Abbas lays out land demands
Associated Press
Published: 10.10.07, 13:32
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1. Abbas Ploy
eddie ,   london UK   (10.10.07)
Yes, give him all he asks for, and he will be toppled 6 months later, by hamas. Then Hamas will ask for the rest. At this point, olmert/beilin/barak will say "it's better to live unde ran islamic state in peace than to occupy Jaffa and Haifa and have war." bye bye !
2. Simple summary: Give Give Give, Surrender
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.10.07)
He demands all the territory and gives no concession on refugees or other issues. Shows what a farce, and a vain attempt of Olmert to save his ass from imprisonment this entire "Abbas is our partner" conference really is.
3. Israel finally DEFEATED by the Peace
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.10.07)
The language of a conqueror is what Abbas speaks .He knows he has the nations on his side and that his perosonal wolves Bush and Rice will get him what he wants. He also knows that Israel's faithless leaders stand for nothing,believe in nothing but their own vain selves. Bush has accomplished what the Arabs in five wars could not. By peace he destroys many in Israel. The Jewish prophet DANIEL wrote about this day. He shall destroy the mighty and also the holy people. Thru his cunning he shall cause deciet to prosper under his rule. And he shall exalt himself in his heart. He shall destroy many in their prosperity. Daniel 8:25
4. They have always wanted more and always ended up with less.
robert renders ,   belgium   (10.10.07)
5. Not worth a comment.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.10.07)
6. Why does Y-Net contribute to the Arab lie?
karen US/Australia   (10.10.07)
Stop calling Judea & Samaria the West Bank. Are you going to feel comfortable calling Jerusalem Al Quds?
7. Technically, Abbas is right
David L.   (10.10.07)
I think that the 1967 borders should be the basis for a final agreement. Now, it does not mean that it should be exactly the final borders, because moving 250 000 settlers is impossible. But both Israel and the Palestinians should acknowledge that the basis for negotiations must be the 1967 borders. From that, we can see what is feasible and what is not. Also, a comment on Jerusalem: What exactly are the limits of the city? A lot of people seem to confuse "Jerusalem" with the Temple mount, which is only a tiny part of it. All the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, populated at 100% by Palestinians, have very little to do with the old city and the Temple Mount. These are Palestinian areas de facto anyway.
8. start packing your bags
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (10.10.07)
and the sad part of this story is,that this traitorous,incompotent pathetic fool,who is masquerading as a prime minister,will give it to them. it is all over,either you depose this curse upon israel,and send him packing,or start packing yourselves
9. Rice's official Roadmap to Israel's destruction
Sara ,   Holon   (10.10.07)
in the New York Sun
10. here we go again...
shuki   (10.10.07)
11. Terry, so why bother making stupid comments?
Abbas   (10.10.07)
You need to seek professional help. Oh and one more thing - why don't you go and take a knitting workshop? You know, do something productive. You obviously have too much free time on your hands.
12. How about a Pali state in Arabia - alot more space
andrew ,   miami,fl   (10.10.07)
13. Compromise not in Arab Lexicon
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem   (10.10.07)
As Hanan Ashwari said in an interview with Barbara Amiel years ago, " Compromise is not part of our vocabulary." Let Abbas and his peace partners go directly to Gehennom where they belong !
14. Why do you negotiate with an invented nation?
Shiloh ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.10.07)
What the hell is wrong with the leadership today. These people are invented. There has NEVER been an Arab nation named 'Palestine". Why can't you accept this fact instead of being partners in reinventing and distorting history. This is beyond insanity.
