Ahmadinejad: Iran will not attack Israel
Associated Press
Published: 24.09.07, 19:22
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1. No, it's wasn't me ! The Ayatollahs pull my tail
Obama ,   Washington DC   (09.24.07)
2. Anyone have a lie-detector?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (09.24.07)
Probably not - how could the UN function if they had lie-detectors in the General Assembly? Anyway, I read a study somewhere that psychopaths & sociopaths can pass lie-detector tests with no problem.
3. Why attack other countries?
Boaz ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (09.24.07)
If they can buy proxies and agents in those countries?
4. Emmmm...What else Ahmedinejad has to say ???...where as...
ben ,   singapore   (09.24.07)
Whereas IRAN! is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism… Whereas its PRESIDENT!, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has repeatedly threatened the safety and security of America…and Israel. Whereas Ahmadinejad was involved in holding Americans hostage at our embassy in Tehran in 1979… Whereas he has called for Israel to be “wiped off the map”…and called anti-sematism talks denying the holocaust. Whereas his country is working to secure nuclear weaponary in defiance of the Free World… Whereas he's providing weaponary and support to kill our brave men and women fighting for democracy in the Middle East… Whereas we dont believe a word of Ahmedinejah.
5. That's great!
Mike ,   UK   (09.24.07)
Now everyone can sleep peacefully at night. He should be arrested and tried in USA for spreading terror and he has American soldiers in Iraq blood on his hands.
6. No he didn't
Jayzee ,   World Citizen   (09.24.07)
He said "Iran will not attack any country," Ahmadinejad told The Associated Press. The Iranians don't even refer to Israel by name. It is the "Zionist Entity", it is NOT a country in their eyes. He is playing games with semantics, and everyone fell for his charade.
7. Another monkies lie. Who care?Put him in NYC zoo !
Eddie Shor ,   Ariel lsrael   (09.24.07)
8. US will force Iran to strike Israel
John ,   London,UK   (09.24.07)
Iran has always said if US attacks Iran, it will hold Israel responsible and will annilaite the Israeli State. Iran two days said that it has made plans to bomb Israel will thousands of missiles. What are we to believe? Iran is just waiting for an excuse to end Israel for good.
9. The Ahmedinnejad Horror Picture Show!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.24.07)
We have always misunderstood the Mad Man from Teheran. When he says: "Wipe Israel off the map" he actually means: "Iran does not want to wipe Israel off the map". When he says "US should convert to Islam" and supports Hezbollah Shiite subversion in Lebanon he actually means: "Iran does not have expansionism aspiarations" When he says: "Iran will attain Nuclear capability reagrdless of what teh world says" he actually means "Iran's foreign policy is based on humanitarian concerns and on seeking justice". Man, how STUPID anybody can be to believe ANYTHING this Monkey says.
10. If, for his cause, Ahmadinejad is ready
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (09.24.07)
to die, why in earth wouldn`t he be ready to lie?
11. Dear Ahmadinedwarf...
Uziel   (09.24.07)
Feeling the heat?
12. #8 John, you prove our point for us!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.24.07)
Iran has every intention on "punishing" Israel if it is attacked or if its nuclear program is challanged. This is more than enough of a reason for why Iran must be stopped.
13. He's just buying more time
Chaim ,   Canada   (09.24.07)
For Iran to complete its nuclear program. And the whole world is letting him get away with it.
14. What a crap!
Brod ,   USA   (09.24.07)
It is always about blaming Israel and extolling Palestinian bull crap. Hey, what about Islamist-Jihadist atrocities against non-Islamists in the Philippines, Thailand, India, Russia, Europe, Africa, Pakistan, Kashmir, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East region, and the Americas? Are they going to spew their Palestinian bull crap again? The fact is since their emergence in the Arabian Desert in the 7th century, the Islamist-Jihadists have ravaged and stolen Jewish and Christian lands in the Middle East and other non-Islamist countries around the world. They have been crusading their Jihadism to the world since the 7th century. For those who do not know the Holy Bible, History and Biblical Archaeology, they may think what this tyrant and holocaust denier is talking about is biblical truth. It is time the Free World stops being fooled, deceived and brainwashed by their Palestinian bull crap!
15. They don't call it the House of War for nothing.
sk ,   USA   (09.24.07)
Every Muslim is commanded to join so that the whole world becomes Muslim, which means the whole non-Muslim "House of War". We know then that monkey boy is flatly lying, which Muslims also are commanded to do by the lowly Mo's own words and example.
