Syrian officials admit site attacked by Israel nuclear
Published: 17.10.07, 08:39
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1. Damascus - make it a National Park now!
Aussie Larikin   (10.17.07)
Flatten it.
2. This story sounds like the Iraqi WMDs one
Emile   (10.17.07)
<< three Israeli diplomats present at a recent United Nations Disarmament Commission meeting overheard the Syrian representative clearly say that Israel's attack targeted a nuclear facility. >> Surely Israel should be expected to come up with better evidence than a story about 3 unnamed Israeli diplomats eavesdropping on the Syrians ?
3. so what?
almost all countries in our planet earth has nuclear "facilities" in the form of scientific labs., power stations, medical labs., nuclear-fuel-run military and civilian vehicles,.....etc.
4. no smoke without fire
Most of the house-hold 5$ smoke detector-alarms contain nuclear. Certainly Syria contains much residence houses using those little nuclear facilities, in addition to conventional weapons!
5. If This Had Been Done To Iran ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.17.07)
We would not have the problem that we have now. And this goes for many other problems - preemptive action is always the best option. We allowed the situation to develop in S. Lebanon, we are allowing a similar disaster to develop in Gaza. We made the same mistake in 1973 & it cost us dearly in lives. On the other hand, look at 1967. For once, we took the appropriate action - preemptive action - with excellent results.
6. Israel did a great job BRAVO!!!
Petra ,   USA   (10.17.07)
UN POST ,   UN NYC   (10.17.07)
""According to the newspaper, three Israeli diplomats present at a recent United Nations Disarmament Commission meeting overheard the Syrian representative clearly say that Israel's attack targeted a nuclear facility"" I repeat "Israel's attack targeted a nuclear facility"" all that means is Israel Set out to hit a nuclear site and instead successed in blowing up an empty army base ... FOOLS!! ALWAYS HAHAHAH
8. How many lies did Syria need to make before admitting?
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (10.17.07)
9. Syrians have a right to develop nukes just as Israel does
Hippocrates   (10.17.07)
Same goes for Iran or any other country. It's good that the world has Russia to balance things a little bit.
10. Sryian official admits the site was nuclear
Carolyn ,   Israel   (10.17.07)
Bravo well done!! If the site would have been for peaceful purposes then the building of it would have been announced at the UN by Sryia in the first place, just like Jordan and Egypt which stated that they would like nuclear plants built for energy purposes! So Seems logically that the Syrians were trying to pull a fast one! NOw If the rest of the world would deal as effectively with Iran before it is too late,we all know Israel will not allow the Iranians to obtain nukes, so ....Israel may have to go it alone if the rest of the world are too checken,even the gulf sates are afraid of a nuclear Iran!! So do something world now!
11. Israel has coordinates of site.Send in scientists to check .
Alan ,   SA   (10.17.07)
Easy peasy-send in guys with Geiger Counters to see if it was or wasnt a Nuclear site.There must be residual radiation
12. re: Hippocrates
Dawid   (10.17.07)
And Israel has the right to shut it down.
13. #7...
elliott ,   tel aviv   (10.17.07)
Before you tell others to read and understand English, try learning how to write and spell it first. Thanks.
14. UN post, your right what the article says however
Mike ,   Israel   (10.17.07)
The only fool is you, admiting that you have a UN post, you are lower than life, holding a meaningless job doing nothing to better the world as you claim. Your realty is not even close to what is happening in the real world. In fact you see the world through your expensive wines and food that is payed for the very people your supposed to protect. Your a waist of time and money. The air you breath is only left over air from the real people. How do you look at yourself looser.
15. #1 and obscene nonsense
English guy ,   London   (10.17.07)
"Flatten it"? you say of Damascus No shame, have you - in trumpeting yourself to the world as a second Hitler - judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one. You are obviously 5 years old or in serious need of psychiatric help. Any blathering moron who writes in a public forum exhorting the total obliteration of a great city (or a minor city) or a village, should be held guilty of exhortion to murder. So that's what you are. A latent mass murderer.
16. Israelywood
English guy ,   London   (10.17.07)
Oh yeah. Within earshot of Israeli officials the Syrians are going to sit whispering about "nuclear facilities being hit"? If they whispered it and the Israeli officials believed it, more fool them. I don't believe for one second that Madame Ziv understands Arabic, or that any government officials would "whisper" state secrets within earshot of their country's enemies of 60 years. Total rubbish. The story is the creation of an Israeli spin-doctor. Risible.
17. Syrian NUCLEAR strike
Tim ,   Norfolk, VA, U.S.A.   (10.17.07)
Well, well, well, well, well, well... Apparently President George W. Bush was RIGHT the entire TIME, wasn't he? You say the "Axis of evil'" reference was inflamatory? Unfortunately, he was absolutely CORRECT! "'The war on terror' is a bumper sticker"? Sorry, wrong AGAIN! Dictators of the world, you've just been 'served'. And as for the American ding-bats John Edwards, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, the Daily-kos, and Err-America you're nothing but treasonous, cheese-eating-surrender monkeys!
18. there goes E nglish guy again
with no brain but a good spellcheck.
19. This story sounds like the Iraqi WMDs one
John ,   USA   (10.17.07)
Yep, Emile, all those Kurds and Iranians gassed themselves you know. Saddam didn't use his nonexistant nerve gas to to do it. We bow to your wisdom.
20. why is this news?
po ,   atlanta, georgia   (10.17.07)
3 Israeli diplomats tell the press something Syrian diplomats were supposedly overheard stating. The statements weren't even made to them, just overhead. Surely there were other, third-party / neutral persons present, no? Until one or more of them confirm this little admission (presented to be an admission that Israel attacked a nuclear weapon facility, not just any old nuclear facility, shouldn't this just remain the gossip that it is?
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