IAF sends fighter jets after Syrian aircraft
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 22.09.07, 20:11
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1. What a joke...
Matthew ,   The States   (09.22.07)
The syrian jet could not even safely land and crashed on its own. How does syria expect to fight Israel when they can't even fly jets? This is too funny. Maybe syria should just fly remote-controlled jets filled with candy and baklava.
2. That's two miracles!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (09.22.07)
The first one was on July 26 when dozens of Iranian engineers and 15 Iraqi soldiers were killed when there was an explosion at a site where they were putting chemical weapons into a missile head. This is the second one!!
3. The jet probably had new navigational tech. recently put in
from the N.Koreans ,   still in syria!!!!   (09.22.07)
4. Let's see, russia sells syria defective SAMS, Iranian engin-
eers set off chem ,   bomb,--Time 2 pray!!   (09.22.07)
5. Baruch Hashem!!!! As it was written!
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (09.22.07)
As it was written, Hashem Blesses and Protects His people, Israel. Baruch Hashem!!!!!!
6. MIGs Shine Again
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.22.07)
Assad, now that you found out your 100 million dollar Russian air defense has more holes than a lump of Swiss cheese, it must be comforting to find out that "MIG" means "Mighty Impressive Garbage!" Is that a Yugo you're driving, Bashar?
7. to1
It's double jokes , the other one is how a Syrian fighter disappeared from the Israeli radar , how the IDF want fight against Syria if their radar can not follow the Syian aircrafts .... don't you think that it's big joke too ??
8. More deffective Putin equipment, he sold them junk!
D ,   Israel   (09.22.07)
9. Syrian Mig
Hansje   (09.22.07)
Maybe it was shot down and israel doensn't want to tell the truth as not to hurt Assad to much...
10. "Aircraft"
NitPicker ,   Israel   (09.23.07)
Before you all get too excited about inferior syrian military hardware maybe you should take a closer look at the article - nowhere does it say (at the moment) that it was a Mig or any kind of military aircraft.. could just as likely be a private pilot in a little Cesna.. such crashes happen quite often on both sides of the border. Interesting to think how such an incident could quickly spiral out of control in the current climate though - syrian plane drops off radar (accident), IAF jets scramble.. Syria sees a load of IAF jets on the way and thinks another attack is imminent and responds by scrambling its own jets or worse - firing a load of missiles on tel aviv.. it could all happen so easily now. We certainly live in interesting times.
11. To #7
Dave ,   Yeshiva   (09.23.07)
It disappeared from the Israeli radar because it crashed, smarty!!!!
12. To #7
Joan ,   Haifa   (09.23.07)
I think maybe you should read the article more carefully. It *did* say the Syrian plane crashed, after all. I'd say that would have been quite a feat to keep it ON Israeli radar after it had dropped out of the sky like that!
13. New Iranian Fighter Jets
Bernie   (09.23.07)
I guess that was that one of the newly built Iranian fighter jets that the Iranian president bragged about last week...
14. # 10, how easily can I imagine thousands of
PRIVATE Cessna planes valsing around the blue Syrian skies. What a joke of a post you put up ! As for missiles landing on TA, hold your breath, it's only your wishful thinking !
15. Israel has no room to talk
Hyman Rothstein ,   Washington, DC   (09.23.07)
All you Israelis mocking the Syrians and Persians. Where do you get your air defense from? The U.S.!! You're no better than they!
16. #7: a hint: crashed jets do not appear on radars anymore...
let me guess: you're a syrian engineer ?
17. IAF Fighter jets after Syrian Aircraft
Roxy ,   Israel   (09.23.07)
It is agame of cat and mouse to put it simply. Syria was testing our defences, there will be alot more of this going on now.Right up until Syria's master(Iran) gives them the green light to attack Israel! We all know that, so... prepare Northern Israel now! Because sooner or later the Missiles will fly! Better off safe than sorry I always say!
mark ,   Moscow Russia   (09.23.07)
Don't flatter yourselves, you are easily fooled into feeling safe for all the technical mumbo jumbo that the U.S gives you (Charity) when only last year all the weapons in the world couldnt make you safe from the "Part of GOD". BTW this B.S YNETNEWS report has flaws all over!
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