Egypt signs treaty with NATO
Ronny Sofer
Published: 09.10.07, 18:28
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1. Tunnels and Gaza Gangsters are included out.!!!
Alan ,   SA   (10.09.07)
2. why only the Philadelphi Route?
arms smuggling and drug trafficking are mainly through Israel's border. Lately, there has been human trafficking, as well.
3. It confirmed Arabs are worried about Iran nuke ambition
Obama ,   Washington DC   (10.09.07)
stude ham   (10.09.07)
Given the NATO record in controlling european conflicts... such as yugoslavia... and its sickening uselessness in afghanistan... this move by egypt does not bode well for anyone.
5. VERY Interesting development
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.10.07)
I confess I don't quite know what to make of this. Hopefully, this will have a positive impact on Israel. I DO think this may show that some other states are nervous about Iran's nuclear ability. However, as someone else stated NATO doesn't have the greatest track record.
6. Ezekiel's War
Paul ,   USA   (10.11.07)
Is it not strange that in the Ezekiel War ,Egypt is left of the list of nations that are to come against Israel? This NATO deal may be why they will not be involved.Doesn't make sense for Egypt not to join in with the rest of the dogs when the war happens. Jordan is also off the list(the lands encompassing what is now Jordan) There are so many signs pointing to this prophesy being fulfilled it is worth checking out. We have Persia and Russia in that group, along with Libya(who we just learned signed an agreement with France to buy all sorts of military hardware) Ehtiopia(currently at war with Sudan for control of the region to make it an Islamic state) and Turkey, who is a NATO ally BUT is not very pleased by the EU rejection plus Israel and the USA bringing up the Armenian massacre. They also want to invade Iraq, further harming relations between us. All these players are involved or could be in the very near future. If not on board already, the others all have unstable situations that could turn things on a dime. Persia is the mouth piece and Russia, who is yanked into the war(by God) is in the shadows. Also we have Dedan(Saudi Arabia) just voicing outrage in the prophesy but never doing anything to stop it.Syria is also off the list and that is because they have a date with the Isaiah prophesy. Damascus will be destroyed in one night, total destruction. This may be the event that sets off this war. I can go on and on and I am sorry if I have bored you all but I am excited because God promised to fight for Israel himself in this war. I love Israel in my heart and I want to see an end to all her suffering and justice brought to all the evil nations who have murdered her children and hated her in other ways. Israel forever! Amen! If anyone would like to share ideas on this subject, feel free to email me:)
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