Peres: No intention to divide Jerusalem
Aviram Zino
Published: 17.10.07, 12:02
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1. Jerusalem Israels sacred heritage
Petra ,   USA   (10.17.07)
Is was and will be Israels. Any other solution wont work. Thankfully, it is protected now and shall stay Israels sacred possession.
2. Thank heavens for a voice of reason on Jerusalem...
Rivkah   (10.17.07)
Exc. Mr. Peres is very kind to consider Jonathan Pollard's situation and try again to resolve it in Mr. Pollard's favor after all the verbal and written personal attacks on Mr. Peres by Mr. Pollard and his camp.
3. Bold statements are easy when u don't have to back them up
Concerned Israeli   (10.17.07)
No divided Jerusalem? Famous last words. Olmert is ready to sell the whole shop, Temple Mount included.
4. Mr Peres is an active President
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (10.17.07)
We dont hear much from Olmert these days ! I wonder what Katsav doing these days ? WHY WE TALK ABOUT JERUSALEM THESE DAYS ? is this a tactic for something ? Rice also talking nice these days ! Lets build Palestine State ! Lets love Islam world :) okey that was lie :) I DONT LIKE DEMOCRACTS IN THE US ! I ALSO DONT LIKE REPUBLICIANS. But first the democrates :) such a bad guys ! they gave us big headaches over Armenian issue ! NOW ! WHAT HAPPENS TURKEY AND IRAN INTO UNITY ! SEE THAT :) OHHH MY PRESIDENT BUSH :) YOU MADE A BIG MISTAKE. anyway ! I love to read from Miss Tali farkash, dear Ynet ! where is she ? holiday ! something ? I LOVE YOU MYYNET ! I know readers will get mad at me and you :) No problem :) I find you better readers :) love Atilla Karagözoğlu
5. Dividing Jerusalem
Lior ,   London   (10.17.07)
So the man who has never been elected to anything has finally heard the voice of the people he purports to represent. Good. About time. "All who mourn for Jerusalem will merit to see its rejoicing" (Babylonian Talmud, Ta'anit 30b).
6. Mr. Peres was the woolf for more than 40 years
Khalil Abo Mohammad ,   Ein karem, Al Quds,   (10.17.07)
and he will not change. He was and he is the biggest obstacle for pace during the last 40 years as he says somthing and act the oposit.
7. to #6
Hilda ,   US   (10.17.07)
Amazing and he has always been your best friend. Only goes to proive the more you give them the less they love you. Isn't it time you learned that lesson Israel. Give them an inch and they want a foot. Time to draw the line right now. NO MORE
8. Peres ,Every intention to lie
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.17.07)
While the media and government of Israel continue to cover up the forced expulsion of Jews from their homes for president Bush's Palestinian state ,the decievers Olmert Peres ,Livni continue to destroy Israel for their foreign god.
9. Broken Promises and BS
ralphsrant1 ,   USA   (10.17.07)
Peres tells stuff that is untrue. The President can release anyone it's called a Presidential Pardon. Israel again asked to give and give and get nothing in return no embassy no secure borders and no Pollard what BS.
10. Only if there's a Jewish majority in Jerusalem
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (10.17.07)
will it not be divided. Otherwise, Peres Shmeres wouldn't mind dividing it.
11. good sign; a step in a thousand
observer   (10.17.07)
no plane, no intention = no precondition = giving up arrogance = return to the normal path.
12. What does ensure is a Jewish majority mean?
Steve ,   US   (10.17.07)
Isn't this code for dividing Jerusalem? What does he mean, Israel must ensure a Jewish majority in Jerusalem?
13. "our controle"? then, who are you?
observer   (10.17.07)
Children of the Secular G-d. The G-d who choses people on basis of "birth right" Never existed. A real G-d would Never have been apartheid. So, how a non-existent G-d has children. A G-d who orders His children to destroy others God's house Never existed.
14. to #7
Belal ,   atlanta USA   (10.17.07)
its funny how you'll use the word "give them". you have to remember this is a land they stole palestinians. bottom line, to make the story short, if you want to live in peace in this region, you gotta give back the land, end of story. stop talking about inch or foot, it is not ur right to talk like that. people who live in refugee camps own that land. and if you don't want the peace for land now, you will always find some one to fight you from now until the end of time, enjoy security then....
