Body of Israeli swapped for Hizbullah prisoner, 2 slain fighters
Associated Press
Published: 15.10.07, 19:58
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1. Release the rest of the prisoners now....
Ehud Goldstein ,   NewYork, USA   (10.15.07)
we could've gave them back all of their prisoners and the Shebaa farms before last year's war. The problem is that we do not have responsible man in office. I wish we have a man like Nasrallah instead of Olmert.
2. Samir Kunta
Jessica ,   USA   (10.15.07)
Should have been executed a long time ago. There is no place in this world for child killers!
3. 1 dead Israeli for 2 dead + 1 living Hezzies...erm...
Korem ,   New York, USA   (10.15.07)
5. # 2 Dont Worry
rich ,   raanana   (10.15.07)
once he's released into the "wild" of lebanon...the mossad should drug him to sleep then place a GPS microchip tracking device in his body to track him down and stage one of their "accidents" and do away with this inhuman child killer...his time will come the way it should have come years ago... Justice is patient and has a long arm.
6. Relise rest of the murdereres now. IN PEACES only!
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (10.15.07)
They are sending Israelis in peaces, Israem MUST RECIPROCICATE.. there is a cost to the Jewish tears as well. Only "gesture" terrorist should get is "gesture" of STERN JUSTICE. Price of the Jewish life has to have a PRICE, if corrupted politicians don't feel accountable to their own CITIZENS they are managing only a farm, untill citizens REGAIN SELF RESPECT and demand ACCOUNTABILITY or a CHANGE, enough of "farmers" and peddlers of dreams Israel needs leadership and Justice for MURDERERS. Giving the "gestures" to murdererers and terrorists is becoming their EMPLOYER not "partner in crime" but a EMPLOYER, you are paying them to DO MURDER. In the 1970 there were no negotiations with the terrorists, today we gave them a country.. to bucher our boys with impunity and in return they are getting land of Israel piece by piece.. It is not Arab hate that is problem but our dedication to the MORBID IDIOCITY that is a true miracle. Language of peace is justice.. even thugs understand that.
7. #2 Yes, you world is narrow, it includes only Israel.
8. and living Lebanese prisoner
observer   (10.15.07)
50-year-old Hassan Naim Aqil was captured by Israelis because of his poor metal health. He was captured not in fighting, but only after he alleged that he was Nasrallah's consultant. He was supposed to be released as part of the deal, but every thing about that is still vague. Rumors is flying that Israel is hesitant to release him till his contract as consultant to Olmert is terminate or his term comes to end (joke finished).
9. Shame on YNET for carrying this AP report favors terrorists.
bob kirk ,   Los Angeles, USA   (10.16.07)
This report from the Associated Press contains two serious falsehoods and favors Arab terrorists. Firstly, it is claime that 'about 1200 Lebanese were killed during the Lebanon war and that "most of them were civilians". This is the Lebanese claim it is not accurate. There is no objective confirmation of this figure because Hizboolah refused to allow outside confirmation of its casualties which the IDF says were 600 or more and outnumbered civilians. Secondly, it is reported that a Lebanese prisoner is being held by Israel since 1978 for "taking part in a Palestinian 'militant ' attack that killed 35 Israelis". That was 'the coastal road massacre', a terrorist attack against Israeli civilians and that is how it should be reported in every Israeli newspaper. YNET NEWS shouild not be carrying news reports by foreign media who refuse to use the word 'terrorism' when Israelis are the victims. Shame on YNET for this false report!
10. Thanks for enlightening us, #7
Korem ,   New York, USA   (10.16.07)
So the only people in the world who have ever killed children are the Israelis. Wow. Forget just Palestinian terrorists who kill children, that's excluding criminals all over the first world, and unfortunately generals and leaders in the third.
11. sick, ineffectual, politicians make excuses for the enemy &
dante ,   uk   (10.16.07)
and they fail to achieve the objectives of the nation. they are inept at diplomacy and at war. but they do know how to make concessions. they are a national disgrace.
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