‘Dodging IDF paid off big time’
Published: 02.10.07, 16:09
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andrew ,   miami,fl   (10.02.07)
2. Jeez, what a skunk.
sk ,   USA   (10.02.07)
3. Great, leave Israel
Jonathan ,   Israel   (10.02.07)
it's is great that you are leaving. You could be amazingly beautiful, but has no brain. Understanding what Israel means for the Jews is too complicated for you. So go, live somewhere else, but if one day somebody does something to you just because you're Jewish, never ask for the help of another you. "Kol Israel arevim ze la'ze" does not exist for you, so do not expect that from somebody else.
4. disgusting
Josh ,   Israel   (10.02.07)
miserable human being
5. Bar, Be Careful ! you're jeoparding your career
Barit   (10.02.07)
money money money
6. Hear the howling wind between her ears
Avi ,   hilltop, Israel   (10.02.07)
"Why should 18-year-old kids have to die? It’s dumb that people have to die so that I can live in Israel." No Bar, it's not dumb. And if you don't understand, I doubt anyone can explain it to you. Bye bye, Bar. And don't slam the door on your way out.
7. Who cares
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (10.02.07)
She is a spoiled bitch. She is not even that big in the US, she really has no credit to her name except that she is dating Leo and with that Leo is not making any commitment to her. Leo will keep her around for another year or so and then dump her. The only thing she will be remembered for is her looks which in time will fade away and for dating Leo (he will never marry her) that is it. By the way the Paps in the US are just as bad if not worse that in Israel so right there tells you Bar is a few fries short of a happy meal. LA sucks! She will be perfect in LA a city of plastic people and low IQ's!
8. Shame
Yaakov   (10.02.07)
Shame on her. Another traitor to her people.
9. You are Oh SO ISRAELI
Israel   (10.02.07)
a pretty ugly israeli a really pretty ugly boring israeli..How funny that you don't see how israeli you are, and it's no compliment girly. Go gezunter heit, you'll come crawling ( a favourite cleavage foto position, no?) back. They/You all do. I pity them over there and am upset that you'll be referred to as 'another Israeli', because I really wish you weren't.
10. Absolutely spot on!!!!!!
So there!   (10.02.07)
If the IDF doesn't work for the recruits, why should the recruits work for the IDF? Particularly female recruits, who usually get given menial jobs as secretaries etc., being sexually harassed by middle-aged, married officers.
11. I'm sorry
Jerusalem   (10.02.07)
Did Ynet edit this to make her sound like an ungracious little brat or does this woman actually not understand that if she weren't Israeli, nobody would give a damn about her being a model. For just another chick living in LA, she's just not that special.
12. And STAY OUT!
Aharon   (10.02.07)
You won't be missed.
13. Ah you dumb blonde, but people DO have to die.
sk ,   USA   (10.02.07)
Simple because in the US there is no draft, it doesn't follow that the country would survive if no one served. I'm sure there must be a more loathsome spokesthing for Israel, but I can't think of one. Maybe she'll convert. It would be much better.
14. #1, Leo's gay anyway.
sk ,   USA   (10.02.07)
15. Dumb A$$
Scott   (10.02.07)
Why don't you move to Syria and see how nice it is there. Do you have room for ~5 million of your friends to leave Israel since we don't need an army.....DUMB WH0RE
16. Leo is hooking up with Jessica Simpson
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (10.02.07) Bar is already done!
17. Will Rafaeli be willing to die for the U.S.?
AK   (10.02.07)
If not, she can stay in Israel. She is stupid, empy-headed, vain woman. Keeping company with the LA crowd, she has no idea how the real Americans think and feel.
18. draft dodger
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (10.02.07)
Don't serve in the army, dodge the draft don't live here. That simple. Bar Refaeli should not be hired for any modling jobs here. She is a traitor the country on the same lines of the Left in the country. Bar Refaeli go on leave Israel and do us a favour don't come back
19. enough already!
Ethan Solal ,   Montreal Canada   (10.02.07)
1 - she's not ugly, she's not beautifull: she's just like every other chicks leaving in L.A. : in word, she's nothing and my wife is more pretty than her. 2 - shame on her, ok... But hey, who will cast the first rock? All the other israeli in "chutz lahaaretz" are behaving like her; once they have succeeded in the US or elsewhere in the world, they just don't give a damn anymore about Israel. They just keep driving their SUV like they own the road and play the big sabra style with their cheap and fake gucci or chanel sunglasses... We are forgetting so easily where we coming from. Sad.
20. models are really dumb...
michelle ,   Israel   (10.02.07)
Jews have the obligation to fight for their land. It's also a privilage . I don't like people who speak against Israel. She is too snob to like...
21. right!
tom ,   bsas,argentina   (10.02.07)
You should loose your israeli citizenship and be in Los Angeles with Leo and become american. You are a disgrace. Thousands of Israeli men and women died since 1948 to date, in order for you to live in Israel, a free democratic Israel.. and you give a sh+t about IDF or Israel. Go and live the American Dream.... pathetic
22. Boycott the companies she models for
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.02.07)
This girl is so shallow that she should be ushered out of Israel immediately and her passport revoked. She is nothing to be proud of. "Celebrities have other needs" - which I suppose means drugs, booze, multiple sex partners, and more drugs. So if this mental dwarf wants to leave Israel, all the better for Israel. Don't let the door hit you in your fat behind as you leave.
23. Traitor to her country and religion.
JK ,   NYC   (10.02.07)
24. She's one hot Israeli draft-dodger!
Avraham ,   NYC   (10.02.07)
25. Madonna is our friend, not this "lady"
guy ,   los angeles   (10.02.07)
Many of us living in places like Los Angeles hope it's temporary and don't look down on Israel-Tel Aviv is much more exciting (and safer) than this town-ask anyone. In time she will regret these comments and ask for forgiveness--don't give it soon!
26. "Celebrities have other needs"?
shocked   (10.02.07)
Shame on you, girl!
27. "An attractive woman who lacks discretion -
Joe   (10.02.07)
is like a ring of gold in a pig's snout." - Proverbs of King Solomon 11:22. (... meaning that beauty is not only wasted, but a source of even greater unattractiveness, on a person whose essence reeks of selfishness.) Her comments demonstrate that she depends on her appearance to compensate for a lack of education as well as lack of grace. I thought she was pretty until she opened her mouth and her breath could be smelled.
28. Not very thankful, is she?
Mark Kerlen ,   Canada   (10.02.07)
Her peers died so that she could model, become famous, and move to LA. The IDF allowed itself to be scammed by her. So let her go. And one other thing - everyone says she is so pretty. I don't find her pretty.
29. yuuuuuuuuuuk!!!!
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.02.07)
She's going to fall FLAT on her face. Why? Because she's ugly on the inside.
30. what she said was not quite as bad as the headline
DAVID ,   new york   (10.02.07)
she did says that she was not against army service. of course she has zero loyalty to the country but i respect her for actually saying it. most secular elites feign loyalty to the country but they really want to be with along with her in LA
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