New funds allocated for Shoah survivors' welfare
Yael Branovsky
Published: 15.10.07, 11:53
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1. Good! This is long overdue.
Petra ,   USA   (10.15.07)
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (10.15.07)
for many of these survivors who lived in poverty and passed away in the past 60 years. So pride is totally unjust here,there should be shame that money was made by interest over this capital,over the back of these people. Olmert is so pathetic,he gives himself a pat on the back,what a enourmes putz this guys is.
3. blesser turned out to be curser
and you would wish there had never been survivors.
4. survivers
colin ,   israel   (10.15.07)
Does the corrupt olmert think he can buy votes or popularity from the survivers.This smallextra fund comes with conditions which in the end only a few will benefit .The survivers are entitled to the living and no olmert or his helping crooks must be allowed to let these old people suffer.Cut the salary and benefits of all the corrupt ministers and the government will be able to double the assisstance to the survivers.
5. Wonderful!! - But More Can Be Done
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.16.07)
Great news for The Survivors that they'll be getting these funds! Unless I misread the article, it seems as if this fund is from the Israel government? That means Israeli taxpayers. It would be nice if the government, or some agency, investigated groups that have either sued for or collected for, The Survivors. Ensure all the monies collected, however collected, are disbursed to The Survivors. All groups, collecting monies on behalf of The Survivors, should be audited. A public record should be made showing how much (%) of the collected monies have gone to The Survivors & how much has lined the pockets of the groups' administrators. There's at least one group, maybe more, that's collected/sued on behalf of The Survivors & money has yet to be disbursed.
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