16. And of course, Iran is expanding ALL OVER THE WORLD.
sk ,   USA   (09.24.07)
Syria is now a colony. Lebanon may soon be. And Iranian jihadis are fighting to undermine governments in both the Middle East and the west. I'd call that "attacking another country."
17. Response
Nick ,   Hollywood Fl.   (09.24.07)
Until it goes nuclear!
18. he doesnt know what he wants
zionist forever   (09.24.07)
He loves the sound of his own voice and cant work out from day to day what he wants to do, SUNDAY Today we threaten to wipe Israel off the map. MONDAY Today we say how we want peace TUESDAY We hold a millitary parade and tell Israel and the US we have hundreds of our new missles pointed at them. WEDNESDAY We want to solve the neuclear issue diplomaticly THURSDAY We laugh at diplomacy. FRIDAY We want to attack everybody SATURDAY We want it to be a day of rest so we give the man a couple of bannas and lock him in his cage with the other monkeys enjoying the quiet before he starts again.
19. Are Americans Patsies?
Brenda ,   London, Canada   (09.24.07)
The pro-war crowd got America into a war with Iraq because Americans were patsies enough to believe them. Will they get into war with Iran too?
20. i pity you israelis
saheem ,   eygpt   (09.24.07)
you know dear israelis, i pity you alot because you are very good people but to your unfortunate luck God has sent you here, God promised you a land near arabic people those who are terrorists and bad, if God really loves you he would have promised you a land in london or new york , paris near the civilized and develpoed countries , so you sould go and ask God to change his promise to you , but to send you to the land of terorists to kill you , how unfortunate i pity you
21. Response to #20
Nick ,   Hollywood FL.   (09.24.07)
The GOD of Israel will keep his promise and is real, not an idol moon god named allah!
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (09.24.07)
This man is a politician. Almost all politicians lie. Not that they intentionally say things that could put them in jail, but they choose their words carefully in ways to mislead people. Think of it: a politician doesn't want to lose any votes, so he is as ambiguous as he can get away with, hoping his listeners will interpret his answers in their favor, even when they're on opposite sides of the question. And leaders of countries are politicians. They can say something with a straight face (we have no plans to...) and do the exact opposite a week later. Well, they had no "plans" a week ago. If this man doesn't live up to what he says in New York, just remember that he's a politician like all other politicians.
23. 20 Its unfortunate all those squatters that the jewish
freedom ,   canada   (09.24.07)
nation has to deal with eh Saheem. What should they do with them. Wait Gaza can be part of Egypt. You have some new countrymen. Thats a good solution. Judea and Samaria is Jewish, when do the Israelis get their land back?
24. 20 Sa'alam Saheem
Obama ,   Washington DC   (09.24.07)
I also pity you that you did not study history. Or perhaps, history of Jesus was wiped off yor history books. Our G-d was born in that disputable land and we are not moving. Now take back your sympathy please.
25. #20 saheem
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.24.07)
Don't pity the Jew .It is you and the other islamic hordes who were defeated soundly after many attempts to destroy Israel. I would go talk to your god and ask him why he is such a loser. And please remember that it is Israel's God who has promised to defeat all of her enemies. So if I were you I would move far away from Egypt while there is time.
26. Ahmedinejad
Erasto ,   Trinidad   (09.24.07)
Mr. Ahmadinejad is buying himself & his revolutionary guards more time to prepare themself for the inevitable. Look @ his facial expressions, lies. He knows its coming!!!!!
27. You fell for the loophole...
Mike ,   Canada   (09.24.07)
He said 'Iran would not attack any country" - Israel is not recognized as a country by Iran and this leaves room for him to attack Israel and still maintain that he honored his pledge. The media has blindly fallen for his pr trap and Europe will use this statement to conclude that a crisis has been averted by their crafty diplomacy.
28. #8 Johnny boy
Obama ,   Washington DC   (09.24.07)
Oh yea! what about the one, a US submarine torpedoed a North Korean ship carrying nuclear materials destined for Iran. I bet you din know this incident. So, why din Iran attack Israel.
29. He does not consider Israel a Country......
Rifleman 202 ,   USMC   (09.25.07)
Israel still needs to prepare for WAR.
30. Ahmadinejad
Bill ,   Texarkana, USA   (09.25.07)
He said: "Iran would not launch an attack on Israel or any other country" Of course not. And up is down. And hate is love. It all makes sense now.
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