'Soldiers came out of nowhere and abused us'
Ali Waked
Published: 18.09.07, 23:20
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1. It's a sad situation all around here... full of hatred on
Helene ,   Israel   (09.19.07)
all sides... and certainly numbers of cases of misbehaviour too... behaviour that is unprofessional because it is unnecessary under the circumstances where no threat exists... I don't know what happened in this particular case, but surely there are many incidents of hathred bursting out spontaneously... to no use...
2. Are we supposed to care????
yosef   (09.19.07)
Thomas ,   Cleveland, USA   (09.19.07)
It is so typical that we hear about the alleged "abuse" of Palestinians on Ynet. Funny how not a single article was printed about the abuse of Jews at Amona! I remember seeing footage of some kid getting run over by a hores, women were getting felt up by soldiers, beating old men and women, no no no, ynet can't publish that, only the alleged abuse of some Palestinian shmuck!
4. Abused by a a masked man?
Marya ,   sacramento,USA   (09.19.07)
If they were Jews being "abused" by Palstinians they would have been torn to shreds. The circumstances end in Kaddish not in a photo-op!
5. Israel will investigate
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.19.07)
It's a terrible reaction I have, but I have seen so many Palestinians lie to make Israel look bad that I won't believe this happened until there is proof produced by Israeli authorities. I trust Israeli authorities to conduct an investigation & to be honest in reporting their findings. I'd like to be able to say I believe the same of the Palestinians, but I don't.
6. Poor boys.. Move out of the country..
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (09.19.07)
7. Free Palestine...
from Palestinians...   (09.19.07)
8. Ali Waked's big freaking lie of the week
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.19.07)
How lame is this? IDF soldiers don't wear masks, HAMAS terrorists do.
SERGIO ,   ISRAEL   (09.19.07)
10. "Ahmed Abu shows his battered arm"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.19.07)
Aww, poo baby! Does oo want mommy to kiss the boo boo and make it all better? Does ooo want a Spiderman or a Sponge Bob bandaid? I got worse battering than that when Cartman pushed me off the swings at recess and then sat down on my feet.
moti   (09.19.07)
12. Sick, sick, sick
Zeal   (09.19.07)
All of you make me sick. The fact that they're Palestinian is crime enough to be abused, arrested, rendered homeless, even murdered. I hope all you fools who are making these heartless comments could face something as frightening as a kidnapper who takes you into their car and beats you, sometimes almost to death. Such an event would leave you with post-traumatic disorder for the rest of your lives (should you survive).
13. Zeal
Leah   (09.19.07)
I agree no one deserves to be beaten or abused because of their race or where they happen to live. But I remember a couple of years ago,there were 2 Jewish boys a few years younger than these kids that were beaten and stoned to death by the Palestinians. I never heard one single Palestinian protesting or showing sympathy for these Jewish children. In fact, from listening to some Palestinians and their supporters it seems some of them thought the kids got what they deserved because they were trespassing on sacred Palestinian land.
14. #12
i hope your short and long term memory is adequate. talking about kidnapping and beating, torturing and dismembering....have you forgoten who was kidnapped from the land of israel by hizbullah? gilad shalit. we do not know where he is, the red cross is not allowed to visit with him. his family has no idea wearther he's alive or dead. hizbullah entered israel, kidnapped 2 soldiers as did hamas this past year. we don't know where they are. no visits by red cross allowed. they also killed 3 soldiers on israeli land. where is ron arad, our aviator who was taken hostage by syria and never returned. no red cross visits. he dissapeared and syria is mum on the subject. what about my friends that were pow's in syria and egypt who came home brain damaged from beatings on the head with metal pipes, no fingernails, no ears, broken noses, no fingers, no toes, electrocuted testicles, knife marks on chest and back.......i have seen them. i have talked with them and i heard their stories. for you to complain that israel is brutal and almost "kills" palestinians in cars after they beat them is insane. but i can guarantee you that gilad shalit and the other kidnapped israeli soldiers are long dead from beatings and torture. these people are animals.
15. #12- Here's some perspective
If these kids were Jews and this were Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Iran, etc, these kids wouldn't be alive to make complaints against the authorities. Heck, if a non-Muslim were witness to the crime, he wouldn't even be able to stand as a witness against the offending soldiers, because only Muslims are considered valid witnesses. I don't know what I'm more "sick, sick, sick" of, Muslims and their double standards or their Leftist Dhimmi cohorts that perpetuate those double standards.
16. Crying wolf too many times
Josh   (09.19.07)
Who cares anymore. If there was no Pallyworld videos and Palestinian testimonies were truthful, some might care. They have cried wolf too many times, let them pray the wolf doesn't really come - no one will respond. Besides, those little scratches are not a sign of abuse. Abuse is a severe beating not tiny scratches on a forearm of a down-in the dirt teenager. Booo Hooo.
17. no excuses
mike jones ,   london, uk   (09.19.07)
arguments and counter arguments. jewish people need to be true with themselves and understand the consequences of them failing to do so. At the rate this is going the national palestinian identity will be crushed and jews will face an islamic current that will obliterate their so called "state". I call for preserving integrity and justice for the sake of all people.
