UN: Syrian delegate never referred to nuclear site
Published: 17.10.07, 23:52
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1. Never fails to amaze me how often
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (10.18.07)
these people are misinterpretated
2. lost in the arab ocean
a bunch of almost broken Hebrew speaking who made Arabic their second language. do you think if the UN Syrian delegate were speaking in Hebrew would the Israelis have understood them without interpretation?
3. Israelywood continued
English guy ,   London   (10.18.07)
As i mentioned yesterday, Madame Ziv's understand of Syrian Arabic is nowhere near as great as her powers of imagination. However, the truth will not stop the neo-cons and the goy-haters from interpreting their own fantasies as Arab reality.
4. #3 and fantasies
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.18.07)
Quote from todays paper... "Syrian Official Says Israeli Airstrike Hit Nuke Facility" Another one of you fantasies ruined huh English guy? Syria gets caught in another lie and Israel seems to be the truthful nation again. Why won't you learn that you are siding with a bunch of lying losers? Learn from history if you can.
5. #4
English guy ,   London   (10.18.07)
How strange - this article says that the Syrian official did not say that and that it was a "mistranslation" - ie. a piece of Madam Ziv's overactive brain, and yet you say "Quote from today's paper" and say the opposite. Doesn't really matter what I say, does it. Small minded, goy- and Arab-hater that you are, you'll just write the scenario yourself and then put it into the mouths of the people you consider to be the bad guys, ie. the Syrians. not really worth discussing much with you ultra-bigotted right-wingers because truth or facts don't enter into the equation - you force facts and twist them until they fit your ugly brain pattern. As for lying losers? Are you talking about the Israeli settlers? the Mitnahlim and the mityashim who steal land and then pretend it fell onto their plates from heaven? or are you talking about the Israeli top brass who pretend not to know about cease-fire lines and carry on cluster bombing civilian areas? Do clarify. On the other hand, don't bother because I'm tired of lies and spin from Floridian sickos.
6. #1 Thank the UN's policy
woww ,   LA   (10.18.07)
of hiring interpreters only if their native language is one of the five main languages (English, French, Russian, German or Chinese) thus guaranteeing them far from being fluent on the other . In case of especially difficult languages (like arabic, it has more than 20 different dialects) if someone did not grow up in the enviroment, the interpreter is bound to make mistakes.
7. #5 Englih bloke
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.19.07)
Even if Syria came out and admitted that this was a nuclear site, which they pretty much have, you would still not believe it. Nothing that proves Israel right ever gets into your head. All you can do is sit there and call us Arab haters and racists. The truth will come out and you will be wrong. Whether you admit it or not is your business and will not effect us at all.
8. Syrian denials
s m ,   metro north bostib   (10.20.07)
As David says in the Psalms: If it wasn't for the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, we would have been devoured by our enemies when thir anger is kindled but a little. So the Isreali's was saved again - PRAISE THE LORD!!! And thank you GOD for as you say in the last sentences of the book of Amos that Israel is permenantly established regardkess it the United Nations and their supporters.
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