Jews come first
Uri Ariel
Published: 04.10.07, 16:07
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31. Right on, Uri Ariel!
ARA ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.06.07)
Let more colunists expose Peace Now for what it really is. Columnists, give us readers the truth.
32. To Khalid: Accept intl. law
ARA ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.06.07)
From the time of the biblcial judge Joshua, Jews have continuously lived in Israel. From that time to the present, with the exception of land gained in DEFENSIVE wars, all land on which Jews live was purchased at market prices. Like many countries created in the 20th century, Israel was created by the UN, based on previous internationally recognized legal declarations.
33. #25. The article did not mention...
Persian CAT   (10.08.07)
Israel's interests, which is quite legit. It clearly referred to the "Jewish" interests, which reveals racism and Apartheid. Ahmadinejad never said he puts the interests of Iranian Muslims ahead of the Jewish, Christian or Zorastrian interests. I defy anyone who can prove my wrong.
34. #24
Raffaele Ladu ,   Verona, Italy   (10.08.07)
In Italy, if somebody refused to sell something to somebody else because he did not like his race, nationality or religion, he would be tried for racial discrimination. Israeli Arabs enjoy similar protection, but not against the blatant refusal of the KKL/JNF to lease them their land. Therefore they are not allowed to live on 13% of the lands managed by MMI/ILA. That amounts to having less rights than Israeli Jews.
35. #26
Raffaele Ladu ,   Verona, Italy   (10.08.07)
"Why then are Arabs allowed to live in Israel and not serve in its army; why should Arab citizens of Israel be allowed to enjoy all the benifits of citizenship and residence in Israel without taking on the same responsabilities that Jewish citizens of Israel have?" Good point. Recruit them in the army, then.
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