18. Did you see the picture of his arm?
Truth   (09.19.07)
Look at the close-up of it. My God! It looks like he MIGHT have tripped- or cut himself shaving. Or not.
19. funny
linda   (09.19.07)
for somebody who got beaten the hell out of him he looks pretty good. cannot remember a jew looking so good after a beating from arabs!
20. Stop killing Israelis and you won't get hurt!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.19.07)
What goes around comes around! There are terrorists in Gaza and there are terrorists in the West Bank towns. The come in all shapes, sizes and ages. When the terrorists stop killing our soldiers, our civilians, our men, women and children there will be no need for the IDF to treat every Palestinian as a suspect. In short, you hurt our people, we kick your butt! Ok, not all Palestinians are terrorists but I haven't met the one who isn't. You live by the gun, you die by the gun! Stop the killing, realize that Israel is here to stay and start building your country. Far more productive.
21. #14,15
Zeal   (09.19.07)
Hizbullah kidnapped Gilad Shalit? Have YOU forgotten? And since when has a soldier, as in someone who joined an army responsible for the deaths of thousands of people and armed with weapons capable of causing death (Gilad was near a tank) been a war crime? Might I remind you of the ten thousand plus Palestinians that are in your detention camps? This year alone, two thousand were kidnapped, and the Palestinians want them back. Easiest way to do that: bargain. Further, did you see the mass graves on the Sinai filled with Egyptian soldiers? Looks like they did not return to their friends back at their home, or their family. While I don't think that Palestinians are killed in cars, there are those who get beaten to death- the latest was less than two months ago. Read about Jihad Shaar on Haaretz.
22. Send More Soldiers
emanon ,   USA   (09.19.07)
23. #21 Zeal the Shlemiel
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.19.07)
1. 10,000 Palestinians in detention camps They are CRIMINALS who are in PRISON for committing CRIMES. They are not random people who were kidnapped off the streets. 2. Did you see mass graves on Sinai full of dead Egyptians. Have I seen them? No. Have you? No. Because: they don't exist. 3. Palestinian yoots are always making up lies, encouraged by their Leftist friends. Why do you believe a word they say?
24. Yup, the guy fell off his bicycle ...
sk ,   USA   (09.19.07)
I'm actually surprised at this low-quality exercise in Pallywood, brought to us by the indefatigable Waked and Weiss, who do the Pallywood beat. Does "news journalism" mean "report every Pallywood press release"?
25. The "original" Pallywood
sk ,   USA   (09.19.07)
For readers who do not remember the Al Dura hoax, there is an editorial in the Washington Times today that is of interest.
26. Zeal
Leah   (09.19.07)
You didn't respond at all to my post about the Jewish children beaten to death by the Palestinians. Because there is no excuse or explanation for such barbarism, and your is sympathy is obviously totally onesided and biased towards the Palestinians. That's your prerogative ,but please don't come in here and act so high and mighty. You show so much outrage that some people have shown no no compassion for these boys and other Arabs who are allegedly victimized by Israeli soldiers. Your selfrighteous indignation rings hollow in my ears . Your know better at all then the people you show so much outrage against.
27. 5 Christy 16 Josh
Leah   (09.19.07)
Christy, I agree with much of what you said,and it's ashame that was my first reaction too, and these kids unfortuantely might very well be telling the truth. There's good and bad people in all societies.I know Israeli soldiers have done bad things in the past. But the truth is the Palestinians have lied so much for propoganda purposes against Israel one doesn't even know when their telling the truth or lying anymore. Josh please don't ever stop careing don't sink to the level of the Palestinians and their supporters as tempting as it may be sometimes.
28. Leah
Zeal   (09.19.07)
I did have response a number of hours ago. This site must not have accepted it. I’ll try again in my next post.
29. Leah
Zeal   (09.19.07)
I do not support or attempt to justify murder, abuse, or any blatant act. This is very much unlike the Zionists on this website who, for example on this page said that Palestinians should “start fearing you again” or that they “deserved what they got.” FOR DOING WHAT EXACTLY? You people need not sympathize with Palestinians, but such comments are unheard of.
30. #23
Zeal   (09.19.07)
Now my response to Kyle- most of these prisoners that Israel has are political prisoners, whose crime may just be raising a Palestinian flag or walking in their village while Israeli soldiers are nearby or just being part of a certain political party. To prove this, ask yourself why certain detainees are classified as “Fatah” detainees, some as “Hamas” detainees etc… Further, Israel had a large number of Egyptian POWs, so they told them to dig their graves; soon, the discovery of these graves sounded anger amongst Egyptians. Last, why is everything that embarrasses Israel a lie? The mentality that Israel is a perfect nation, “a light upon all nations”, “the promised land” for the “chosen people” is damaging your judgment. It is not a conspiracy theory nor a fabrication, but an act of barbaric murder. The boy, who was waiting for a taxi to go and apply for a college that day was beaten to death by Israeli soldiers; his father, who rushed upon hearing his son was being beaten, was handcuffed and told to sit just meters from his son’s dead body. Soon the soldiers said that the boy threatened them with a knife, a cold lie; even if he did have a knife, why did they continue to beat him as he was bound? What utter foolishness.
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