144-nation atomic energy conference criticizes Israel
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Published: 20.09.07, 23:24
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1. It is widely known that Israel does not have a program.
Cynic ,   USA   (09.20.07)
2. Who can blame Iran now ?
Israel giving the chance to all the Arab countries to build up a nuclear arsenal and their excuse is that Israel has it ... so why Israel and the others not ... logic ...... soon Israel will be serounded with WMD and if once a crazy one has it under his hands nobody can know what can be happend .
3. 2 We can blame Iran for its attitude to others in the rest
freedom ,   canada   (09.21.07)
of the world and its refusal to abide by a treaty it had signed previously. We can also blame Iran for funding hizbullah and hamas. I guess I could go on. Have a nice day.
4. Survival
Ro'i ,   Ein Gev, Israel   (09.21.07)
If Israel did infact have nukes, there would be no way we could give them up. Russia, the eternal hater of the Jewish people, has just developed the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in the World and Syria and Iran have just been caught red handed in a chemical weapons project. Russia is giving tech support to Iran for their nukes, who's to stop them giving away another bomb that wouldn't controvene a non-nuke act in the Middle East. WE NEED OUR LEVERAGE. Israel is a people fighting to survive. Iran and the Arab states are daily threatening our survival. This Yom Kippur, may G-D grant us to inherit the 13 Middot Chessed and choose to who He will act according to Middot Din.
5. Nuclear
Thomas   (09.21.07)
It may be true that Israel has the bomb, however Israel is a stable country that hasn't made threats to other countries with it's nuclear power.
6. facts: iran vs israel
the doc   (09.21.07)
because israel persued and developed nuclear weapons in the early 70s with the help of the french when its very existence was at the line. It was being attacked every 5 years by every nation surrounding and nuclear weapons was more of an insurance policy than a weapon to be used which is not the case with iran which wishes to persue nuclear weapons with intending to harm other nations. ALSO, the main issue with nuclear weapons which not a lot of people know about is under united nations resolutions and IAEA policy, nations can be prevented from obtaining a bomb (iran) but once nuclear weapons are developed nations cannot be forced to disengage weapons.
7. No matter what the Arab nations try and
concoct against Israel regarding nuclear programme and activity, it simply won't work the way they envisage destroying and wiping off Israel. For starters, Israel never acknowledged or denied anything nuclear. If this enerves the Arab states, Salamat, it is their choice. One thing is 100 percent certain, Israel will always know how to defend the existence of their people, NO MATTER WHAT and no matter who. All the equilibristics and gymnastics of the so-called United Nations won't help.Israel is intent and bent on continuing its way, I mean, the right way. And, when hell freezes over, then only the Arab countries and Iran will understand that Israel only wants to, has to, must survive, without as much as harming anyone. The Arab countries and their non-Arab helpers should better understand that much: THERE WILL BE NO MORE HOLOCAUST OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE !
8. Two words to IAEA and their Arab friends: "EAT ME!"
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.21.07)
or a more elaborate answer: "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". Do they really think that we re SO STUPID? We are not members and they can do squat. Actually this is a good idea - let's leave and let them simmer in their own putrid hatred at the UN too! And if US leaves too, then the UN will lose legitimacy (and top dollars) and will become another branch of the Arab League. Let's see for how long France, UK, Russia and Germany will stay behind and enjoy the verbal massacres that are a daily occurence there. I bet that after US and Israel leave the UN, the UN will lose it's appeal in less than 5 years. After that, it will be just a heap of dung on the @$$ of the planet, without any pretentions to beautifications - just a plain and simple gathering of thugs and impotents.
9. Well surprise surprise, two votes against: US and Israel.
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (09.21.07)
But don't worry guys, you are right and the rest of the world is wrong, just like always. :)
10. #8
Richard ,   London UK   (09.21.07)
If the EU and the US were to leave isreal where exactly would isreal be? Be careful what you wish for.
11. Thomas, your wrong
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (09.21.07)
The US is and was a stable country when they used Nagasaki and Hiroshima, only to prevent a russian invasion of Japan so that the US can dictate Japans policy. Stable means nothing. Also the Samson option is a threat that has been used by Israel's leaders. Albeit it doesn't compare to the threats made by Islamic countries, it is still regardless a nuclear threat. I think Israel should fess up and join the international community regarding their nuclear program, it would be a huge concession and can be used as a requirement towards talks. Everyone knows they have it, so it won't hurt them at all but it would be a goodwill gesture. Aren't the Israeli bombs made from canadian uranium out of saskatchewan?
12. Iran and Israel on the same page.
Persian CAT   (09.21.07)
They both oppose the pragraph that requires the nations "not to develop, test or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons"! The differecne is Israel has acquired nuclear weapons but Iran has not, and there is not a shred of EVIDENCE that it is. Some have their "suspicions". An those, as far as I'm concerned can such an egg.
13. to3
we are here to talk about nuclear arsenal not about who support who and don't forget that like Iran found Hamas and Hizsallah the USA found Israel and suplied Israel with more than everything they need to beat the Arabs but now it's getting more dangerous the situation became more hard for Israel because the enemies they created in the last 60 years became like the monster who came out of the bottle and nobody can put him back , useing power doesn't help anymore , the best for Israel now is to complay to the international comunity and to be good example and to shake the hands of it's enemies and to try to reach peace with them ... or the danger will grow up everyday and the monster one day will destroy his master and it will be too late ..... it doesn't help to find excuses for what Israel did till now but more important is change the situation as fast as possible before the big explosion happend .
14. Khalid
Watchman777 ,   USA   (09.22.07)
You don't like it? Leave, and take ten more with you! Oh, don't forget to pass this suggestion on to all your neighbors too!
15. #12 "Iran and Israel on the same page"
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.27.07)
Are you on drugs? Iran is a nation run by religious nuts who want Islam to rule the world. Their people have very little rights and the regime supports terror groups like Hamas and hezballah. Israel is a free society where people can and do chalange the government. Education is open, media is fair and balanced and people just want normal lives. To compare the two is like copmaring Htler to the Pope. Nice try though!!!
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