Policeman injured, 4 settlers arrested in West Bank
Efrat Weiss
Published: 30.09.07, 17:25
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1. Police got nail broken while choking settler
2. Sad
Andras Bereny ,   Kfar Tapuah   (09.30.07)
It is sad as well as illegal for the IDF to fight Jews. The IDF is manned as well as financed by the Jewish People in order to defend them from their enemies, not to reinforce anti-Zionistic government policy
3. Those w/ shields and batons vs. those w/ Love of the Land
LEE ,   NY, USA   (09.30.07)
Why were these places declared a closed military zone? Isn't that tool supposed to be used only when there is either a real security danger in a given area or when the IDF is using such an area to perform a military exercise. How come the only times this tool has been used in the past few years is when Jews step on their land? While the leftist government screams "democracy" they know only how to behave as a police state or a military dictatorship. They cannot win the public with their ideas, since they have none, so they have to act with their tools of muscle to suppress and oppress those who are real loyalists to the land. They allow themselves to do this since the media has done their part successfully in demonizing these great citizens so that the general public won't feel aroused to condemn brutality against them in fashions such as we saw in Amona. I expect that those German-bought horses are now being saddled and prepared, that Olmert, Peres, & Co are giving the orders to "crack skulls" once again, that the boorish Yassamniks are looking forward to inflating their ego by beating on teenagers, women, and old men, and that the pogrom is only some few hours away. It wont matter. These Land of Israel loyalists are stronger than any Yassamnik, baton, or horse. They ARE the next generation of leaders. They will succeed because they have Truth and the G-d of Israel beside them. The government seeks to destroy and they seek to build. The government seeks to divide and they seek to unite. They have vision that can only be admired with great reverence. Kol Hakavod to every one of them. Chazak, chazak, ve'titchazku. Baruch Tehiyu.
4. The land of Israel has becomed "ilegal" for Jews
P ,   Tel Aviv   (09.30.07)
but a perfect paradise for released terrorists
5. British Mandate still in effect
Bruriah Sarah   (09.30.07)
Jews can settle the is not illegal. Dump Olmert!
6. heros of israel == settlers
augustine e johnson ,   birmingham- usa   (09.30.07)
these are the heros of israel ----- shalom == augustine - usa
7. Keep the record straight
Gei It Straight ,   nyc, usa   (09.30.07)
Some may think that these rightists are religious because they wear txitzis and kippot. Absolutely not! Don't let these disguises fool you. Two obvious giveaways are: Religious Jews don't do construction during Chol Hamoed. They would not have girls on the front lines where violence may occur. Always keep this in mind hen reporting on these rightists.
8. I live in Tzfat ISRAEL so Iam a settler too.
ELY GREENHUT ,   Tzfat Israel   (09.30.07)
9. Could "Get it Straight" be Jewish?
sk ,   USA   (09.30.07)
My impression was that believers do not speak evil of fellow Jews, certainly until having spoken to them behind the scenes. Fortunately, I'm secular, so I could just comment that you're just an annoying, clown-suited trembler, whose made-up religion is closer to Islam than to the religion of David. Sweet dreams!
10. Boy, does Efrat Weiss love the words "illegal outpost."
sk ,   USA   (09.30.07)
But of course, why should one expect a Ynet journalist to use less loaded terminology? Note that when Ynet covers the illegal Bedouin outposts in the Negev, this language is never used. What does Efrat not understand about "straight news"? Failing to use similar language for Jews and Muslims shows bias, pure and simple. Maybe someone needs to take Efrat aside and explain these things to her. Better yet, maybe some "illegals" should sit by her desk at Ynet and explain these things.
11. #7 Get's it all wrong- Keeping the record straight
LEE ,   NY, USA   (09.30.07)
Three of the several types of work permitted on Chol Hamoed Sukkot: "Davar Ha'aveid"- work done so as to avoid a loss; a case can easily be made that if these heroes do not settle the land right now, we will lose it to our enemies. "Tzorkhei Hamoed"-things needed for the holiday. For example: If necessary, a sukka can be completely rebuilt; this is exactly what they are doing. “Tzorkhei rabim”-public needs. Same case made on the first point can be reiterated here. And in general, religious people are encouraged to have fun and delight in these days. Believe me, these settlers are having a great time singing and dancing around their new sukkahs, even as the IDF and the Police are preparing to oppress them. And their girls are not on the front line. A front line is formed when one is preparing for a confrontation. These heroes came to build the land and not to confront any armed forces. They do not want to battle their brothers in the IDF, they just want to settle and build their land. As far as they're concerned, the only front line should be the one in IDF facing our enemies and not its own citizens.
12. Settlements
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (09.30.07)
I don't have a clue as to the right or wrong of "settlements." It does, however, seem like a waste of some sort when you go after people when they get there and then again, 6 months, one or however many years later, when you throw them out again. There has to be a better way to all of this. What the hell, since the Palis don't make any moves to change their ways, it would seem to me that the more Jewish settlements, the better. Not going back to Moses and ancient promises, but sticking to the realities of now, to whom does this land legally belong and if it does belong to Israel and barring secret military installations, why not let people settle it? Is this like me and some friends pulling up in Yellowstone with 500 double-wides to set up housekeeping or what? Somebody, please, educate me.
13. Just wondering
BillHleeco ,   Leeco U.S.   (09.30.07)
If the settlers used pepper spray against the police would the police reply with bullets?
14. #3 Well Said, Lee
Jake T ,   Alaska   (09.30.07)
15. #12 - M. Hartley - A short multi-media presentation
Canadian Otter   (09.30.07)
I'm not an expert so here's a 10 min. presentation that is a good introduction to this very complex problem. I'm sure there will be other TBs that will give you a good summary, but this is a start. I hope it helps.
16. # 1-that is a pip!!
it would be funny if t was not so sad
17. Rare photos of beloved Yassamnikum ...
sk ,   USA   (10.01.07)
18. #12 M. Hartley
Canadian Otter   (10.01.07)
I was looking for this one and finally found it.
19. #17 - Thanks sk
Canadian Otter   (10.01.07)
Those goons' pictures and names should circulate widely, constantly, and for ever. They should live the rest of their lives in shame. And maybe some day they'll have to answer to justice. If they thought their uniforms lent them anonymity, they are wrong. There are cameras everywhere now.
20. My please, Canadian Otter. I have a few more for later.
sk ,   USA   (10.01.07)
21. To #15 and # 18
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.01.07)
Thanks for both links. I watched the first one and was already familiar with the contents of it. I'll watch the other one a little later. Again, thank you.
22. Settlements
Paul Martin ,   Milwaukee, USA   (10.01.07)
The government and military is the entity who began the occupation of this land (West Bank) since 1967 so they certainly can be the major player on what happens to it and what the future plans are. If the government and Int'l community want this land for the Palestinians and Palestinian State then so be it. There are plenty of places for settlements in Israel Proper. Do these right-wing activists not understand democracy, human rights and separation of religion and state?
23. #22 You too are a settler - Return that land to the Indians!
David   (10.01.07)
Did you get it because the international community supported your govt.? Hardly. The international community was composed of conquerors and subjugated peoples at that time and you took advantage.
24. They are definitely legal beyond dispute
Steven ,   San Francisco   (10.14.07)
There are no Jewish outposts more legal in this world than those that are being currently established. If there are stones being thrown on the Arabs then it's a taste of their own medicine and it is just an example that what comes around goes around.
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