The gathering storm
Eitan Haber
Published: 05.10.07, 07:11
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1. Olmert brought this disaster on
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.05.07)
Olmert wanted the "peace conference" and set the stage for concessions. Now is the time for the parties opposed to this give away to state clearly that there is no support for Olmert's policies and that any agreement he signs will not be honored without the approval of the knesset.
2. For the sake of national security ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.05.07)
Olmert should resign. Livni should resign. Barak should resign. For the sake of national security, Shas should withdraw from the coalition. Lieberman should withdraw from the coalition. The greatest danger to our security is the current gov't. - We need a gov't. WITHOUT Kadima & Labour.
3. "the gathering storm" is IRAN. at this conference, pres bush
debra ,   usa   (10.05.07)
should be made to pick a date certain beyond which he wiil not wait to bomb iran's nuclear facilities. he must be pressured to guarantee israel that the usa will take out iran's nukes. he owes this promise to israel and the free world. the palestinian issues can be worked on after iran is no longer a nuclear threat to israel.
4. Hit them now - before the Russians can figure things out
Observer ,   Israeli   (10.05.07)
Now that we know that the Syrian radars are toast we should hit them as soon as possible and not wait for the Russian technicians rework their defenses. But what is more likely is that Olmert doesn't want anything to mess up another meaningless and useless peace conference with the Palestinians! We have wasted too much time, too much land and too many lives trying to get anything out of the Arafats and the Abbases.
5. The gathering storm
Moriah ,   Israel   (10.05.07)
The drums of war are slowly beating now,Israel cannot hide its head in the sand like an ostrich, nor can we be a house divided among itself, we must unify across the political and religious spectrum to form a united front against our enemies. Israel must prepare for the difficult days ahead,because we have no other choice,if Iran gets the bomb they will use it against us.
6. The real threat to Israel...
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (10.05.07)
In Mr. Haber's article, he describes how wonderful and carefree life in Israel is right now. Is it so wonderful for the good people of Sderot, getting bombed daily for well over a year? Is it carefree for the faithful Jews of Gaza, most of whom are still jobless and homeless after Sharon, following Olmert's advice, forcibly evicted them from their homes? Is it fine for the good Israelis in Judea and Samaria and the Golan, who must worry each day about their homes being negotiated away in secret meetings between Olmert and an unrepentant terrorist and Shoah denier? Is it a bed of roses for the IDF, who were demoralized by Olmert's betrayal of them during Lebanon II, and who still do not have the supplies they need - while Olmert gives millions in cash and weapons to the Fatah terrorists? Is is beautiful for the Israeli parents who send their children to schools where the Education Minister permeates their textbooks with her anti-Zionist, anti-Torah agenda? If the whole country is so upbeat, why are they so despondent and browbeaten by the intolerable level of corruption in this government? I agree with Mr. Haber when he says the stormclouds are gathering - but the REASON they are gathering is that these jackals perceive Israel and weak and vulnerable, thanks to the lack of leadership from the disgustingly corrupt, cowardly, incompetent and anti-Torah Olmert regime. The very cure for the external threats to Israel is to clean out the more lethal INTERNAL menace - the scum who are abusing their offices now to do daily damage to Eretz Yisrael. Every day that Olmert and his gang remain in office allows Israel's enemies to build up their arsenals and ENCOURAGES them to attack. The day that Israel gets this awful regime out of power and puts in true leaders with Torah and Zionist values, Israel's enemies will back away fast.
7. gathering clouds
Israel Israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.05.07)
In 1992 Rabin said that Israel is strong and in no danger. For that reason, Rabin started a process where Israel was weakened militarily, its unity shattered, its Arab friends in Gaza, Judea, Samaria and Lebanon murdered and highly skilled PLO and Jihad warriors brought into Israel's borders with weapons and international legitimicy. Rabin did all this with Haber's faithful support. Now Haber wants the victims to join the corrupt Olmert for what? There is a chance for Israel so survive when the likes of Haber accept responsibility for their actions and apologize to their victims.
Daueed   (10.05.07)
What would David do? Think about it.
9. Israel will Survive one way
John ,   London,UK   (10.05.07)
War on terror is almost over. US has been beaten, and humiliated. Israel is threaten with complete destruction by President Ahmaedinejad. Hezbollah destroyed the invibsible reputation of the IDF. But I have hope that wise Israeli people will find a way to stop all this war talk and carve a difficult path to peace with assisstance of its muslims neighbours. I believe Iran is vital to peace of the Jewish people. Iranians and Israeli both are deeply spiritual and passaionate people. Their religion is almost identical. Both observe kosher laws and hold one day a week as a holy day. Both love God and observe his holy commandment. Unlike Christians they do not believe that Jews killed Jesus. Iranian say Jews are innocent of the charges that Christians have laid on Jews for 200 years and used it to kill and expel Jews. I have hope that wise Jewish leaders and Rabbis will stop and calm the situation. If Iran can be made won over, then Israel will forever be secure and a peaceful place to live in forever.
10. What a joke
Amos ,   Israel   (10.05.07)
Mr. Haber, you and all your Oslo-supporting buddies brought this situation into being. You and all the rest of them should retire from public life and hang your head in disgrace.
