before letting his left hand know what his right hand is doing. I guess he figured that people like myself would not be a bit suprised by this news. I noticed that Al-Taqiyya is not always the method used these days, much is rather staunchly put right in your face, and so, If you need to know where YOU stand just read the link
58. #32 Mich
Norm ,   Great Neck USA   (09.17.07)
The USA supports other democracies that espouse similar ideals of human freedom. Of course, the USA would use its vetoe to stop the plotting of communist regimes, like the old USSR or just plain totalitarian regimes like most Arab countries to destroy any friendly democracy. It just so happens that it is Israel is under attack. Using your statistics to insinuate that the USA is doing something improper is certainly disingenious of you.
59. Obama just sealed my vote
Yusef ,   California, USA   (09.17.07)
I'm American and I vote. If the Dem's don't have him on the ballot, I will write him in.
60. obama's real name is Hussein
Frank ,   USA   (09.17.07)
this is being hidden by the press - Hussein is a shi'a mohammedan name
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