Hizbullah: If Israel attacks Syria, we'll respond
Roee Nahmias
Published: 27.09.07, 22:32
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1. And blah blah blah....
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (09.27.07)
2. How sweet!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.27.07)
3. Whatever...
Damir ,   Sarajevo, BiH   (09.27.07)
Poor Nasralah, didn't see sun for a while... :(
4. wait, let us all act surprised
give me a second... *GASP* no, that's no good. I'll get it right eventually.
5. Nassy thinks "Strike organiser Peretz" is still MOD
Alan ,   SA   (09.27.07)
6. Preparing Israeli Arabs to fight also
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.27.07)
It's interesting that Israel allows these articles in arabic papers in the Galilee. This will only raise up more withing Israel to fight alos when the fighting begins. It's not surprising that Israel's problem within her Israeli Arab community is only getting worse. Weak leadership invites disaster. Last month YNET reported that the weak cowards who rule Israel were preparing to indict Sheikh Saleh for incitement. I knew then nothing would come of it ,that it was all talk just as Barak's empty on dealing with Gaza. Sheikh Saleh knows he is safe as the law for incitement is only applied against Jews. The weak and cowardly Olmert leadership brings disaster in Israel and outside Israel. They have squandered their deterrent factor by appeasment and surrender for a false peace.
7. Hezbollah is asking for action
Brod ,   USA   (09.27.07)
When it happens, Israel should take the opportunity to do a quick job of neutralizing Hezbollah in a way they never have foreseen.
8. Wait... didn't Israel already attack Syria?
lars ,   norway   (09.27.07)
9. Lebanese patriots should get rid of this Monkey and save ...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.27.07)
... Lebanon from turning into rubble. I can't believe that there is not ONE Lebanese Druze, Christian or Sunni to to do themselves the favor of getting rid of this robed and bearded monkey without underwear. If Nasrallah as much as moves one hair of his yeast-infested moustache, South Lebanon and the Shiite part of Beirut will be leveled once again - this time for good. Israel learns from its mstakes - Muslims seem to fall into one mistake after another. And let's not dream that the retaliation will be limited to Damascus and Nasrallah's assets.
10. god have mercy
will someone shut this irrelevant rat hole crawler up already? he's not important anyore! would someone tell this imbecil that the supposed glory days are over and that thanks god he doesn't have to pay rent where he is underground and to keep promising the lebanese people new housing and to fix their economy and blasted cities? god have mercy, but the arab mouth never shuts up.
11. # 7: you crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!
When it happens, Israel should take the opportunity to do a quick job of neutralizing Hezbollah in a way they never have foreseen. Like the quick job last summer eh? Much too funny! The days where Israel rains supreme is over. Last summers war with “the all mighty Israeli state” ended with 2 of its solders GONE, and rushed bomb shipments from the US, and for what? At war with 5000 men armed with rockets from the 60's. Israelis are slipping, or maybe their luck is running out. People on this talkback are right about one thing. This peace process is a mirage. No serious peace process will begin with out another war. A war which inflicts heavy damage on both sides.
12. Yawn......
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (09.27.07)
13. No Kidding
ralphsrant1 ,   USA   (09.27.07)
No Kidding?
14. #11 - YOU crack us up...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.28.07)
"the days where Israel rains supreme" and "...solders gone". Man, you better work on your English, but I guessnot too many English teachers like ebing 20 ft underground like rats, eh? And yes, Israel made some mistakes but guess who lost 600 terrorists? Who lost an entore Hezbullahstan in Beirut? Who launched thousands of rockes that mainly hit several civilian buildings? And that "big surprise"? You mean "BIG FLOP" after Nasrallh ran off into a Syrian bunker and left his fool fighters behind... Man, you must be still high on that "victory" eh? Good, very good! That means that you learnt nothing and that you'll never learn regardless how many lessons you get. So prepare for a new one whenever you are ready. There is a big difference between having weapons and getting to use them, as you found out last summer. This time, you'll not have many people left to even try to use those weapons, and if you dream of a Syrian or Iranian active intervention, just remember that these two cowards have their own troubles to take care of - and you are not on their priority list! The latest Syrian priority seems to be denying that anything happened on their soil. Well, they have asome serious denial to do my friend, just as you working on that "summer victory" spin.
15. We just bombed Syria so bring it, big talkers.
Chatich   (09.28.07)
Pffft, I thought not...
