Olmert: We won't miss chance for peace
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 08.10.07, 16:16
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Jack ,   Israel   (10.08.07)
2. Olmerts' defeatist doublespeak
Menachem Ben Yakov ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.08.07)
All the falsehoods that spill from this dunce of a Prime Ministers mouth cannot hide the fact that he is about to hand over Jerusalem to our enemies. The most unpopular PM in history , with the worst record in history, is committed to his pathological plan to please the most unpopular President in U.S. history , with the worst record in U.S history. Bush will do to Israel what he has done to Iraq and the smiling putz we call Prime Minister will continue to keep his nose up the Bush arse. Wake up Israel!
3. searching for peace in wrong place
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.08.07)
After so many years of dedicated struggle for the elusive peace Israel is farther away from it than when she started down the path the natios have laid ourt for her to get peace. It's an empty basket ,a pipe dream, a glittering bag full of lies. Israel went to the wrong source for peace. Washington never had it to give or help provide. The Islamic world does not have it to give to the 'infidel' Jews. Neither Kadima,labor,likud or even peace now has been able to produce it after so many years of determined struggle. Where is the source for Peace. it is in the only place Israel has faled to seek it. It is with the Holy One of Israel . Olmert will only bring great misery,death and destruction to Israel for following the false path Road Map wich leads to sudden destruction.
4. Arguments that prove Palestinian state against US interests
Howard K ,   NYC   (10.08.07)
From Yoram Ettinger's Newsletter: 1. While the US honors the 9/11 victims, Abu Mazen's daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, honors the perpetrator of 9/11, Bin-Laden (per enclosed cartoons)! 2. (Hate) education is the most authentic reflection of one's ideology and vision. The enclosed cartoons, published by Abu Mazen’s directed-media, echo sermons and text books in Abu Mazen’s controlled mosques and schools. (see link) 3. Abu Mazen’s PA/PLO has been a systematic ally of Bin-Laden, Saddam, Iran, No. Korea, China and Russia. It has been a deadly threat to the Hashemites and moderate Gulf regimes, a role-model of inter-Arab treachery, hate-education, terrorism, homicide and car bombing, hijacking and murder of diplomats (e.g. murdered US ambassadors in Sudan), human rights violation, oppression of Christian Arabs and corruption. PLO mentors were allies of the Nazis and of the ruthless communist regimes in Moscow and E. Europe. 4. Palestinian terrorists fought US GIs in Iraq and Afghanistan. 5. A Palestinian State would provide US enemies and rivals an east Mediterranean platform. 6. A Palestinian State would add another anti-US vote at the UN. 7. A Palestinian State and US interests would constitute a classic oxymoron! 8. U.S. support of, and aid to, the Palestinian Authority has convinced the PA that it can get away with murder and systematic violation of commitments and be rewarded.
5. Surprise Olmert with new elections
Steven ,   San Francisco   (10.08.07)
A highly suspect wheeler dealer politician now wanting to overhaul the government? Give me a break, that's hysterically funny. And by the way, the Arabs do not know how to share, whether it be Jerusalem or anything else, so supreme skepticism about sharing anything is recommended.
6. Concessions needed.. to keep Olmert out of JAIL!
Abe ,   Salt Lake City   (10.08.07)
7. Won't miss a chance to sell out Israel to stay out of jail.
Jeanne ,   Peoria   (10.08.07)
8. We'll Have A Constitution But No Country.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.08.07)
stude ham   (10.08.07)
10. Olmert...dude What are you Talking About?
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (10.08.07)
all you're doing is weakening Israel and strengthening your enemy who will before long turn on you once again
11. You mean "won't miss the chance to screw Israeli's"
Shiloh ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.08.07)
12. huh? Qassams flying=Peace opportunity?
Michael   (10.08.07)
Can the Prime please define his words. It appears olmert's definitions appear not to be the same as the Public's definition.
13. could anyone be so foolish as to believe olmert?
dante ,   uk   (10.08.07)
of course, olmert, himself, does not believe this idiocy. a hollow man. no principles. no integrity. AND, THE FOOL IS STILL PM! I don't know why the Israeli people tolerate the fool.
