Cabinet votes Gaza a 'hostile entity'
Ronny Sofer
Published: 19.09.07, 12:28
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1. Lieberman proposed this months ago...
Aharon   (09.19.07)
We should have done it then, and I hope we do it now.
2. At least hes a better do-er than that Trade Unionik Peretz
Alan ,   SA   (09.19.07)
3. Give away our West Bank and Divide Jerusalem
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.07)
as per the brilliant suggestions of Prime Minister, Olmert, and Vice Premier, Chaim Ramon, and you'll be able to declare all of Israel "a hostile entity".
stude ham   (09.19.07)
Hamas is definitely here to stay for a long long time and may eventually become the negotiating party in any future dealings with these people. Fatah is too corroded to last. These israeli government leaders make bibi look very very good in contrast.
5. Real genius
Sidney ,   USA   (09.19.07)
To declare that Gaza is a hostile entity is as inspired as discovering that the sun rises every day. The only thing worse than the Olmert government is that the people of Israel support it. Cry the beloved country!
6. so do we currently consider them non-hostile??
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.19.07)
they are hostile (to put it mildly) no matter what anyone declares or doesn't declare.
7. That "kassam Rocket" in the photo is actually an RPG.
Eli ,   Israel   (09.19.07)
8. " long as they do not affect the civilian population"?
Hamburger ,   Hamburg   (09.19.07)
l don't get this phrase: how can economic sanctions, such as cuts on electricity and oil, NOT effect the civilian population? Sounds like a paradox.
9. How about waking up Sharon and telling him
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.07)
the decision of his government. After all it was he who was responsible for the cruel and heartless expulsion of 10,000 Jews from their rightful homes in Gaza and because of his cold-bloodedness, cities close-by, like Sderot and Ashkelon are suffering.
10. helping the corrupts!
Nabulsi   (09.19.07)
is this just to help the corrup abbass and his men back in Gaza?
11. #8
Ehud Olmert ,   Has visa   (09.19.07)
Exactly. That is why Olmert is so universally loved and admired.
13. Good start, now declare that it's Egypt's responsibility
Rob ,   UK   (09.19.07)
The land was won in a defensive war from Egypt, not "Palestine." Therefore since Israel no longer wants said land, it should declare that Gaza is entirely Egypt's responsibility.
14. What war?
Jonas ,   SAD   (09.19.07)
I thought that war was declared long, long time ago? What's the problem with this move?
15. Hostile?
eddie ,   london UK   (09.19.07)
Oh, it took 2 years to figure this out? or is it 40 years? And now what? Or is this just one of the empty verbal declarations which wont be backed up?
16. What??
gm ,   south africa   (09.19.07)
I thought launching qassams is a declaration of war. I had no idea that was peaceful negotiation. Gee, clearly Israel's restraint of violence is misinterpretted in the ME, maybe Israel needs to send qassams back. Then Hamas will be happy that we are negotiating with them.
17. Oxymoron from morons
Sidney ,   USA   (09.19.07)
"The unanimous vote also authorized the imposing of economic sanctions against Gaza, so long as they do not affect the civilian population. The measures to be taken against Gaza include cutting back on the supply of electricity and fuel, in accordance with international law." How do you cut back on electricity and fuel without affecting the civilian population?
18. Mentally Challanged , Delayed Development
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.19.07)
The cabinet are chosen from the most incompetent of Israeli society ? It''s taken them this long to figure this out ,to act ? You actually pay these people for their work ? They shouls pay the state to be allowed use the knesset as their own private Circus. Israel's problem is that they have put more faith in these idiots than in the Holy One of Israel. Waht a contrast.
19. Dear Mr. Haniya
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.19.07)
This is not a "declaration of war". We are only "freedom fighters".
20. I agree MArcel 18, ....but..
jay ,   fl   (09.19.07)
Judging from your posts, you are obviously of equal mental ability!
david   (09.19.07)
22. It will Work Provided
ralphsrant1 ,   USA   (09.19.07)
You cut off all electricity from Israel and not worry about International Law. I have been calling for this for months myself. This is the first logical action Israel has attempted in gaza to stop the rockets. Also need a buffer zone. We have no legal responsibility for Israeli power to be provided to Gaza from Israel.
23. DAH !! Brilliant deduction Barak.....
Poitcha ,   Israel   (09.19.07)
Now act !!!! Hopefully these are not just words.....hopefully you intend to start acting. And by the way, economic sanctions, not matter how mild....will effect the civilian population. And who cares anyway? Do they? So cut the crap and just let harsh economic sanctions be implemented immediately so that the civilian population will beg their so called leaders to do something constructive with their pathetic society already.
24. finally
someone is sane enough to proceed this way. this is the only answer. hamas is not a government. the area is run by a terrorist organization calling itself a government. the world can scream bloody murderous israelis, the un can scream and condemn, the europeans can scream and condemn, the usa can talk to the wind. we do not care you hear? unless you live under a barrage of bombsd on a daily basis. unless your kids go to school with bombs falling around their head. unless you live in israel and your lives are threatened daily by suicide bombings, murders, killings, explosions and kassams, you have no right to talk. you don't want to approve our beghavior or response, well tough. this is not 1939-1945 and we are not turninbg the other cheek. so, get used to it. and to the people of gaza, i am not going to say you deserve this because YOU DON'T. however, something has to be done because the idiot that is abbas is indeed very silent on this terrorist matter and the thugs in hamas are not helping you in the least. you either enter peaceful negotiations without violence to create your own state alongside israel, you either renounce that you want our destruction in total (hamas) or you suffer.
25. if
if gthe entire world is slapping iran and its cnuclear activity with severe sanctions that can affect the iranian population and their economy collectively....without one bobm or kassam fired from iran anywhere, i believe israel HAS THE 100% RIGHT TO SLAP GAZA WITH SAME SEVERE SANCTIONS SINCE MANY MANY BOMBS HAVE BEEN SENT TOWARDS US. i don't see the world crying or the un crying or the arabs cryoying that to slap iran with severe sanctions economic and financial is a war crime. so, how can they accuse us of doing so?
26. It won't work
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.19.07)
If only Israel's leaders had a backbone and were not always in retreat from their red lines and their land. it's a fact that one phone call from Washington will get the power turned on and the food and money flowing to the terrorists in Gaza because Israeli leaders do nto have a backbone or a soul. This has been the proven mode of appeasment Israel has embarked on because of her marriage to the Bush Road Map. Only a divorce from this cursed marriage can set Israel free to do what they should have done long ago and that is; DEFEAT THE ENEMY.
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (09.19.07)
28. Hamas
CSB ,   USA   (09.19.07)
Who writes the copy for Olmert and the cabinet ? The statement declaring Hamas a hostile political entity is nothing but a statement of the obvious.Mike(#6) is exactly right? How, one wonders, is cutting services to Gaza NOT going to effect the population? Does that cancel out cutting services? Or, Mike, what am I missing? It will be the Hamas leaders, who will abscond with the fuel.They will usurp homes with electricity for their purposes. In the meantime, the Kassams will deploy and the babies and little ones of Sderot, Beersheba, Ashkelon, will be under bombardment. Thank goodness, Rice rode in to insure the Palestinians, the People, who voted in Hamas , don't suffer. Mike, maybe, Clinton has parsed 'hostile' for Olmert and his band of merry ... ?
29. Give away our West Bank & devide Jerusalem
Ralph ,   Timmonsville USA   (10.06.07)
Do not give away God's land that was promised to Abraham's seed the Jews.
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