15. elusive peace
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (10.10.07)
what I cannot understand is the same saying, "I see said the blind man to the deaf mute" is impossable because both are in contridiction to each other, the words of "A Final Peace Agreement" that language or words are not nor do they exist in the Islamic world. All Islam provides when dealing with any other entity that is not under Islamic rule is a Hunda which is only a temporary cease fire agreement, the word "Final Peace Agreement" does not exsist and is forbidden according to Islam. Stop dreaming of ever reaching any "Final Peace Agreement" with any country under Islam. no matter what is offered to them except total capitulation. Now if that is on the table, Israel agreeing to a total surrender such may or may not be acceptable to the world of Islam. Germany anthem during the Nazi period was "Doichland Ubber Alles" which is the same doctrin as Islam "the world must be ruled according to Islamic Law before they stop terrorist acts against the infidel
16. Marcel - 3
Ravi Sathasivam ,   Sri Lanka   (10.10.07)
"When you look for peace then the peace lies within you When you search for peace then it is not hard to find When you want to keep peace alive then you allow white doves to fly over you When you make peace with others then the whole world live in your heart When you let peace be in the world then you live in wonderful world When you allow peace flow around the world then your hateness will go and love will flow When you open the door for peace then peace welcome to your lives. Let the peace prevail in our wonderful world"
17. Israel is ours
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (10.10.07)
When will the Jews of Israel learn that nothing can be gained by giving the Palestinians anything. They will only keep pushing to have it all. The Palestinians, whatever that means, should be moved to Jordan, Gaza and Sinai, and the West Bank, free of Palestinians, should belong to Israel. What's all this waste of time in negotiations that has been going on since before Oslo?
18. #12 How about an Israeli state in Alaska? A lot more space!
Ahmadinejad   (10.10.07)
19. ~#15
Invicta ,   Europa   (10.10.07)
The German national Anthem still is Deutschland Uber Alles (not Doichland ubber alles) Also I don't think all Muslims demand that the world convert to Muslim (do you mean Sharia) Law before they 'stop terrorist acts' Give peace a chance.
20. starting point for negotiations
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.10.07)
finally a position that can be pinned down. however, we'll see how much they are willing to compromise for peace. my guess is none, but at least the world will be able to see in full view how stubborn and intransigent the palestinian position is.
21. Google "Rub Al Ghali" for Pal Settlement possibilities in ME
Alan ,   SA   (10.10.07)
22. I Love Israel!!!
Ahmadinejad   (10.10.07)
I love Israel and the Jewish people!!! I am an idiot and a fool.
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (10.10.07)
Israel DO NOT make this mistake again, land for peace is a FAILED policy!!!
24. "Two hold on to a talit"
avramele   (10.10.07)
"... this one says all is mine, this one says all is mine. this one will swear that all is his and this one will swear that all is his -- and they will divide it." Little children are taught this as their first introduction to Talmud. the pshat (simple explanation) is that compromise is essential; the drash (commentary) is that principles and abstract notions of justice (like " I've lived here for generations and I'm entitled to all under dispute" or "hashem gave me this land") must at times be put aside without either side giving up their heartfelt beliefs. Ironic that too many Jews and Palestinian have yet to learn the alef bet of civility.
25. NO to the Usurpers
Brod ,   USA   (10.10.07)
Israel should say NO to the usurpers of its GOD-given liberated biblical and historic homeland. What makes the Islamist-Jihadists think that they have a right to usurp Israel from the Jews? Israel should tell them to go to HELL.
26. Peace conference
Juan ,   Spain   (10.10.07)
Isn't this going much the same way as a previous peace conference? The results are likely to be similar, surely?
27. To number 16 Ravi
Juan ,   Spain   (10.10.07)
What lovely poetic Utopian bull****
28. uh, how about.....NO...
jack bauer ,   gaza+Israel=2states   (10.10.07)
29. #11 thats pretty rich coming from you
jack bauer ,   not surprised   (10.10.07)
30. give peace a chance #15
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (10.10.07)
My misspelling of the German National Anthem was deliberate, as I have graduated from the Horrors of their final solution, I was an inmate for the crime of being born Jewish in Bergen Belzen I still Gag when I have to describe any thing German. The fact that their current national anthem is still referencing them as a superior race just goes to show that they have never relinquished their hope of dominance over the entire world, this idea was first coined by the Nazi’s and became an integral element in their culture, the same as espoused by the Islamic leadership, all nations must accept and live under Shira . The Belt Buckle of the Wermacht had the phrase “Got is mit unz” go figure, it must be the same GOD .worshiped by Islam as they were allied during the holocaust in their effort to “Wipe out the Jewish Nation from the FACE of the world, NOT just a land area now known as Israel. I also want to correct your misreading my comment, I did not paint the entire Islamic Believers as being unable to live in peace, only their leadership. The sad fact is they still believe that, the only good Jew is a dead Jew. The notion of fairness is very obvious in the way they think of and treat their women. Any Islamic leader who dared to actually agree to live in true peace with Israel such as Egypt or Jordan, is constantly on guard for their lives. And even these two Arab countries only have what is known as a “cold peace” That type of “Peace” does not deserve any chance.
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