Abbas urges Security Council to 'stop Israel'
Ali Waked
Published: 27.09.07, 17:43
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1. Olmert continues to negotiate with this snake !!
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (09.27.07)
2. Abbas, stop terror !
Eddie Shor ,   Ariel lsrael   (09.27.07)
3. Read Abbas's Lips
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (09.27.07)
Let us ALL get Abbas's message straight - Israel must NOT be allowed to combat terror, even while rockets are devastating its towns. Now, are these the sentiments of a man who Israel should do 'business' with, and is he a man that should be termed a 'man of moderation'? Surely the world's antisemites don't quibble over these nuances. HOWEVER, Israel's leaders should certainly know better. The truth is they DO, and the truth is they DON'T care. This is why they must be removed, one way or another.
4. And what about...
Dan ,   Jeruslem, Israel   (09.27.07)
the war his Palestinians are waging with Quassam rockets on Israeli civilians is that also going to stop? Clearly, Israel has not even begun to show the Arabs you cannot injure and kill us without retaliation. Put down your weapons Mr. Abbas and there will be no more war. Raise your weapons and the IDF has a legal and moral right to blast your people to hell.
5. abbas urges
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (09.27.07)
Abbas urges the UN to stop our war on terror, ok, so why doesn't he ask the UN to stop Hamas from firing rockets at us. To hell with the UN and Abbas, we need to do what ever it takes to stop the rocket or at least show the people of Gaza what will happen when you allow terrorists to run and risk your lives by firing rockets at our citizens.
6. if only the qassams would stop ...
there would be no reason for any incursion or retaliation. If only,... Gaza could be paradise but not with the current leaders!
7. Americans, contact the White House
Michelle ,   Vancouver   (09.27.07)
Abbas is tainted. No Palestinian will recognize any agreement signed by what they consider a puppet of the Americans. This agreement is doomed from the start. The only losers will be the people of Israel. The result of the agreement will continue to be aggression, this time at a much smaller and undefensible territory. This is an American-made recipe for disaster for the whole region. Americans, please phone the White House and demand a stop of this "peace process".
8. Hmmmm, think not.
Micha   (09.27.07)
you don't stop the terror that flows from the wb and gaza so we don't stop destroying you piece by piece. The Jews gave the arabs ample opportunities in the past. None was good enough. History is always the judge. And guess what, you judged incorrectly at the time. No more free lunch.
9. NATO killed 170 "insurgents" today in Afghanistan....
palestinians are insurgents. stop shooting missles. stop blowing yourselves. stop teaching hatred to your children. stop your violence.... and there will be peace.
10. #3 Stop lying.
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (09.27.07)
"even while rockets are devastating its towns." Show me some proof of "devastated towns". I've got plenty of proof of Gaza's devastation.
11. Abbas and the Palis are a joke.
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.27.07)
And a bad one at that!!!
12. UN enables islamic terrorism against Israel
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.27.07)
The uN for too long has aided Israel's enemies and their silence on the Hamas rockets targeted at Israel's cities tell us all that it is a useless and worthless organization. Of course the world wil come to the resuce of the terrorists against Israel because the world of hypocrites need their arab oil and arab $ investments..
13. This is our "Friend"
Alan ,   Elazar, Israel   (09.27.07)
We must defend ourselves at all costs and stop supporting terrorism!
14. He can go to hell.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (09.27.07)
15. cannot ignore reality.
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.27.07)
The fact that ISrael has superior fire power over the Palestinians is not our fault. If Palestinians would just stop firing rockets and trying to kill Israelis everyday, then Israel would stop firing on them. It is very simple, yet you don't seem to get it.
16. Yeah, we're SO ready to take heed from a Korean poltico now
Israel   (09.27.07)
17. #10 - Khalid, the Spinmeister
Joe ,   Los Angeles, CA   (09.27.07)
Want proof of "devastated towns? Nazareth, Afula, Givat E'la, Haifa, Sderot, the list goes on and on... By the way, Khalid, if you challenge a person to substantiate their claims, it doesn't mean the person is lying, it just means that they haven't been given the opportunity to substantiate their claims. Your time and energy would be better spent in a Logic course than it would spewing filth that can easily be debunked.
18. Abass protects the terrorists...what a great peace pertner!
freejay ,   Israel   (09.27.07)
19. #10, Khalid
JG ,   Earth   (09.27.07)
Oh come on man, I wrote here to you a couple of weeks ago to relax and take a nice walk on the beach, see a movie or meet a woman. You have too much anger inside. You guys have had Gaza for 2 years now. You should have roads, schools, malls, banks, parks but you do not. WHY? With all that eduacation launching Qassams, use it to build something better.
20. #10 - Khalid you big freak....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (09.27.07)
quit sending rockets into Israel and the devastation will stop. Immediately. Otherwise, there is more misery in store for you. You aren't going to beat us - so you may as well make peace with us for your own and your children's sake. Instead of turning the paradise that was our communities in Gaza into a big toilet.
harry   (09.27.07)
So - Abbas is thrown out of Gaza by the Hamas thugs and is now complaining that Israel views them as a danger? Abbas should first complain that Hamas is bombing Israel daily with missiles in violation of the Geneva Accords; because of such an action by Hamas, among many others, Israel has the right to go to war against these thugs. Of course this is all an orchestration to make Abbas look powerful to his people while he is negotiating with Israel. If he didn't do this, he would look like an Uncle Tom to them.
22. Whatever happened to the usage "Abu Mazen"?
sk ,   USA   (09.27.07)
I guess this is a sign that Abbas really is in the dustbin of history.
23. Abbas, either you with us or against us
And this is the guy we are trying to make peace with? Our gov't should stop all negotiations with the Pals. Abbas is the same guy that ran away from Gaza after Hamas started to kill his Fatah people. Israel is just protecting itself from the missiles that are shot at them on a daily basis. Way to go IDF and IAF. Keep targeting the terrorist and maybe its time to bring back the assassinations of the Hamas leaders.
24. 14 Okay! but, would you like him to bring something for you?
25. since when is killing terrorists a bad thing?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.27.07)
abbas is obviously confused. he's old and losing his mind.
26. read it all
Harriet   (09.27.07) ZOA Criticizes President Bush & Secretary Rice For Continuing To Whitewash The Regime Of Holocaust-Denier & PA President Abbas & Pushing For A Palestinian State Regardless
27. Soon Fatah will join w/Hamas: When will Olmert learn
Obama ,   Washington DC   (09.27.07)
This is something you can expect. Money can buy Abbas his greed but not his integrity. Soon, Olmert will have to eat his own words, swallow his pride and spit out his guts
28. Terrorising Jews is OK for this Clown
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (09.27.07)
This shows how "dishonest" this clown Abbas is. It's OK to terrorise Jewish civilians but it's not OK for the Jews to defend themselves.
29. He Denied the Holocaust
Liliane ,   Brighton, SX, UK   (09.27.07)
What can one expect from a man who denied the holocaust?
30. # 21 - you're exactly right!
Evan ,   Israel   (09.27.07)
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