Hamas man killed in IDF airstrike in Gaza
Ynet and agencies
Published: 13.10.07, 16:32
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1. Why Is Beit Hanoun Still There?
Yoni ,   Nahariya   (10.13.07)
Any "Normal Military" on the planet would have turned that hell hole into powder and stopped the artillery attacks from that fortified position already.
2. Ham man killed in IAF airstrike in gaza
James ,   Kelowna BC Canda   (10.13.07)
these ham-ass killers are in dire need of a larger wake up. Does the IAF not have a big enough weapon to eliminate all four of these jerks in one pop. They left 3 of the 4 to do the ssame thing again- which they most certainly will as soon as they can. We kill poisonous snakes ect. what is wrong with this poisonous bunch of rats called HAM-ASS? I hope to see the IAF get it right in the near future...........
3. Palestinian killed today
Iamashamed ,   UK   (10.14.07)
Another Palestinian killed by the IDF today. How many Israelis were killed today? Is anybody out there keeping count?
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