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German-Iranian striker suspended after refusing to play in Israel
Adi Sardas
Published: 11.10.07, 14:50
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1. Kick his tuchas out and be finished with him.
2. Just another idiot. So who cares what he does...
Scott   (10.11.07)
3. play soccer or politics?
Ivri   (10.11.07)
he got what he asked for....a dumb soccer player trying to play politics.
4. Scott
Alexander ,   Florida   (10.11.07)
Everybody care in Israel media, every jewish society cares about this courageos man. Including you who place comment after comment on his action.
5. Exactly as it should be - thank you Germany!
redmiike ,   tel aviv and london   (10.11.07)
6. Caught between a rock and a hard place
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.11.07)
Such is the life of Islamic athletes in the western world. The threat of violence against them and their families forces them to do unsportsmanlike things. I doubt he's a happy camper today.
7. Where is the freedom of expression????????????
Ibrahim ,   Lebanon   (10.11.07)
8. For once, Germany does something respectable!
Thomas   (10.11.07)
9. Ashkan is brave and courageous !
10. Not Exactly Fair Is it?
ben zeit ,   brooklyn,NY   (10.11.07)
The guy's family back in Iran would suffer reprecussions if he agreed to play in Israel. Is it really that hard to understand? Be human...
11. #6
Yael ,   Gush Etzion   (10.11.07)
This guy is not did not state that he was afraid of what the islamic world would do to him and his family but what we would do to him in Israel. No one here cares where he's from but he plays us off like a vicious group for the media. Now if it was the other way around and it was an Israeli going to Iran I do not think Iran would even allow the player entrance to the country.
12. not wanted
rj ,   ramat gan   (10.11.07)
Israel wouldnt want this rodent on our land anyway so keep away iranian vermin
13. #4 Alexander
What are you mummbling....your talkback doesn't make sense...he is a coward...
14. #7
Jan ,   Berlin   (10.11.07)
he can think and say what ever he wants as long as he doen't offend somebody. if it were the same in iran, he might not have a problem to play in israel. he made his decision (maybe he was forced to do so), and the german soccer team made their decision. if he cannot accept the rules of this club, he can't stay a member and definitly not represent Germany after his comments...
15. Thank you ynetnews
Chris ,   Magenza, Germany   (10.11.07)
...for those great news, hadn't read about it on the german news sites yet. I must admit i'm positively surprised by the DFB, didn't think they had the guts to really suspend him.
16. FIFA Should Permanently Ban Any TEAM Refusing To Play Israel
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (10.11.07)
17. #10
Jewishness ,   USA   (10.11.07)
Why don't you expect Iranian government be "human" first?
18. Israel Should Be Barred From European Leagues
Mr. Knowitall ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (10.11.07)
Israel practices apartheid, sponsors terrorism, violates international treaties, ignores international humanitarian laws and refuses to abide by UN resolutions, so why is a player with obviously higher moral and ethical values than the German or Israeli governments have being punished? I applaud Ashkan for his courage and bravery and hope that the German team suffers embarrassing defeats and is eliminated as soon as possible from the competition.
19. Ridiculous decision
Scott ,   Montreal, QC   (10.11.07)
More pandering is all this is. If soccer is to be politics-free, why is the German team being sent on a field trip to a Holocaust museum? What other visiting teams have had such a stop so publicly placed on their agenda? Noticeably absent from so many of the wild-eyed press in covering the story is Dejegah's original statement to Bild, in which he said he had nothing against Israel as a Nation, but feared for his and his family's security should he later visit Iran with an Israel stamp on his passport. Sounds more to me like he's showing Iran in a negative light ather than making a statement against Israel. But then, who cares if facts come through the mouthful of froth? Everyone loves a good lynching in the "anti-Semite" game.
20. an Inspiration
ashkan ,   world   (10.11.07)
hahaha , he is my hero
21. difficult to understand
daniel   (10.11.07)
the position this guy is in. if he's really anti-israel and loyal to the fanatic regime in iran, then good for the german football federation for giving him a permanent ban. however, what if he has family in iran? if he plays in israel, there's no telling what the islamic regime and the people who support it will do to members of his family. if he chooses to play in israel, at least he will be safe here. but back home in iran he will definitely not be safe. either way it seems he lost it both ways. shame on these muslim fanatics. they've accomplished nothing except ruin this guy.
22. Ibrahim
Jane   (10.11.07)
Exactly who are you to talk? You people riot over a cartoon! Oh, yeah. You can do anything you want cause if we don't let you, you'll blow people up.
23. Mr. Knowitall
Jane   (10.11.07)
You are one sick puppy. You have a severe case of Ahmadinejaditis.
24. #20
Jane   (10.11.07)
Hahaha. That's why you're living in the dark ages. Hahaha.
25. This is a lose lose for germany and israel.
AR ,   USA   (10.11.07)
Germany loses their star striker. Israel is made to look like a joke of a nation. Iran will probably pick him up for the national team. Ashkan has said in the past that he would like to play for Iran. After this im sure the IFF will invite him to play the national team needs a good striker. Its a sad situation for the guy. I doubt his family will get hurt if he played in Israel. Andranik Teymorian plays on the same team as an israeli. His first game at bolton he subbed in for an israeli no one attacked his family. I think Ashkan used this opportunity to tell the IFF he was serious about playing for Iran and bye not playing against Israel he has put the decision on the hands of iran wether to invite him to the senior side. Futbal is huge in Iran the mullahs probably wouldnt have let him on the team if he had played israel because that would make israels existance less taboo. (even tho most iranians dont really care that much about israel anyway)
26. Nonsense
bjf ,   Berlin, Germany   (10.12.07)
Ynet is - again - reporting complete nonsense. Nothing has been decided yet. The president of the German Football Asssociation is looking forward to talk to the player and to ask him about his motivation not to play against Israel. The decision will be made after the discussion with the player. This is what the German Football Association says on its website and that is what the German media reports.
27. Are you Stupid?
john ,   Pennsylvania, USA   (10.12.07)
guys, are you that stupid to think he hates jews? he doesn't, its just that if you have an israeli stamp in ur passport, ur not allowed back in iran, and he wants to go back to visit, so he couldn't go to Israel. Plus, hes thinking of joining the iran team
28. 27 and 7 & mr. knownothing
jack bauer   (10.12.07)
27 you apparently are the one thats stupid. You see this guy has a german passport. He can use that to go to Israel, and use his iranian one to go home. Next time think before spouting! thanks #7 freedom of speech? firstly he lied on advice, saying he had personal family related issues and thats why he wouldnt play. secondly it is in the rules that you cannot simply decide not to play in a match based on politics! so he didn't follow the rules. simple really.... however giving him a suspension is only giving him what he wanted. Unless they make it a multiple match suspension, this is just a ploy anyhow mr. knownothing the only response to your hate filled vile posts is to say that you sicken me and you really have no intelligence in that head of yours. If you had one point that was valid I would admit it, but every point you tried to make was a blatantly false allegation. You should move to paradise.....a small cave outside mecca, you will fit in there perfectly
29. he was told today to say where his loyalty is!
jackk bauer   (10.12.07)
30. He needs to decide
dave ,   zichron yaacov   (10.12.07)
27, you are right. It might not be hatred for Jews that make him act like this. But a player like him is still inaccetable for any European team. It is just consequent to suspend him. If he wants to join the Iranian team - that's fine. But he cannot play for Germany then. Especially not for Germany, because they are still a bit more sensitive about issues like this.
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