End olive harvest attacks
Yehuda Litani
Published: 19.10.07, 21:22
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1. how could this go on year after year
leucippe   (10.19.07)
The first time I read about the settlers' attacks on Palestinian olive groves, I was more than shocked. I was demoralized (and radicalized). To my mind this wanton vandalism that is not immediately punished (and better, prevented) is a shameful violation of Jewish ethics; it degrades us in our own eyes and in the eyes of others and alas, rightfully so. The situation is indefensible and intolerable. The state must act now; and even better, where are the good citizens of Israel? This is a wakeup call.
2. Tell both sides, come on now, play the level playing field
Dave ,   Australia   (10.20.07)
You never once mentioned that the Arabs with the lefties uproot newly planted olive trees and vines of the Jewish people. Particularly detrimental when they know that because of Shmitta year, they cannot replant them until the shmitta year is finished. Of course the Arabs never put a foot or hand wrong according to your philosophy. Yes there are wrongs, but they are not once sided. When recording the woes and trials of one side be fair and give the other side also with equal time. Level playing field man, level playing field, that is all that is asked of any reporting, just the facts, no embellishments and both sides given. Reporting not judging is your job, do it please for your own sake and the sake of the readers. We readers deserve better than what you are providing, so do your job.
3. Bulldoze Their Homes and Ban Them From the West Bank
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow Russia.   (10.19.07)
The IDF should be given orders to locate these terrorists who are attacking the Palestinians, destroy their family homes and bar them from entering the West Bank for good.. These so-called Jews who would behave like common terrorists bring shame to real Jews all over the world and underscore why Palestinians want them out of the occupied territories, while Israel's failure to punish these terrorists only fuels the hatred of Jews worldwide.
4. The arabs are trespassing on Jewish land!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.20.07)
What about the Jews that were killed and maimed by these arabs? Let them get off our land and more to an arab country.
5. Hypocrite
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.19.07)
The left claim that olive trees are destroyed by Settlers. No proof, no evidence, just baseless allegations. So far the only Jew found destroying Arab olive trees is the extreme left activist Yoel Marshak who tried to destroy the trees to blame settlers. In contrast, the assaults by Arabs on Jewish farmers is well known, most recently 8000 vines in Talmon. Litani could not care less. By why go to Judea and Samaria? Arab gangs have made Jewish agriculture impossible, stealing bee hives, produce and equipment. The police ignore the Jewish farmers' complaints. Even when they are physically attacked the police do nothing. Why does Litani not write about Shy Dromi? The story is Shai Dromi
6. Members of the Religion of Peace Don't Lie and are PEACEFUL!
7. Arabs uproot Jewish trees - Photos
Canadian Otter   (10.19.07)
May 15, 2007 http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/122107
8. funny that on ynet jews=settlers & palis=farmers
jack bauer   (10.20.07)
in reality just who are the squatters and who are the eternal leaseholders? ynet is either blind to the truth, or intentionally complicit in the campaign of lies
9. Olives
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.20.07)
Everybody over there cut out the BS! Pretty soon the price of a good martini will go through the roof because of the price of olives.
10. Israely Settlers
A Watcher ,   Canada   (10.20.07)
why don't you say Israely Settlers...are you ashamed of them?
11. Settlers are terrorists
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (10.19.07)
12. Rocks
David ,   Richmond Va USA   (10.20.07)
Throwing rocks at pallis is very immature. If you shoot rockets instead that would be more apporpriate behavior.
13. most stories are false and done by leftists
b.moskowitz ,   chashmonaim   (10.19.07)
one was arrested last week by the army setting fires. Of course ynet didn't cover the story. There were also pictures taken of peace now messing with irrigation pipes. Every year allegations of troo cuttings are shown to be false and actually were pruning done by the arabs themselves. Enough with these false stories and allegations
Yonatan ,   Los Angeles   (10.19.07)
15. As you make your bed in the morning...
H ,   Israel   (10.20.07)
you'll have to sleep at night.
