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Poll: 81% of Israelis want JNF land for Jews only
Published: 11.10.07, 15:36
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1. racist land robbers with a funny twist!
Marwan ,   Amman, Jordan   (10.11.07)
it's hilarious how the occupying thugs who came from all over the world to rob our lands, aren't even willing to sell those lands back to us for a hefty sum of money! lol
2. 99% of ISRAELI JEWS want JNF for Jews ONLY
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (10.11.07)
excluding Peace Now
3. Trying Buying land from the Arabs
Nigel ,   Israel   (10.11.07)
Anybody ever considered that the pressure on the JNF is just another way for the Arab world to gain a stronger foothold in biblical Israel? Is it possible for a Jew to but Arab land - without the seller being killed by his fellow Arabs? Why is it OK for Jews to sell land to Arabs but not for Arabs to sell land to Jews?
4. JNF & Agudat Yisrael
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.11.07)
I wonder how many of the 97% of the Agudat Yisrael respondents ever put a grusch into a JNF box
5. JNF stands for Jewish National Fund
Mamalama ,   Israel   (10.11.07)
That's the name. That's the game. If you don't like it, you can stick it.
6. #2 Important point
Sidney ,   USA   (10.11.07)
If the parties with lower support have a higher percentage of Arabs, the article is misleading. If 99% of Jewish respondents, regardless of party, support the proposition that JNF land was purchased for and should be used by Jews, that is the real story.
7. 81% number is weird
Philip Schlesinger ,   California, USA   (10.11.07)
If memory serves me, approximately 80% of Israeli citizens are Jewish. How is it that 81% of Israeli citizens want JNF land for Jews only? Why do I get the feeling that this article should be saying that 81% of Israeli JEWISH citizens want JNF land for Jews only?
8. Arabs
Peter ,   Munich, Germany   (10.11.07)
They still possess land? This reminds me of "Juden raus". The thinking is the same.
9. #4 Agudat Yisrael never trusted the JNF boxes.
If they wanted to support the Jews in Israel, they gave and still are giving the money to orthodox Jewish boxes where the Leftwing High Court has no jurisdiction and would never dare make such silly suggestions as "sharing" Jewish money with Arabs.
10. sell to arabs dont expect to get jewish donations
zionist forever   (10.11.07)
The JNF was set up to buy land for jews and to be used by jews. JNF is not a reguarly property business that sells to the highest bidder its there for use by jews. Its also the jews who donate the money for the JNF and they give it for them to buy land for jews selling to arabs would be betraying everything the organistion stands for and the reason people donate money. I know I wont be continue donating money if they are going to spend it buying land they eventualy sell to arabs if they want to do that then give up the charitable status and become a private business that raises its own money and sells to then highest bidder to make most profit for the shareholders.
11. Response to # 1 – Mr. Marwan from Jordon
Dr. Reuven Bar-On ,   Rosh Ha'Ayan   (10.11.07)
Among the five major points made by Marwan, he was right only 20% of the time but failed terribly in the other four points meaning that he is falling behind significantly in the basic subject matter referred to his argument. He was right that this whole situation is “hilarious” (correct), especially the way in which he has presented it, but does not seem to have his history correct regarding the “occupying thugs” alluding to Jews (incorrect) “who came from all over the world” (incorrect) to “rob our lands” referring to Arab lands (incorrect) that and “aren’t willing to sell those lands ‘back’ to us” (incorrect). This is hilarious because of the gross incorrectness of his ‘facts’ which are racist and politically motivated rather than founded in reality. It was the Arab imperialists and colonialists inspired by the new Muslim cult that invaded the Land of Israel beginning in the 6th century after Christ and claimed the land first as Dar il-Harab and later as Dar il-Islam (in complete violation of the first Caliphate over the Land of Israel and in complete blasphemous disregard of the will of Allah as conveyed by Mohammed and dictated to his followers in the 21st verse of the 5th Sura of the Qur’an by the way!). Also Mr. Marwan, the Jews (Yahudim in Hebrew) did not come from “all over the world” but from Judea (Yahuda in Hebrew) which is the derivation of the word Jew (like Frenchman is derived from France and Arab from Arabia by the way); a vast number of Jews were forcibly expelled from Judea and the rest of the Land of Israel a number of times over thousands of years, which is referred to as the “Jewish Diaspora” Mr. Marwan which is derived from the Greek work for dispersion (to expel people from their natural homeland). And it was not the Jews who robbed Arab lands, which are east and south of the Jordon River Mr. Marwan, but Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks and British who robbed Jewish lands. By the way Mr. Marwan, I can send you references to these historical events (many of which are in Arabic) if you wish to continue this argument on a non-emotional level. So how can Jews rob their own land (read your Qur’an staring with the 21th sentence in the 5th Sura which is the word of Allah conveyed by Mohammed Mr. Marwan)? And, of course, why would Jews “sell those lands ‘back’ to” Arabs who robbed those lands from the Jews? These lands, you are referring to, were never legally owned by Arabs or by any of the other imperialistic and colonialistic forces that invaded the Land of Israel and occupied it illegally. So, in addition to learning history rather than creating it Mr. Marwan, you also appear to be in need of a basic course in logic. All the best!
