IDF kills terrorist near Gaza security fence
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 05.10.07, 10:03
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1. Does Ynet admit there are Arab TERRORISTS?
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (10.05.07)
What happened to your gunmen?
2. Wrong Headline
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.05.07)
It should have read something like, "IDF Again Saves Jewish Lives".
4. One satanist less on this planet, good riddance
Johnny ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (10.05.07)
5. Ali Waked NEVER calls these scum terrorists
6. #3, you are a MORON!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.05.07)
Calling soldiers who are protecting Israel's borders from terror scum like you terrorists, is just idiotic. There is not comparison between the IDF, a real army and your terror groups. Making one only shows us how dumb you people really are!!!
Umm El Kul Naqba   (10.05.07)
Instead of killing the terrorists, shoot to cause maximum non-lethal harm. Killing the terrorist makes a martyr out of them, renames another street in Gaza, and causes brothers and cousins to try to avenge the dead terrorist. Shooting to destroy limbs and cause amputation of arms, legs, etc. will leave them with a strong message that they will see daily - This is the price of terror. Their society does not have the rehabilitation facilities or financial capabilities of Israel and USA. The focus of the family is now shifted to caring for and warehousing the "cripple" for the rest of his life - a permanent physical and financial burden on a society that does not have adequate resources for their healthy, let alone the incompacitated. And who is to blame for their unemployment, containment, cutting off of funding, political isolation, etc. It is the PALs themselves who chose the path of terror instead of the Roadmap. They destroyed the hothouses after Disengagement, murder Israelis, Pal, and everyone else. Let the terrorists and their supporters suffer the results of their terror to the maximum.
8. Israel Is The Only Country With Balls
Dave, ex-SAS ,   England   (10.05.07)
Well done Israel, the only country with the balls to stand up for the free world, sadly you will only get condemnation from the pathetic leftie Labour Government here in the UK no doubt who are so far up the Muslims' arse, we know from our 30 years of fighting the IRA that you cant give these terrorists any mercy.
9. #7...good idea, but...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.05.07)
since they do not have the necassary facilities in Gaza and he WB to treat the wounded, they will end up in Israeli hospitals. Israeli doctors wil treat these terror scum and rehabilitate them to the point where they can strap on a belt and kill Israelis in the future. I like your way of thinking though!!!
10. #7
Richard ,   London UK   (10.05.07)
you are certainly full of the milk of human kindness. What a wonderful suggestion, shoot their arms and legs off and let them suffer as 'cripples' for the rest of your life. Amazing. No one here will contest your evil suggestion, just cheer you on.
11. #8
pete ex - Para ,   UK   (10.05.07)
Dave, it was John Major, a Tory who first started talking openly with the IRA. And before that there were links between the Thatcher government and the IRA. And Sien Fein is now in joint governship in N Irelenad so the IRA campaign was succesful. As was the ANC one in South Africa.
12. #10, stupid are you?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.05.07)
The alternative for these terror-loving scumbags is death. But, I guess Muslims really don't value life as we do b/c they have this dream of 72 virgins in heaven with Allah. This ridiculous notion is responsible for more deaths in the world than anything else. You are the evil ones and you don't even see it. We watc the Muslim world in shock and horror as you kill us and each other in honor killings, beheadings, car-bombs, stonings, suicide missions etc etc etc. Don't try to find a comparison between your sick, twisted culture of death and our boys defending their borders...there is no comparison you freak!!!
13. #12
Richard ,   London UK   (10.05.07)
'our boys'? which boys are they exactly? It's not my 'sick, twisted culture' either by the way. Muslims are certainly responsible for deaths around the world but then so are Christians. I think the (christian) US has killed more Muslim Iraqis than the other way round. Quite alot more. You don't have to hurl insults, it belittles your point.
14. Richard
David ,   usa   (10.05.07)
I know you are happy you dont live in teran people like dont exist adccording to akmad. Isuppose you thank it ridiculous belive he would exterminate people for deviating from his norm. Why dont you take a trip to iran and see.
15. Yes your right #11
Dave, ex-SAS ,   England   (10.05.07)
Yes your right, thats what im saying, the IRA was successfull only because of weak British governments of both parties betraying the memory of all the soldiers and civvies killed by the Provos, you can't give these terrorists an inch because they all draw the same conclusions, IRA, Bin Laden, PLO, Hamas etc
16. yo, no name just pissed cuz ya lost again
Petra ,   usa   (10.06.07)
Why is it pals wear masks all the time? Is a bank robber their teacher?
17. Richard more muslim on muslim deaths than any other source
Petra ,   usa   (10.06.07)
Be honest for once in your life( if you can) muslim on muslim killings account for more dead muslims than any other source. Only the 'terrorists' are so successful as they aim to murder their fellow muslims who are of another sect. Amazing 'religion' you have. Bloody and brutal.
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