16. 11
zionist forever   (09.28.07)
Lebanon was a fiasco last year because of lack of political leadership and bad tactics used on the part of the millitary. Olmert rushed into Lebanon without having any planned goals that he wanted to achive he thought drop alot of bombs kill a couple of terrorists and thats enough he didnt have goals and know exactly what he wanted the war to achived. Then he pulled out without achiving anything so the whole thing was a waste of time. Also Dan Halutz a former airforce general belived that airpower alone could win this war and didnt see the importance of infantry till much later in the war. There was also an idiot defense minister whose idea of first strike is dont go to work just strike and ask for more money. Hopfully the lessons have been learned from Lebanon and next time the right tactics will be used by the millitary men and the PM wont go to war untill he knows what he wants and he wont agree to end the war untill he gets it. Also we are lucky enough to have seen the back of Peretz which is a huge advantage for Israel. In Lebanon Israel did seriously hurt Hizbullah but not enough and it went about things the wrong way .. done right Hizbollah could have been smashed not just hurt.
17. When the attack is made it must be made on all the enemy ...
Bernard Ross ,   st. anns bay,jamaica   (09.28.07) it was in 1967.
18. Hezbolah is ready again oh oh RIGHT ???
M. Segal ,   mpls america   (09.28.07)
I realize after Hezbolah successfuly found a way to reportedly kill 160 IDF soldiers in the Lebanon 2006 war war with Syria might be a good thing kind of training to take up on Hezbolah again RIGHT ??? THANK YOU... M. Segal
19. The plan to isolate Syria
Jeffrey ,   Boston, USA   (09.28.07)
will go very well. After all, Assad like his father is a loser born to a long liine of losers. He has already isolated his country. Even France will support Israel when Damascus get leveled.
20. Hey, dummy jihadis, Syria is supposed to be ...
sk ,   USA   (09.28.07)
... helping Hizbullah, not the other way around. The fact is that Hizbullah is the tail, not the dog. The dogs are Syria and Iran. Syria has already shown that it will not go to war with Israel directly until it has a nuclear device. Iran the same. Indeed, my guess is that they would prefer a first nuclear strike to a conventional one. Israel should always have targeted Syria and Iran; Hizbullah would be nothing without them.
21. Wait, so is hizbullies in charge of Lebanon
Micha   (09.28.07)
Yikes. That sucks for the civilian population of Lebanon. Hmmm, I think there were a lot of civilian casualties last year. Is this just going to be a replay? I'm afraid that this second war so close on the heels of the first will be the end of Lebanon and possibly Syria. Is this really what the arab population in the middle east wants? Is there no way for them to stop their governments from provoking Israel?
22. #14 - English
Ben ,   Maine - US of A   (09.28.07)
I like the post, but have always considered spelling not to be a factor. Its hte content thats counts. Peace to Israel & Lebanon
23. #11 Lebanon was not a fiasco
the Israelis have learned that the man Nasrallah when he talks he does.
24. The Lebanese MUST understand: Hizbullah are traitors
Jake   (09.28.07)
to Lebanon. They serve the interests of foreign powers, not Lebanon. They vowed to follow the orders of the Ayatollahs in Iran. They vowed to to support the Mahdi army in Iraq. They vowed to defend Syria in a war with Israel. They vowed to never fight the Palestinians in Lebanon. Their original charter didn't even speak about expelling the Israelis from Lebanon, but about "bringing the Phalangists to justice". Lebanon must stop repeating this line "Israel is the enemy"; it is a big lie. The enemy is within: Hizbullah, SSNP, etc.
25. To #11
Frank ,   Canada   (09.28.07)
Olmert is obviously an uncompetent leader because even in spite of him, IDF killed at least 700 terrorists and moreover, the families of some Hizballah MPs were killed in Qana.
26. Re: #11, Israel reigning supreme
ZS ,   USA   (09.28.07)
I don't think that Israel really wants to reign supreme. I'm not Israeli, so Israelis please correct me if I'm wrong...But I think Israel just wants that it's neighbors would be at peace with it, and not start wars with it by cross the border to kidnap its citizens or launching rockets at it. No need to reign supreme...Just a need to not have wars started against it.
27. took them long enough
Danny   (09.28.07)
Syria must be touched that after the bombing of a few weeks ago, their "allies" have made such bellicose statements. Almost as touched as Hizbollah must have been when Syria intervened when they were having the crap kicked out of them.
28. Waiting for this Barak statement :
Franklin ,   France   (09.28.07)
.."..In that case of Hizbollah treat Israel must consider the state of Lebanon an ally of Assad. ...and let the Lebanese deal with this dirty terrorist, mercenary of Iran and Syria.
Scott   (09.28.07)
Never heard so much crap. This weasel living in his septic tank keeps making these stupid comments under some delusion that somehow , a future war with Israel will be contained like the last encounter. Not likely.
30. Syria killing Lebanese. They Don't care
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (09.28.07)
Great. Syria are killing Lebanese journalists and politicians but these clowns want to help Syria. Brilliant. How loyal.
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