PA official admits 'Nativity siege' staged
Published: 01.10.07, 17:43
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1. Palestinians do not need to admit....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.01.07)
or own up to being liars. We already know this. Palli-wood has been exposed and their whole way of dealing with and lying to the world have been shown. Why is this news?
2. I knew it the moment I turned on the TV
jack bauer ,   AU   (10.01.07)
And on that day, all of christendom should have seen the palistinians for what they really are. Land grabbing arab invaders using religion to try and destroy the land of Israel
3. Paliwood
Kevin ,   Pork, Montanna   (10.01.07)
The sheets are slowely coming down revealing the TRUE face of the Palistinian "freedom" fighters. The secrets are begining to leak out. The wave begins...
4. Blaming Israel Made NO Sense
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.02.07)
I recall closely following the news as the terrorists were occupying the church. I could never understand why Israel got blamed for anything. It wasn't the Israelis that occupied & damaged the church, it was the terrorists. Seemed to me the Israelis were going out of their way to avoid additional damage to the church. I thought they did a great job handling the situation. One thing I did notice, that happened AFTER the terrorists left the church, was that the Christian Clergy seemed cowed by the terrorists. Although a lot of damage had been done to the church, the clergy were very reluctant to speak against the terrorists who had done the damage. The desecration of the church by those thugs was horrible. This incident is rarely mentioned today. If Christians or Jews had desecrated a Muslim mosque in the same way, the world would still be talking about it. (Christians or Jews would NOT do this to a Muslim mosque.)
5. same tactics
that the palis used in the al durah incidence. get the footage and nail their asses. expose it on all medias for the world to see what these murderers are capable of.
6. What is not orchestrated by Palestinians or PA?
KMR ,   Middle East   (10.02.07)
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