12. This is not a case of liberal vs. conservative
Wendy in Chicago   (10.11.07)
It is a case of a charity being founded for a certain reason (buying land for Jews), asking for money for that reason and doing what they promised their donors. They do not have the right to do otherwise, unless they want to be sued for fraud and bait and switch tactics by their donors.
13. To #1, mardik
Jessica ,   Oregon   (10.11.07)
1) Israelis like my grandparents were and are the REAL palestinians - you guys came here during the 20th century 2) Jews were KILLED & THROWN OUT of Jordan with ZERO compensation - Thugs are YOU 3) Jews donated Jewish funds so we can be safe from murderes like hitler, arafat, qadafi, sadaam hussein, assad and other sheep loving sheiks. They did NOT donate to the arab league.
14. jnf land
jakeoff ,   usa   (10.11.07)
we should learn from the arabs.and kill any jew that sells land to the arabs.the land was bought by jews for jews. any other use of the land is should be unlawful
15. Peter
Merkava ,   Somewhere   (10.12.07)
@wie viele Juden hast Du oder Deine Großeltern auf Deinem dreckigen Gewissen? Sei also still....
16. Arabs, Jews and land ownership...
Joe ,   Los Angeles, CA   (10.12.07)
Arabs demand the right to buy Jewish land after denying Jews the right to own real estate for over 1400 years? This is absolutely hilarious!!! Now the Arabs finally know what it's like to be a Dhimmi... By the way, when is Bashar Al-Assad going to reimburse my family for the house and property my grandparents were forced to leave behind when they were ethnically cleansed from Aleppo in the 30's? I have a solution... the 'Boy King' should release the Palestinians from the concentration camps he keeps them cooped up in and let them have my grandparents' house. G-d knows they don't want it back...
17. to #7
i'll tell you. because Israelis are Jews moron----don't BS me in saying there are arab israelis or others-------they are others-----Israelis are Jews thats that.
18. #1 Marwan You ran like terrified girls in 48
Petra ,   USA   (10.12.07)
Your mullahs said the Israelis would rape your women( hoping that the arab squatters would fight Israel) and you a--holes ran like terrified girls. Israel begged you to stay and help build Israel, you ran. We bought land from you a--holes and it's ours to begin with. Still, you ran like girls. So, lil girls sit down and shut the hell up. ISRAEL IS FOR JEWS ONLY EVEN IF WE HAVE TO FENCE THE SOBBING STRAP BOMBING GIRLS OUT FOREVER. LIVE WITH IT, LOSERS!
19. JNF is financed by govt, so..
John ,   Jerusalem   (10.12.07)
If the JNF is funded by the government with public money, then they have to sell to everybody. Otherwise, the Israeli government is supporting racism based on racial and religious grounds.
20. JNF selling land to Jews only
Rose Richter ,   Petach Tikva, Israel   (10.12.07)
Only Jews developed this desert land into GREENERY!! So YES, Do ONLY sell to JEWS! Including the Golan Heights which were just nothing until Israel developed the area into agriculture, vineyards and more!
21. Jewish money for jewish purpose
arthur ,   jersey city usa   (10.18.07)
Since JNF was established millions of Jews gave money toredeem the Holyland. Jews sacrificed to give the money. The purpose was to buy back the land and to redeem it. It would be a vicious fraud to sell the land, literally paid for in blood to those who seek to destroy Israel.
22. These numbers MUST be faulty
Eyal ,   Rehovot   (10.21.07)
At least 20% of the Israeli population is Arab Israelis, and there is no way that they would desire the JNF land to be Jewish only, and we still have a significant portion of the Israeli Jewish population that does not want this type of exclusionary policy to continue. So the numbers given in this article are most likely the percentage of Jewish Israelis, so, if we take 80% of 80%, the real numbers are 64% of the population.
23. Uh...
If I am correct, only a muslim own have Saudi citizenship AND own Saudi land. So, why can't Jews have land exclusively to themselves? Do the muslims fail to realize that their homeland has the same policy minus the fact that persons of other religions can't own citizenship like they could in Israel? Am Yisrael Chai!
24. YOUR lands, Marwan #1?
Steve ,   UK   (12.09.07)
Since when is it YOUR land? Hey, if you're claiming kinship with palestinians, why dont YOU take them in? They'd be more welcome there than Israel.
25. Is there anyone who HASN'T figured out by now...
Steve ,   UK   (12.09.07)
It's not about what's right to them, it's what will get world opinion on their side. They love to play the media by any means necessary, true or false. Oh, the father and child behind the oil barrel is CLASSIC. The world knows they stage scenes where ambulances are called, yet say nothing. The world knows they lob rockets daily, try INCURSION daily, and say nothing. But build 300 houses, and everyone screams racism. Sell land to Jews only so Olim and new families can have a chance to settle, and they scream racism. But I don't see these traitorous Arab MKs giving over any of THEIR salary to help THEIR people. Cry me a river...and make sure the camera gets your good side.
26. JNF selling only to Jews
Franco ,   Roma, Italia   (12.09.07)
The poll should have been conducted between Diaspora Jewry, which, being the donor of the money, should be entitled to have a certain degree of control over how it is expended. Certainly I do not appreciate that my offers to Keren Kayemet are used with buying land and resources that are susequently sold to Arabs instead of Jews, whom were my intended beneficiaries.
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