11. Excellent Assessment
Brod ,   USA   (10.05.07)
Haber has made an excellent assessment of the situation Israel is facing. He is right on target. He hit the nail right on the head. Those who do not know this, are probably sleeping. And they need to wake up before it is too late. The solution is that Israel needs a strong and brilliant government that has support among the masses. A new election is needed to ensure a strong mandate for the new government or Unity Government. A weak government is a liability to Israel as it invites more aggressions from its enemies-the Islamist-Jihadist usurpers and occupiers. A strong and brilliant government will ensure Israel's DETERRENCE. Presently, the way the dark forces are acting from Iran to Hamastan and Hezbollahtan and Syria, it seems that Israel's deterrence has eroded under Olmert's leadership and government. This is endangering Israel's national security. It is time Israel takes the necessary course of action that will reinforce its Deterrence. Remember, modern warfare is more complicated and devastating than past wars. Evil vendors have sold high tech weaponry such as rockets to evil people to attack Israel. Hence, new tacttcs, strategies and weaponry would need to counter these challenges. Once these missiles are triggered, there is NO turning back. It would mean the deaths and destructions of thousands of people in minutes. To counter these, Israel would have NO other choice but to defend itself before those darts are triggered. Those would require two great arsenals: Deterrence and Preemption. And it is NONE of the business of the world to interfere and condemn Israel for defending itself against the menace of modern warfare.
12. More BS from Haber who brought in 50,000 terrorists in 1994!
Dudu ,   Kfar sava   (10.05.07)
When is this Shmok going to aplogise for Oslo? The shmendrik was Rabin's chief friend during that period and shares responsibility for that fiasco.
13. #1 Ilan - To depend on the Knesset approval would be suicide
Carl ,   Indianapolis   (10.05.07)
You need nothing less than a referendum. A referendum with plenty of observers to keep them honest. Your MKs, right wing and left wing, are not trustworthy. They are vulnerable to pressures of all kinds. Besides, Olmert promised a referendum sometime in the past.
14. Haber and his Oslo gang must be removed at once
Amir ,   Beer Sheva   (10.05.07)
The situation in Israel is so bad that people do not have time to wait. Kassams are coming into Sderot. People are scared to visit places in the Galill, Jerusalem and North and South. The life is very difficult for everyone, except Haber and his ilk who use money and power they got from Oslo War with thousands Jews dead.
15. To Amir and Others: It's About Nukes
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (10.05.07)
If you get rid of Olmert, Shas, Kadima, etc., who else is left? Israel really needs a unified voice, their survival It's enemies have gotten the message..that divided they fall. So they are one voice, one goal, the destruction of Israel and it's Jews. Israel really needs another Ben Gurion, a Moshe Dayan, a Begin or Shamir or even a Golda right now. Have a referendum, or new elections. Postpone the conference, Israel is already beaten there. Bush, Condi are lame ducks..but still have sway here. Iraq is lost, as is Afghanistan. Pakistan is tottering (a Muslim Iran could give nukes to Syria and Iran). Israel has to take on either Hamas, or Hez, or Syria or Iran ASAP. Beat them up badly...then call for a summit. I agree, get rid of Iran, or if not, Syria. like a fighter, hit the biggest, let the rest crumble. Use 25 nukes on Iran and Syria...maybe south of the Litani River too. Bloody Hezbollah and it's maniac leader badly..give Hamas a "Whuppin" that it will never forget. Otherwise, It's Israel's hide, Haber notwithstanding. Forget him..hes history.
BILL MCINTOSH ,   MIAMI, USA   (10.05.07)
I helped elect Bush. I'm fed up however, with U.S. politicians kissing the backside of Muslims at the expense of the Jews over the "Palestinian issue" for the sake of grandstanding. May God save us and Israel from the menace of those citing the koran and the life of Mohammed to murder the innocent. ISRAEL STAND TALL-STAND FIRM-DON'T GIVE IN TO DEMANDS FOR CONCESSIONS THAT WILL RESULT IN YOUR DESTRUCTION!
17. Why prop up an incompetent government?
Debbie ,   Seattle   (10.06.07)
The fact that there isn't a clear leader right now should not be reason to continue supporting Olmert, who has worked diligently against the interests of the Jews of Israel, and we have no evidence that he will do otherwise in the future. Having said that, I'd like to hear from Israelis regarding their opinion about the comments expressed on this column, that Israelis are living in a fools paradise, thinking that everything is going hunky-dory. I'm aware that only part of the population may feel like that - obviously not the Israelis targets of Qassams, or the Yesha and northern Israelis fearing the worst. But Eitan Haber does believe that there are Israelis happy with their lives, very happy indeed. If that is so - Why? Don't they read the news? Or are they in complete agreement with the Roadmap and see no problem with losing territories and Jerusalem? Could someone explain to me why some Israelis are living in a fools' paradise?
18. Piece, Piece and there is no PEACE!
avitaltoo ,   Israel/U.S.   (10.06.07)
It is good to read that one journalist has finally seen the light. Now how do we wake up everybody else!
19. Ah yes! The first salvo in the "unity government" move.
sk ,   USA   (10.06.07)
I said a week ago that I thought Bibi was angling to join a unity government (though I thought birdbrain livny would lead Kadima). Feiglin said something similar. Now the tired, establishment pundit Haber (who CANNOT take a good photograph) is sending up this trial balloon. And Haber, whose chutzpah is unmeasurable, is talking about not playing politics.
20. The Shteytl Jew is Alive and Well in Israel
Malcolm   (10.07.07)
There were wealthy Jews who clamored for 1st class seats aboard trains that eventually led them to extermination camps. With their baggage packed with silver, gold and diamonds, they ate well on board and felt optimistic. But there were Poles who stood on the side of the tracks ominously and mockingly running their index fingers across their throats, sarcastically smiling as the fattened shteytl Jew digested his last meal.
21. A Unity Government makes another DISENGAGEMENT possible.
sk ,   USA   (10.07.07)
Anyone ever wonder why Israeli governments do the same kinds of stupid things repeatedly, decade after decade? Well, it's because voters are manipulated by the likes of Haber. Haber pretends that all parties need to join a unity government to stand up to the US. NONSENSE. The only thing a unity government is needed for is another DISENGAGEMENT, including the partitioning of Jerusalem. This is obvious. Obvious.
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