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Papua New Guinea delegation donates gold for rebuilding Temple
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 07.10.07, 19:43
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1. WOW
gabriela ben ari   (10.07.07)
2. Such beautiful acts on behalf of the Jewish people
David ,   Philadelphia, PA   (10.07.07)
Such a shame that Jews themselves aren't willing to stand up for their religious heritage and their earthly portion in Jerusalem. Secular Zionism has stripped Jews of their passion for the holy city.
3. These ae smart people: they know how to get blessed.
Rivkah   (10.07.07)
4. What?
Ben ,   Denver   (10.07.07)
Before Christianity force itself upon these people, they were happy and "ignorant" or both Judaism and Christianity. European colonialism ruined their country and their culture. I say give the gold back and let them build schools and hospitals in their own country. Thanks for the tourism to Israel, now go back and rid yourself of the shackles of colonialism.
5. Fools Gold
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (10.07.07)
Would be better served helping the many poor in their own country. Temple will sooner be rebuilt on good deeds than fools gold
6. last year, too
chava ,   yerushalayim   (10.07.07)
I think I remember something like this happening last year as well! This needs to be publicized --- both in the Temple Institute and in all of Israel. Actually, it should be publicized all over the Jewish world.
7. excellent ideas - i may do the same
augustine e johnson ,   birmingham-usa   (10.07.07)
excellent ideas - i may do the same to help rebuild the temple and israel ====== augustine
8. rh
moishele   (10.07.07)
fools' gold? why fools. may be they know better than us that G-d decides the amount of poverty each one gets. May be they know that tzedaka is the best way to become richer! If the Temple is going to be rebuilt-only- on good deeds, as you put it, then what is your problem with these distant people doing their good deed?
9. What happens to the Dome?
Davidm ,   Rhode Island   (10.08.07)
I agree with moishele. And don't forget, Ben Denver, the missionary colonialists brought medicine also as a part of their religious beliefs.
10. And may their rewards be many.
11. Many Blessings apon them, for they seek goodwill from G-d
jack bauer ,   AU   (10.08.07)
I for one will happily bring all my gold and donate it as well, and anything else that can be useful. As soon as it is clear that the temple will be rebuilt. Haters, why don't you go on and on about me too..... irreverent pricks! I am not from a poor land(unless you count righteousness) and would be proud to have helped. And to top it off, I would be bound to be blessed many times over as well. win-win situation if you ask me
12. To Davidm
Ben ,   Denver   (10.08.07)
Did they bring medicine and cures for the diseases they brought to them when they came? Yes, Papua Guinea, the wealthies country on Earth, thanks to the Germans and Australians! Whoooo.
13. First,and soon, B'H,we must see this fake temple,
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (10.08.07)
,trying to replace the genuine one, DESTROYED! We lost a precious opportunity in 1967;I hope the next opportunity will be very well profited,once and for all!
14. Earth to TUTULAND
Zulu Skeptic ,   Durban SA   (10.08.07)
Tutu is a phony and lacks any kind of decency.He hides behind his Archbishop title.In fact, he uses it to get away with being a disgusting person. The world applied pressure to end apartheid in SA,and got lots and lots of Desmond Tutus in return.
15. This year Moshiach will come, Eliyahu Navi LaShem
Eliyahoo Navi LaShem ,   USA   (10.08.07)
GREAT GREAT NEWS!!! No kidding! This year Moshiach will come, Eliyahu. By Eliyahoo Navi LaShem
16. shackles of colonialism?!?!?
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.08.07)
What a touching story! I'm sure these people will be blessed by their faithfulness to Scripture! RE: 4 "Thanks for the tourism to Israel, now go back and rid yourself of the shackles of colonialism." If this is how people act under the "shackles of colonialism", I only hope more of us would come under such shackles!! The world would be a far nicer place to live. (Let me have such shackles!)
Daniel ,   New York   (10.08.07)
18. to ben in denver
El Elx ,   elx, spain   (10.08.07)
Got rid of your bile there, did you, Ben? Sweet was it? Who made you Lord and Master of the Papuan People's Exchequer? Anybody tell you what to do with your money? Ah, but of course; It has nothing to do with the money! It has to do with giving the money to ISRAEL in a HOLY SERVICE! Anti-semite and a holier-than thou dictator. You just have to be one of those self-hating Jewish Liberals who infect everything they see and touch!
19. Poor fools
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (10.08.07)
The missionaries did a right royal con job on these poor simple people. Little do they know that the present day jews are a blood thirsty lot intent on destroying Palestine and have naught to do with Christ or the Christian Bible. Their own people are starving Australia has cut aid because Somare isn't giving them carte blanch access to the country resources. "Out of the frying pan into the fire".
20. little fools!
garcia srour ,   Beirut-Lebanon   (10.08.07)
little fools and little they know!
21. Hey Listen---"The BLESSING of the Lord makes you RICH, and
he adds NO sorrow ,   with it".!!!!   (10.08.07)
22. self hater?
ben ,   denver   (10.08.07)
because i have opinions that dont MATCH your im self hating....makes no sense whatsoever.,
23. great deeds in templeinstitue reccomended
jj ,   israel   (10.09.07)
iwent through the website of the temple institute and i think what they are doing is awesome those here who wanted to help them saw you can do it there online keep up the great work temple institute in the name of Hashem
24. Holy Temple
zznhl   (10.10.07)
Please, please, please dont turn out to be crooks like so many of our compatriots (politicians, Rabbis and people in authority). Please dont con these simple, believing people out of their gold, keep it safe in a vault until the building starts. Preserve the trust of the innoscents and meek of the world - Be gvarim and be blessed forever.
25. #5 are those gold deeds costly than ordinary gold?
26. hope this gold doesn't get to Olmert...
Ran   (10.10.07)
... he would make a golden calf out of it, then cut it in half and give 1/2 to the "Palestinians".
27. If they really care about the Jewish People
Marian Paroo ,   Tel Aviv   (10.11.07)
...the money should go to some kind of Meals on Wheels program for poor children. There are enough of them in Jerusalem, esp. amongst the ultraorthodox.
28. private citizen want to give, and haters dont want them too?
jack bauer ,   AU   (10.12.07)
just who the hell do you think you are? You want to tell private people that they shouldnt do this or that? How about if I told you, what you could do or not do? Get off your high horse and just see that there are people worldwide who, out of the goodness of their heart want to bless Israel. (it doesnt matter if you think they are wrong or misled) say what you think, by all means, but just insulting them because you disagree, shows nothing but your own character! (or rather your lack of it)
29. LMAO 26 that was the daily laugh I needed
jack bauer ,   my sides hurt   (10.12.07)
30. #13 Karen
ephraim ,   diaspora   (10.12.07)
If 1967 had been the Father's time then there would be a Temple now. Let's not let our personal impatience cause us to run ahead of Adonai! Unless the Lord build a House, they labor in vain who build it.
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