16. Shame on you!!
Jabadini ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (10.20.07)
are destroyed by Arabs and Left Wing Terrorists. Thousands of Trees owned by Jews have been torn down/uprooted by Palestinians & Left wing terrorists (a terrorist is one who incites fear in the people)and the government does nothing about this even when the police know who is to blame. But, if a Jew does the same thing in his country he is arrested and stupid articles like this showing not only one side but only part of the reality distort the facts on the ground and brainwash Israelis to believe that the settlers are all evil people even though the settlers are attacked more then they attack.
17. More leftist lies supported by YNet
freejay ,   Israel   (10.19.07)
18. To Mr. Litani
Concerned Israeli   (10.19.07)
What understanding can be reached with the PA and what are you talking about when you say PA? Hamas, the outwardly Islamist terrorist organization that won't stop until Israel is destroyed, or Fatah, the nationalist terrorist organization that wants to start with '67 borders to launch its final attack on Israel? Litani, you live in the clouds. The conflict has nothing to do with olive trees.
19. Another leftist
David ,   USA /ISRAEL   (10.20.07)
Another leftist who is giving away everything before The heads of state meet. Why are you publishing those ludicrous stories it's getting old already
20. To ALL Talkbackers
Palestinian   (10.20.07)
You do not defend your olive tree, by uprooting others.. Certainly Israeli Settlers in Particular have uprooted millions of olive trees according to all watchdog agencies... You just have to go an lookup this info Maybe it is a good start to look here: http://www.ifamericansknew.org/ Peace to everybody!
21. Shameless Propaganda AND Incitement Towards Jews Settling...
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (10.20.07)
Despite ALL the evidence to the contrary, Israeli 'peaceniks' and PA propagadists tell the same tall tales. While leftist Israelis, assorted collaborators, and their Arab counterparts are caught RED HANDED (chopping down trees in order to blame the 'settlers'), they shamlessly repeat the charade. For IF they had the goods on the 'settlers', rest assured they would video them in the act!
22. #4 jason white of Afula
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.20.07)
Jason may possibly be white, but his shirt is probably brown
23. No. 20 Palestinian
NYC Girl   (10.20.07)
You're obviously incapable of critical thinking or you wouldn't make such idiotic statements like the one about Israeli settlers having uprooted millions of olive trees. MILLIONS of trees? There aren't enough settlers in all of Israel to be able to uproot that many trees. No wonder you're such a fan of a website that caters to a bunch of half-assed conspiracy theorists.
24. No Peace No Peace
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (10.20.07)
If Arabs want peace they will give peace. If they want war, then we should listen to American General William Tecumseh Sherman: "If they want eternal war, well and good; we accept the issue and will dispossess them and put our friends in their places. Three years ago, by a little reflection and patience, they could have had a hundred years of peace and prosperity, but they preferred war; very well. Next year, their lands will be taken; for in war we can take them and rightfully too, and in another year they may beg vainly for their lives."
25. Mr. Litani, cheat me once, shame on you; cheat me twice.....
AK   (10.20.07)
trice... I'm not buying your crap, anymore. Pallywood, anyone?
26. Olive trees
Ricy ,   Arcata, CA, USA   (10.21.07)
This is a shame and not fair to those liberal Israeli's who are trying to improve conditions in Palestine. More reason to continue the boycott of Israeli products. Avoid products with bar codes beginning with "729"
27. #3- Signed as Bronstein - stinks like Trotsky...
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.21.07)
28. once again
avi ,   nyc   (10.21.07)
Each time the editors of YNET push these stories, and always they end up as lies either perpetrated by the arabs or left wing kapos. Besides those alleged "rabbis" have no smicha.
29. Funny that international law means jews = squatters
Joshua ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.20.07)
Not one country (besides Israel) recognises the settlers' presence in the West Bank, not even the US. You do the math on who's blind.
30. Dave - Australia
Dino Nazamodeen ,   Cam\nada   (10.20.07)
Are you a tourist on this earth? Are you aware that the Palestinians land was taken away from them, by the UN (British, USA) and given to Jews? How fair is this! I know you woundn't understand it, because your people did it to the Aborigines of Australia. And ever since you have been kicking them around. You come here with "Dirty Hands".
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