Refaeli strikes again
Raz Shechnik
Published: 07.10.07, 09:46
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1. the walking hanger
av ,   (10.07.07)
stop this cretin talking .just dont mention her anymore
2. Braindead Bar. Please ignore her.
Mamalama ,   Israel   (10.07.07)
She is so not worth the effort.
3. What is Ynet's problem? Take her off the page.
Barron ,   Israel   (10.07.07)
Who the hell cares about this very stupid nobody? What a waste of space.
4. Did she lie? If no then...
Josh   (10.07.07)
...maybe we should stop touching people who don't want to be touched. Many pretty people hate to be touched. Give these people their space. Lets face it, there are many here who show no class and have low class habits. This goes for p*ssing in public, picking ones nose, and sitting with your feet on the furnitaure legs spread. Being polite is expected everywhere in the world. Why should Isarel be exempt? What is worse is that they expect to defend their behavior. Dont defend being rude by exclaiming we are above criticism. It is good that she speaks and we are embarassed. If we get a black eye in the media for not being the light to all nations, maybe we should work on our behavior. Grow up already. Be an example of Torah society. Keep the camp as if G-d walks through it.
5. Is She Marrying the Iranian Pres.??
guy ,   los angeles   (10.07.07)
Why would Bar be so stupid? -talking about the Israeli papparazzi whenithey are same all over the world---LA is not London and these remarks will not go down well here in the film industry ---maybe she can go to Iran with that nutty rabbi who loves Ahmadinejad!
6. Keep ya mouth shut
Me ,   ERE   (10.07.07)
We have enough grief
7. Self-indulgent idiot...
Truthmonger   (10.07.07)
...who is a car accident away from obscurity
8. Bar
Ariel ,   Jerusalem   (10.07.07)
How interesting. Yaaaawn...
9. Media is out to get her
JG   (10.07.07)
In spite of other issues, I have to admire her for not spilling her guts about her love life. The media is boiling mad that Bar wouldn't kiss and tell, and has made it their goal to crush her. In the end it's all about money: the paparazzi were not able to cash in on her and are making her pay. The media is nothing more than the yellowest of yellow.
10. I thought she is gone already....
Mark Kerlen ,   Canada   (10.07.07)
...and we'd never hear from her again. I'm sick too now. I feel like I am going to throw-up.
11. embarassment
she is an embarassment to the country and doesnt deserve to live here, she is welcome to LA.
12. Foot in Mouth Disease
arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (10.07.07)
Stupid is as stupid does. Give a fool a rope and she will hang himself. Interview a bimbo and she will put a foot in her mouth. Poor Bar is too stupid to realize that you should never malign your family in public, nor should you bite the hand that feeds you. What goes around comes around. If I was an Israeli manufacturer I wouldn't use that face to sell my product at home.
13. hard to find brains and beauty in one package
Yasir ,   Canada   (10.07.07)
this case just proves how hard it is :)
14. Another empty-headed, plastic degenerate
Matt ,   SoCal, USA   (10.07.07)
She should move to Hollywood - she'd fit right in there.
15. UM...OK
mikey ,   usa   (10.07.07)
Who the hell is this woman? Never heard of her, or her "famous" mom. And sweety, people who wanna touch you...they only wanna do 1 thing to you, and then dump u and throw u into the gutter, where u deserve to be with that sick attitude. Your mom calls u and tell you, you were voted number 1? Number 1 what? slut? whore? Please to my Israeli friends, PLEASE stop trying to be so euro-pee-on (european).
16. Bar is sick in the head.
Bar's trash   (10.07.07)
This stupid girl is delusional. Bar actually thinks that she's a mega-celebrity. Oh, please, the only reason that the foreign media is interested in her is because she's sleeping with Leonardo Dicaprio. The second Leo dumps Bar no one will care about her. She's not a supermodel in anyway. There are tons of more attractive models from Israel and around the world. Bar you are nobody special so get off your pedestal. You have shown by your attacks on Israel that you're a stupid, ignorant, shallow disgusting person. Israel is better off with out you. I also speak for many Americans when I say we don't want you either!
17. Sounds like a narcissistic piece of garbage
Micha   (10.07.07)
she'll fit right in.
18. Vapid, self absorbed, thankless, product of secular Zionism
Yitzi ,   Israel   (10.07.07)
This is the logical product of the type of Secular Zionists like Olmert and Perez and their leadership over the last 60 years. It is no wonder the country is losing it's direction and will to survive. When our leaders, educators, judges etc. had no moral compass.
19. good riddance
Enemy of State ,   Judea   (10.07.07)
Do us all a favour, Bar: Buy a nice house in Bel Air and stay there.
20. Simple...
Simcha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.07.07)
...don't come back.
21. Reaeli
Lazerbenabba ,   London   (10.07.07)
The interview by this rather sad empty headed individual illustrates that Israel unfortunately is also breeding Paris Hilton type morons; and what is even more revolting is that a magazine can devote 6 pages to her nonsense. What this indicates about Tatler is for others to judge.
22. She is nothing but a spoiled brat!
Avraham ,   NETIVOT   (10.07.07)
23. bar, you're
shandy ,   tel aviv   (10.07.07)
you are the "BUSHA " to israel if ever there was one. !!
24. Model
David ,   TA   (10.07.07)
Yonathan of Dutchblog Israel has a good nickname for her:
25. So?
I’m not comfortable here either... everything she is saying is true...
26. If her mother wasnt famous this frecha would be nothing!
freejay ,   Israel   (10.07.07)
27. Bar Rafaeli
Duas ,   LA, USA   (10.07.07)
is very pretty, but inside her head there must be a vacuum. I'm so sorry for this girl.
28. Cheap talk by Israeli origin model
Proud Israeli woman   (10.07.07)
Tatler is basically a gossip magazine originally for English upper class readers, and doesnt have a broad readership like "Elle" for instance. Their readers are used to these kind of interviews, and can recognize rubbish answers Bar gave for what they are, and probably couldnt care less. However, writing about it on Ynet can boomerang against Bar back "home" and hopefully she will be punished for bad-mouthing her people.
29. dear editor
oferdesade ,   israel   (10.07.07)
there is a huge population of mentally challenged people in this country and around the world so much more deserving of your time, effort and paper (let me remind you that you're killing trees for this) than this obviously misguided airhead. how about we all just ignore mz refaeli and let her live the rest of her entirely useless life in peace, bonking film stars and letting loose her drivel in the foreign press and try devoting our time to more useful subjects, such as tree-rot, foot & mouth disease and pictures of lacerated human organs.
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (10.07.07)
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