15. he sy
As Mr Oslo President Peres has no authority to divide Jerusalem he is talking the truth. To divide the city it first takes a Knesset majority vote and if it passes that stage then it goes to a referendum. As Peres isnt a member of the Knesset he cant vote but as a member of the public voting in a refreendum who knows which way he will vote but he knows he cant divide Jerusalem with just his own vote. Also maybe he wont formerly divide Jerusalem but he can support Olmert wording a policy so that doesnt outright say divide Jerusalem but instead it will say something along the lined of giving up arab naighborhoods in East Jerusalem which is dividing the city in all but name. We will have global peace before Peres means a statement like I will not divide Jerusalem.
16. #12 Steve US - Indeed, what does he mean?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.17.07)
My instincts tell me Peres is not to be trusted. He still cannot admit that Oslo was a major disaster. He backs Olmert who helped make him president. He supports the idea of an independant Palestinian state. So, what are his statements worth? Probably not much.
stude ham   (10.17.07)
Jerusalem never has been about numbers or proportional representation. After King David, Jerusalem always has been Jewish... majority shmajority.... such numbers do not affect the city's Jewishness nor the absolute right of the Jewish people to that entire city.
18. Israel Keeping J'lem will break the Heart of C, Rice & GW.!!
Roy c. Hudson ,   Pittsburg,USA   (10.17.07)
This puts them back to sq. one.. Abbas ask her for it all. or none. in time they will get none. The PLO plan is to take it by force. demand or War.not as a LOVE gift from Israel. divide & conquer to show the Muslem power by their god. When the EU & USA Bank runs dry on the PLO . like it should have 40 + years ago.they might see you don't put money on a Desert Ass in a Horse race like they have done. You will have nothing to show for your effort. as they have this day. Israel is a Democratic state with Rights to all that land of God . They win.! ! ok? Roy c. H. USA
19. it's the mad leading the bad
Ran   (10.17.07)
are there no spaces available in insane asylums in Israel?
20. divide
mindy hatcher ,   orlando, united stat   (10.17.07)
PLEASE PLEASE do NOT divide up iIsreal or Jerusalem. It belongs to you. There was never any palistinian state and there should never be one. God gave that country to you, to Abraham and his decendants. Keep it, take back what you gave away.
jack bauer ,   liars cant fool us   (10.17.07)
and by the actions of peres, olmert, tzipi, and the rest they are/will be judged as guilty of betraying their people!
22. Jerusalem cannot be divided; it is eternally Jewish
All Jews and Muslims will understand and accept this when the Angel Gabriel comes to Mount Moriah again and makes it known. There will be no more fighting then and all religions will worship there peacefully.
23. hey attila you dork remember this....
jack bauer ,   we love attila   (10.17.07)
bush fought hard to stop the guys actually saying in public that the Turks DID commit genocide against Armenians And by the way THEY DID COMMIT GENOCIDE why would that bother you? nobody said YOU committed genocide..... they are just afraid of the truth. It is more convienient to lie or say nothing about it. But I know the truth and that is enough for me. Turkey and Iran into unity? lol you had better hope not because you may get hammered as well if that happens to be the case Oh and by the way Turkey should NEVER be allowed into the EU lmao why? because 98% of turkey is in asia not Europe. And the bit that is in europe was stolen from the greeks! ( : did that make you mad? I hope it did now hop up and down, shout a little, and then go drink a cup of tea and relax much love for attila dont worry, I love reading your retarded talkbacks too they bring joy to my heart, well at least sometimes they are funny jack bauer
24. Peres is a lier. He, Barak and Olmert all offered Jerusalem
AK   (10.17.07)
Every time this man opens his mouth a lie comes out. I wonder, does his family live in Israel?
25. jeruselem
colin   (10.17.07)
Peres again intefering in Israel Nobody gives a damn for your explanation of how you devide jerusalem.A jewish majority in the arab neighbourhoods will never be.So stop lieing and do not devide Jerusalem.Many thousand have perished to get Jerusalem to be one undevided city.Have youperes forgotten the six day war?? OH you were hiding in the back rooms.
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