14. Itis a sad Day for Israel if the PLO & GW gets Picks!
Roy c. Hudson ,   Pittsburg, USA   (10.08.07)
Mr. Olmert sounds like he is now ready to give the enemy what ever they ask for. We Know they want all of Israel not just a part.Mr GW is willing to give it all for the History Book with his name at the top & his Girl Rice cake along side. It's a sad day when the world dont know the Plan og God for his Nation of Israel. The Plo has gained more under the Failed leadership of GW,& Rice, THe USA has gone ouy backwards in the past 60 years of USA leaders. all we have coming up for 09 will follow the same plan as is this day. We the USA is now fighting a war on credit. You don't turn on God & win. Isaish: 28;14-23. after this word God will save Israel. not before. Daniel:9;27. Brussels has this plan for Israel. Simple as that. & we shall see it all... God said he will save Israel.out of it all..RcH. USA
15. #14 Roy
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.08.07)
You're one of the few with both eyes wide open. So many here who claim to support Israel are doubleminded hypocrites who make excuses for this evil President who arrogantly divides Israel. This condenced article says it well. Corporate Christianity I have written many times about the fact that corporate Christianity worships Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh, our first “Latino” President. If corporate Christianity gets any hint that you do not, it is quite likely to call down the fires of Lenin upon you. You could even wind up out on the street. I do not exaggerate. In some of these celebrity churches, el presidente’s name is spoken almost as reverently as the name of Jesus, and emerods be upon you if you say something else. Which recalls the fact that in Nazi Germany some high church leaders actually wore Nazi uniforms and heiled each other in the name of Hitler at high church meetings. What do I mean by “corporate Christianity?” I mean the mega-churches and groups, often associated with the name of a man, whose name could even appear in big letters on the side of the meeting-hall. I mean the prosperity place, where you go not so much to worship and celebrate Jesus as to perfect your own purpose, the smiley place where Satan is hardly ever mentioned, with the inevitable result that evil is so hard to recognize. I mean the vast institutions that claim to be constructively involved in the “political process” but that do less than nothing to preserve our God-ordained system by opposing the schemes that are trying to destroy it. Correct me if I am wrong – maybe I missed it – but so far at least I have not seen the firestorm I expected from the mega-churches about Miller Beer’s sponsorship of the queer version of Da Vinci’s Last Supper at the recent Faggot Fest in San Franfreako. Again, I consider this lapse extremely suspicious. Corporate Christianity has long proven itself to be as useless as jugs on a boar. Is the truth even worse than we thought? Again, Jorge W. Boosh is collaborating with Hillaroid. If Dobson & Company go third party with old Foster or Dumb and Dumber, whoever they turn out to be, they would split the Republicans and hand her the White House despite the enormous antipathy she always inspires. Is this the plan? Yes, it’s a breathtaking question, but I can’t believe that Dobson could be so dumb. Whatever the motive, would the rank and file believers in the celebrity Christian monoliths fall for it? Of course they would. If Dobson & Co. tell them this is what Jorge wants, you will see the Boosh zombies staggering from the meeting halls to the voting booths on Election Day to do it, as in George A. Romero’s classic, “Dawn of the Dead.” This is the inevitable result of worshipping a man. So it looks as if we must do the job without “Christian” support. Say “yes” to “No.” .......... rest of article @
16. translated into english it means
zionist forever   (10.08.07)
I WONT MISS A CHANCE TO GET A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. Just like the one the president has and Olmert even wants his for the same reasons ... selling out Israel to terrorists and weakening its security.
17. Chance for peace is easy
Obama ,   Washington DC   (10.08.07)
Just give up everything including Israel
18. to # 15, The Mega- Orgs of today has to fall in Rev,3;14. !
Roy c. Hudson ,   Pittsburg, USA   (10.08.07)
I don't follow the leaders of any Maga Org. I saw the Compromise of the Word of God in 1950 /06. to just get along with the Croud. I love the word just as it comes from the KJV 1611 AD. Rev: 3;14- 22 will cover the Blind that lead the blind. I am not a preacher, I don't read the books that twist the Word to sell more books. like the Replacement theory, that God is done with Israel. & the Magas has the Ball. God has not began to bless Isreal yet, but he will after Zechariah;12;1-9 & Daniel:9;27, I have neved needed a book writers Speculation when you can read in from the William Tyndale 90% Translation for me.that the Maga Org Killed him for doing the will of God fot the Jew First & i next. I say all of this to let you know thait I having no formal education can find the way just by faith in the son of God. God made it so easy that a Cave man can do it, if he wants to please the Lord. God has his Eyes on every person that runs down his Family of Jews . He will soon put an end to all Nations that Made their Money on Israel in my time. 1932/?? I feel sorry for all that will die by the USA set up of the PLO in the Land of Israel. They will get it all back the Hard way again, Israel must think & act Unilateral.! then God will help and save the Whole House of Israel. He buought them hone to stay this time. I am sorry GW, & his Rice still don't have a Clue. YFRoy. USA , OK?
19. #18 Roy
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.08.07)
Amen Brother ,great testimony of what God can do when we put our faith in him and not the blind leading the blind. There are many dangerous voices out there who decieve Christians who do not know their KJV Bible to hate the Jews. This deciever Rick wiles has been attacking Israel for some time and I wrote him to warn him but he has heardened his heart and God will punish him for teaching the devil's lies against Israel. Those who bow to the feet of their false idol in Washigton are under a strong delusion and their hearts are also heardened because thye did not turn away from their sin. Judgment is here now on America the crime is getting worse by the day and the chrich is dead,asleep, having lost it's salt. God Bless and Keep you. Jeremiah 17;5
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