Syria tries to clear rumors of nuclear activity
Published: 12.10.07, 00:20
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1. wait
israeli   (10.12.07)
wait another month will you? as if they didnt already have enough time to clean things up syrians might not be the brightest but even a few underpayed construction workers could get things cleaned up this fast
2. There was no raid?
Ehud ,   TA   (10.12.07)
Then Bashar Assad must be lying when he talked about it in his BBC interview. Arab propaganda doesn't mind logic: "There was nor raid at all, and the Israelis hit only empty buildings..."
3. Syrians are typical con artests
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (10.12.07)
While the worlds journalists are touring a prestine "agricultureal " center , takeing in all their propraganda while dineing on dates and nuts are probably standing on the entire arsonal of Saddam's weapons of mass distruction.
4.  Zionist
alex ,   usa   (10.13.07)
Syria is absolutely right that there is no nuclear plant at Deir ez-Zor site. The whole world knows that the best in the world Air Force destroyed it. Thanks IAF, entire world owes you. We love you.
5. I'd like to hear from a Syrian
Josh ,   Plover, Wisconsin US   (10.12.07)
Are there any Syrians reading this? I'd really like to hear wht happened from someone in Syria.
6. Unlike Syria.....Israel Only Country in the World that....
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (10.12.07)
Yes Israel is the only country in the world that constantly is seeking wars to expand its territory and vindictavily weaken surrounding countries. As you can see in Syria travel is open ended without this constant war propaganda. Clearly Israel as a new country the experiment, if thats the correct word, has failed. The fundamentals have to be changed. Israel cannot be allowed to carry on the way it is. Bombing another country on a whim is clearly barbaric behaviour. Time for the world outside those countries that have been swallowed up by Jewish lobbies/media to exert real pressure on Israel.
7. Whatever it was...
woww ,   LA   (10.12.07)
it could not be active yet. That's the whole point of radiation. You can't just make it to disappear. None of the explanaitions sound physically possible or even remotely likely. as time passes I'm more and more inclined to believe that less then half of the people claiming to know have the slightest idea. :D
8. Re Journalists tour
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (10.12.07)
Taking journalists on a tour to show the world the site is wrongly accused. Didn't the Germans take the Red Cross on a tour of Terezenstadt to do the same thing more than a half century ago?
9. #1 - What do mean not the brightest..they're brilliant......
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.13.07)
political assasins.
10. "On your left, dear journalists..."
Jonas ,   SAD   (10.12.07) NOT a nuclear reactor, it has NOTHING to do with anything nuclear whatsoever, but please for your own safety wear this anti-radiation suits and do not touch anything. What? "Radioactive?" Who said anything about radioactivity, this suits are newest fashion around here, you know! This is actually an fashion factory, but not sweat shop, no, this is a fabrics factory, yes! And people with mashine guns and barb wire, you ask? Its because many people want to steal our fashion secrets! it's capitalism, you know!?"
11. "How did the Syrians disguise the NKoreans as Sheep so quick
Alan ,   SA   (10.12.07)
12. My name is Baaa Baaasil Mooooo Mooon
13. The Nazis created a phony town
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (10.12.07)
to impress the Red Cross that the Jews were being treated 'properly' - this is the same thing.
14. Ben Yishai sounds like he doesn't know why Ynet-E is closing
observer   (10.12.07)
Absolutely!, it has nothing to do with the money of the adds.
15. What we are not going to see is:
Uzziel   (10.12.07)
Satellite images of the immediate afterwards of the attack showing a frantic activity to remove the corpses, clear the rubble and fill the crater...
16. Check them with Geiger counter
Damir ,   Russia   (10.12.07)
17. Potemkin :D
woww ,   LA   (10.13.07)
18. Are you Serious?
Maza Radhe ,   Watertown NY   (10.26.07)
The "after" Picture is an Obvious FAKE! Any one can see that the "before" one has Well used roads and more supplies than the "after" one, Unless they cleaned up then erased the roads?? Is the building still there?? Who knows? are we to just believe a statement because it has a picture to it? WOW
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