Home Depot returning to Israel
Navit Zomer
Published: 25.09.07, 09:07
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1. great! now if only those products were SOLD here...
rpc ,   modiin, israel   (09.25.07)
so many engineers are working on environmentally friendly products in Israel, and yet so little are used here! When I think of the amount of water that goes to waste, or is unpurified for re-use...
2. Hope there stuff is better than the junk at
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (09.25.07)
Ace and Home Center.
3. to #2 The products are very good at Ace and Home Center!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.25.07)
4. #2 Read the article, they are buyers....
Sharon ,   Tel Aviv   (09.25.07)
I get frustrated when people read articles wrongly and make comments that make no sense. Or maybe she just read the title??? FYI: They are purchasing Israeli products for their chain, they are not setting up shop here.
5. #2 Is Almost Right
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.25.07)
Those other chains are not selling "junk". This is very misleading. They are, in fact, selling "cheap junk". Please be accurate. (Actually, the cheap junk is quite costly and should be called "expensive junk".)
6. Zipa
Amnon Shalman ,   Plasgad, Israel   (09.25.07)
Zipa Carmon is doing a great job. we use to work with The Home Hepot for many years. they are honest and if they are coming back here they will create many jobs. they are big. you all should be happy.
7. Post #5 Was Tongue-In-Cheek
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.25.07)
Those places do sell good stuff, too.
8. Is the Coming of the Messiah?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.26.07)
Do we really need Home Depot here? If the Palestinians start another Intifada, which is quite possible, will they cut and run again? What will they sell that I cannot already buy here? Maybe Millers Fall Drills but what's wrong with the Bosch or Wolf ones? Will they open stores in the periphery or will everything be in the Tel-Aviv area only? Investment is good but we also have our pride. Our money or our credit cards are good anywhere and everywhere and we should support those companies who support us both in good times and in bad times. The next time you buy a LCD TV or a Notebook Computer go to the manufacturer’s Web Site and see if Israel is listed. So many do not list Israel in their Global sites or have some obscure link to an Israeli importer. Here are two examples: LG and Canon. Please go to or and you will see that Israel is not listed. At one time LG’s Service link was routed to Latvia! Our money is good but our country is not? Apple Computers has no Apple Israel site but after some search you will find a link to It’s quite amazing how many companies still bow down to the Arabs but the good folks at Microsoft, Intel, HP and a few others do list Israel on their Global Sites and some even have sites in Hebrew. Shouldn’t we spend our money with those who are not ashamed to say "We deal with Israel!" and with those who don’t cut and run when things are a bit rough. Think about this the next time you see those great TV, refrigerator and air conditioner ads on TV. The choice is yours.
9. so where is "Lowes"?
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (09.30.07)
if HD is buying in israel where is the lowes chain? are they also buying or are they also siding? seems that HD should have stuck it out with israel during the intafada and not back offf like they did!
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