More than 60% of Gaza residents live below poverty line
Tani Goldstein
Published: 17.10.07, 11:31
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1. Gazas poverty another Pal legacy.
Petra ,   USA   (10.17.07)
No surprise here, poverty always accompanies the PA. Until these people demand the stopping of terror against Israel, it will remain the same. The PA is corrupted thoroughly and their people suffer due to their mismanaged leadership. Have they ever tried anything else but terror? The world could care less ablout impoverished Pals. They are the poster child for losers.
2. Gaza
mark ,   raanana   (10.17.07)
Ms Irit Rosenblum, quote; "We are sitting on dynamite etc". Surely she means, "THEY are sitting on dynamite etc"
3. Look What Was BEFORE They Chose War
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (10.17.07)
According to Karim Nashashibi (from Gaza) of the IMF's Middle Eastern Department, as found on the IMF web site (Dubai International Convention Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: September 20, 2003), in 1999, which was BEFORE they started this war of attrition, the PA had a budget SURPLUS. Let them eat Qassams.
4. Sorry, All Out Of Sympathy Today.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.17.07)
Try again tomorrow - as I'm sure you will. Are we supposed to feel bad about this? Well, I don't. This is self-inflicted & I resent even an attempt to make me feel guilty about their situation. It's what they deserve. I'll save my sympathy for those that deserve it - and the world is full of far, far more deserving people. As a matter of fact, this concentration on Palestinians is diverting attention from other world problems. Help people in Asia, in S. America, anywhere - hell, we have people to help right here in Israel. So please take your crap propaganda somewhere else.
5. Like hitler, they have chosen Guns over Butter
Mary ,   USA   (10.17.07)
As you sow, so you reap
6. Cheap way
adbul ,   Gaza   (10.17.07)
Most of Gaza population are people that have nothing to do with politics nor violance but it seems that horror is in the blood of most israelis in which they use a cheap way of exercising their horror on the civilians because they can not face the problem itself of Hamas. I think that such cheap acts by Israel will not achieve anyting but to push the peaceful civilians toward extremism, violance, hatered, and tendancy to revenge. Is this what israel wants?????
7. But what about Farfur?
Repo Man   (10.17.07)
He looked pretty well fed to me....
8. Look at all the millions of square miles of land God gave to
Rivkah   (10.17.07)
the Moslem descendants of Esau and Ishmael. The Gazans and militant Palestinians should go there so they will be blesses, just as the Jews are blessed in the land God gave to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The conflict in Israel will eventually result in Jewish world rule replacing Gentile world rule. The only was to delay that is not to have a conflict in Jerusalem or with Israel since the bible says if there is peace in Jerusalem there will be peace in the world. Are you listening, Ms.Rice and Mr. Bush?
9. No 4
Umm Danny ,   Israel   (10.17.07)
I totally agree with Terry of Eilat. If Ms Rosenblum is full of the milk of human kindness, there are plenty of her own people who would appreciate her sympathy and any practical help she could offer. In the old proverb "Charity Begins at Home"
10. Abdul, Please!
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (10.17.07)
Come on! The People voted these morons to represent them! There are plenty of politicans that they can choose, however the palis people choose a terrorist group, and yes both Hamas and Fatah are terrorist groups. Look at the US, we voted for Bush and look at the backlash WE get! you reap what you sow. If the palis poeple really want change then they need to choose leaders who want peace not war! Believe me this is Bush's last term.
11. poverty in gaza
carol ,   eilat   (10.17.07)
should we be concerned not israels problem we have enough people hungry in israel lets help them first
12. If you want to defeat us, just stop our water & wait 1 week!
Gaza Guy ,   Kan Yuunis   (10.17.07)
13. Just desserts! Tell me why I should care
Joe ,   Ohio, USa   (10.17.07)
14. So WHAT?!
H ,   Israel   (10.20.07)
15. NOT an Israeli problem
Dan ,   The Hebrew homeland   (10.21.07)
What a "discovery" that the living standards of highly developed Israel is much higher than in underveloped Gaza. The standards of living in France are higher than in Yemen and so what? If independent Gaza would use a fraction of its time/energy/money that it devotes on Nazi-style antisemitic hate propananda and terror against Israel to invest in its own future, Gaza would look much different. I will be happy to help needy families in Israel in the Jewish diaspora or poor people in Africa or Asia but the Gaza-terror state won't get a dime from me.
16. ..and what does an AFRICAN family live on per week.PalsRcons
Alan ,   SA   (10.28.07)
17. And yet...
Steve ,   UK   (11.07.07)
Hammas still has enough to buy weapons and explosives. Well, my Pal friends, you wanted them, you got them. Let THEM dig you out of the hole THEY dug for you! Let THEM feed you. Let THEM employ you. Oh, won't it be so grand when they're the government of the state you want so much. Life's looking all rosy, isn't it.
18. #6 Israel isn't the aggressor here.
Steve ,   UK   (11.07.07)
You know damn well what Israel wants. Peace and Security. Palestinians, or a huge majority of them, won't allow it. Now answer me a question and I mean this seriously: Thousands of rockets have been launched from Gaza, and continue to land on Israel. Launched not by a military, as part of a declared war targeting military targets, but launched by militants who don't care who it kills or what it destroys. Hamas, your "elected" leaders, are threatening in the West Bank. Question: In all seriousness: You really expect sympathy from a government and a people you'd like to see destroyed??
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