IDF confirms Syria attack
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 02.10.07, 15:03
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1. we didn't here anything
alan ,   Canoe Pass, AK   (10.02.07)
it was quiet day when the IDF jets screamed over head dopping leaflets urging Syria to give up its WMDs. Assad decided to take the issue to the UN. But know one, rather strangely, would support him save a few of the more isolated world powers. Tis puzzling. I believe the Syrian quoted. It was all about those pesky IDF fighter jockies trying to make a name for themselves as among the best in the world. yep they risked their lives to drop leaflets. That must be it and why the source did not here anything hitting the ground. but do U suppose he was coached to give that answer? not in a client state of the former USSR. They never lied.
2. Tension
English guy ,   London   (10.02.07)
Ben Yishai quotes an unnamed, and obviously imaginary source who said: "...tension (between Israel and Syria) is nothing more than Syria flexing its muscles at Israel." Actually - total load of nonsense. Israeli warplanes drop bombs or possibly the body of Ariel Sharon in the northern Syrian desert, and an Israeli journalist then claims this is Syria flexing its muscles. What a topsy-turvey mad-hatter world Ben-Yishai lives in. Surely, the Israeli warplanes dropping bombs on Syria were "Israel flexing its muscles". Or perhaps your editors would like to explain how a country BEING bombed is a country which is flexing its muscles?
3. Nobody can speak their mind in Syria
daniel ,   amsterdam   (10.02.07)
Any journalist gets a state translator who also works for the secret police. A real journalist would mention something like this. Most don't, because if they do they demonstrate that they are nothing but mouthpieces for propaganda.
4. To "English Guy" #2
Dan ,   Haifa Israel   (10.02.07)
1. If you knew Ben Yishai or his reports you would never say he quotes imaginary sources. This is probably one of the most dependent reporters living. Definitely more dependent than the BBC! 2. Syria flexed its muscles by threatening to retaliate. In fact, it's become common practice for Syria to flex it's so called muscles at the drop of a hat, and threaten Israel almost every Monday and Friday! Israel didn't "flex" anything - Israel made a punch straight to the jaw - as it very rightly should under the circumstances.
5. To #2- Your Ariel Sharon thing is stupid and disgusting!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.02.07)
How would you Brits like it if we ridiclued the Late Princss Diana? The rest of your comments are right but you should think before your write something stupid about a man lying in a coma!
6. English Guy -Go join Chelsea Headhunters-they got same sense
of humour like U ,   Alan SA   (10.02.07)
7. #5 to Karmiel David
English guy ,   London   (10.02.07)
Sorry - you live on stolen property on dispossed Palestinian land - so you don't have a leg to stand on. As for the joke about the almost late Mr Sharon - the fate I suggested would be too good for him, considering the thousands of deaths he caused in Lebanon. A dying old racist murderer... does that offend you too?
8. Good Strategy, IDF.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (10.02.07)
Quote :"After weeks of ambiguity,..". Good strategy, IDF. Keep them guessing. Carry out your activities without informing the world press. Try to HIDE as much as possible from them. Security should NOT be treated like an open door policy -- it IS a closed door, even for the press. Giving them info sometimes hurts the Israeli cause and sometimes not. SO, use your discretion wisely. This time regarding Syria you, IDF, did it superbly. Well done.
9. #7 - Weeds won't grow on your grave
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.02.07)
A man lying in come may outlive you after all. As for the pali land - go back to school and learn history
10. hey tea bag get your facts straight!
ed ,   us   (10.02.07)
if u dont know history then dont keep passing gas out of your ass no ones interested!!! Fact the land belonged to israelites long before the palis! Second it NEVER belonged to palestinians it was under jordan or turkish rule!
11. "English" Guy
harry   (10.02.07)
And you live on land stolen from the natives by the Anglo-Saxons in the 5th century C.E., almost 2,000 years after the first Jewish polity was created in what is today Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. 600 years after your pagan ancestors first occupied England, they decided to initiate the Crusades, killing Jews along the way to the Holy Land and in the Holy Land. So, please evacuate the Occupied Territories of Great Britain and return them to the Britons. As for Israel, the original owners, the Jews, are still here; this is no "occupation".
12. English Guy - land thief!
Australian Guy   (10.02.07)
I suppose that the English have never dispossed of anyone (ask the Irish, Scots; Clifford Tower's Jews etc), or the Chinese (ask Tibet), or Australia (ask the Aborigines), or the USA (ask Mexico) or Canada (ask the Inuit) or .... . Using your theory, who does not live on stolen property? Afterall, Jewish history on the land of Israel goes back well beyond British history on "British land". There again, Jews being treated by double standards are not new. Remind me when England compensated Jews for expelling them and their property? Maybe you are living on stolen land? Land theif!
13. To 5 , you are right ...but ...
Three days ago there was a report about Mr. Dehlan the former assistant of mr. Arafat and how sick he is and in coma too ... i would ask you to look for this report and to read the talkback of your people about it and how they made jokes on him and how ironic was their comment , if you want the people to respect you you should respect them first and who has his house from glase made hot to throw the others with stones .... right ??
14. 7
zionist forever   (10.02.07)
Ariel Sharon was a soilder sometimes soilders do use the wroing tactics and in Lebanon maybe he did maybe he didnt let history judge but he obviously at the time believed it was the right decision. Arafat on the other hand I remeber hearing a BBC jouurnalist saying how she was crying as Arafat when Arafat died and members of the House of Lords I believe also had alot of sympathy for him. Unlike Sharon Arafat was a terrorist his tactics were kill civilians that was his methods of operating he didnt limit his attacks to soilders. He was offered allmost everything he wanted at Camp David but he aranged in advance with Marwan Bargouti the new love of Israels left that if he didnt get it all then he would start a new intefada. Sharon was in no way perfect but he was a hell of alot better than Arafat ever was. Also Sharon was chosen in free and fair ellections Arafats ellection was a joke and he was president for life Sharon was only PM untill the next ellection which he won a second time so looks like somebody was happy with him. Best thing that happened to the region was Arafats dying of AIDS .. a humiliating death for a man who liked to give the impresion of being a good muslim. I wonder how Allah will feel about Arafat having all these homosexual experiences?
15. #7, english idiot from londonistan
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.02.07)
Ariel Sharon didn't murder anyone in Lebanon. You are confusing reality with propoganda. He was not the one pulling the trigger in the refugee camps. Muslims and Christians killed each other for decades there. Your muslim brothers kill each other everyday all over the world, but you still have the audacity to point a finger at Israel? You are a tiny, pathetic human being and a prime example of why there are wars in this world.
16. #2 Ha, like ur British papers and BBC are always telling the
truth. Take off ur ,   glasses.!!!!!!!   (10.02.07)
17. #2's brain is abcessed from eating to much mad cow!!!!!!
18. You have repeated entire sentences in this article
Israeli   (10.02.07)
19. #7
Ram ,   London   (10.02.07)
It seems like your kind finds satisfaction in convincing theselves they are scoring points posting here. Take it from me, you sound like a sad loser whose people, the Palis, like yourself, in return for a momentary satisfaction, like your posting or a qassam rocket, are willing to sacrifice the entire Palestinian people's future. Grow a brain and learn the art of "live and let live". Build bridges with your enemies and stop trying to rule the planet. You may have learnt a western language, now try to learn how to act like a civilised person. All your posts reek of ignorance and hate. Learn to say peace, salaam, shalom and mean it!
20. Arab Talk
Dan ,   NY   (10.02.07)
I love how these Arab leaders lie through their teeth just to keep face. Assad looks stupid and he knows it. It's like a boxer getting knocked out in the ring and then getting up and declaring victory in the obvious face of defeat. Nasrallah pulled the same crap in last year's war. Talk about dumb pride! I just can't understand how other nations can feel bad for morons like this. It was a good effort but you lost Mr. Assad. Be a man and get over it!
21. Syrian Attack
Gerri ,   USA   (10.02.07)
to #8 No one could have said it better!!!!!
22. question for english guy
A Norman   (10.02.07)
are you really a briton? wouldnt be a jute pick or scot then....too far north. not welsh too far west. so do you suppose that you are an angle or a saxon or a norman? or possibly a combination? Because you sound more like an ill-educated idiot who is really an arab invader or somebody who wants to be like them Because in reality you have never been to the middle east, and dont know anything about other cultures except for what you hear in your masjid. you certainly dont represent most english people the town and country have loads of people (real britons) that dont believe the lies of islamics and treasure Israel(the flower in the deserts of tar sands)
23. english guy
alun ,   london uk   (10.02.07)
G-d says in the bible Deuteronomy ch11v24 that israel from the nile to the euphrates belongs to the jews so it is the arabs who are illegally occupying Israel .and G-d is arranging a battle between the Christians and Arabs and they are going to destroy each other as is in written in Zacheriah chap 14v and Ezekial chap 32
24. Syria flexing muscles?
Bill   (10.03.07)
Very well said. I guess its a good strategy to go after the country you just attacked by spreading false fear and reports among people. How in the world can anyone justufy Israel's attack on Syria? same old story. No one ever talks the truth and the few who dare to speak are immediately silenced. Very few people know that before Lebanon and Isael war last year, Israelis abducted 2 of Hezbolla's soldiers and thats why they retaliated back by abducting 2 IDF soldiers....but how many times have we heard this? none! Its beyond my imagination how they can keep blaming someone else over and over again!
25. #2 "English guy" BS. You've got nothing to say mate!
Scott   (10.03.07)
What a load of garbage you trot out. Replete with the same over-worked BS cliches. Get it in your head friend. You are a minority. The majority dont hold your views because your views are stupid. Not because no one else but you and your 'friends' have a monopoly on brains....believe me - you need some.
26. north korea and the hineses love it
matt ,   USA   (10.04.07)
north korea and the hineses love it
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