Report: Mubarak's condition undergoes sharp decline
Roee Nahmias
Published: 19.10.07, 10:09
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1. We will soon understand ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.19.07)
Why peace treaties with Arab regimes are worth absolutely nothing. We will also understand why land for peace is a very dangerous idea - we should have kept the Sinai as a buffer zone. Wait & see.
2. And the question is...........
Johnson ,   USA   (10.19.07)
Is this a blessing or a curse?
3. #1 Sadly Right
Aharon   (10.19.07)
To this day I can't believe that Begin agreed to give away the Sinai.
4. Islamic rule in Eqypt imminent
5. Egyptians must avoid MuslimBrotherhood rule (at any cost)!
KMR ,   Middle East   (10.19.07)
(forward thinking)Gamal Mubarak can contain (backward thinking) MuslimBrotherhood
6. #1 You are absolutely right. a tragedy Israel Leaders did
Norman   (10.19.07)
7. Too bad Murbarak didn't bring democracy to Egypt
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.19.07)
This is the most threatening development in the arena. I doubt Mubarak Jr. will be able to keep the radicals at bay. He'll either have to make a deal with the devil to keep his job (and then hand it to HIS son) or to loosen up and let the people finally decide something for once in their lives. But if radical elements take over the country, the threat of a 4 front war becomes so likely that Israel will have no alternative but to make the first strike on all fronts.
8. #3 Begin did it under duress
Chaim ,   Canada   (10.19.07)
Sadat (who was very smart) and Carter (who we now know is an anti Semite) ganged up on Begin when they were in seclusion in Camp David. Begin regretted that the rest of his life and died of a broken heart.
9. Nasser II
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.19.07)
"we will understand why peace treaties with Arab regimes are worth absoutedly nothing" Israel made all of these treaties with one,ONE,ONE Nation prodding them . Every Jewish leader went along religiously obedient to every word and demand. Anation of Idol worshipers expect's peace when they blaspheme the Holy One of Israel and reward His enemies ? only one resisting somewhat ,Yitzak Shamir. Israel bowed her knees to her false BIRD god and went along with their agenda religiously while ignoring the words of your God. What did you expect ? Peace ? The blind have been led about to disaster by the IDOLS they continue to follow to this day.
10. #9 Oh for God's sake put a sock in it already hey? Look,
Shlomo ,   Tel Aviv   (10.19.07)
there are 2 Yirushaliams. An earthly one, and a heavenly one. One is a copy of the other. In order for the earthly one to be taken over, the heavenly one will have to. Hashem is not going to let that happen. So instead of splashing us with your daily verbal dihareaha, shut up, get on your knees, and be one of the prayers for Israel, and not one who opens his mouth & daily displays his ignorance will you?
11. To #3
Mikulas ,   Bratislava, Slovakia   (10.19.07)
Sadat was smart. He was also brave and got killed. Respect Sadat. He was a better soul than any other Israeli leader up to now.
12. #9
English guy ,   London   (10.19.07)
Your illness is getting worse - perhaps more serious than Mubarak's. At least there are no reports that he is having prophetic delusions, like the Florida invertebrate.
13. #10 shlomo
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.19.07)
Dear Shlomo, Its' time for you and Israel to repent for the evil you have done in going to false Idols for peace. Change your evil ways. Your god george will not save Israel so stop religiously obeying his evil demands.
14. #13 So I guess that means ur going to disobey Hashem & NOT
pray for the Peace ,   of Israel? Shlomo   (10.19.07)
15. An Egyptian Joke on Mubarak
jokeman ,   USA   (10.19.07)
Mubarak the leader (who will never go). Begin: Mubarak was on his death bed, his aid came to him and told him "your excellence the palace is surrounded with your people, who have come here to thank you and bid you farewell". Mubarak looked back in awe and asked "Why where are they going?"
16. #14 shlomo
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.19.07)
Before peace ,Israel must turn to Hashem and throw away their false idols. Quit bowing to the American bird because the U.S. will not save Israel or bring peace to Israel. Will you do that ?
17. #16 Will you pray for the Peace of Israel instead of trashin
us? Yes or No? ,   Shlomo   (10.19.07)
18. Good luck
Egyptian   (10.20.07)
Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak turned Egypt into a banana republic. Israel didn’t give Sinai back you simply have to give it back because you know that the Egyptians will keep fighting for it. Nasser is responsible for dragging Egypt to unnecessary war in Yemen that bankrupt the country and stressed our army. The Majority of the Egyptians unlike Israelis are not interested with war with any country. After your recent failure in Lebanon against far less equipped and trained guerilla fighter I think you should just shut up. Muslim Brotherhood will never rule Egypt.
19. #16 By your silence, you have told us you are a traitor to
Hashem&2Israel. 2 ,   hell w/u then.Shlomo   (10.20.07)
20. #17 shlomo
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.19.07)
The truth is not trash. YOU MUST FIRST FACE THE TRUTH OF YOUR SICKLY SPIRITUAL CONDITION and stop attempting to hide the truth. The truth is faithless Israel looks for peace everywhere but with Hashem Israel has to throw away her false idols and seek Hashem for peace. He alone will bring it not me. Will you wake Israel up to remove the idol and false peacemaker George from her midst ,YES OR NO ?
21. Not surprising for his age
Brod ,   USA   (10.20.07)
At his age, this is not surprising. In fact, at 79, he is doing quite well. People in the region, however, think that they are indispensable. Hence, they slog it out till they are old and feeble. If he were smart, he should retire and let the younger generation take care of business.
22. #11 Mikulas, Sadat was also a Nazi. Never forget that
David ,   Boston, USA   (10.20.07)
Sadat was no boyscout. Egypt has not lived up to its end of the peace agreement with Israel. It is in violation of at least 2 articles in it and has never followed the spirit of the peace agreement. Peace with Egypt? Its in in paper only and Egypt doesnt even follow it, so what is it really worth?
23. shlomo the wise
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.20.07)
Your ignorance of Torah,Tenach is typical of much of Israel. When Jerusalem was defeated by the Assyrian's ,the Babylonian's ,the Persian's ,Greeks, the Romans and the Ottoman's it had everything to do with the earthly Jews chasing after other gods and nothing to do with the heavenly Jerusalem. I do pray that you would learn the truth and help Israel turn away from false messiah george, your great stumbling block disaster idol.
24. Sinai
berri ,   Cairo, Egypt   (10.21.07)
I do not understand why Beigin should have kept Sinai? Is Sinai Egyptian or Israeli? Why are some Israelis so afraid of Mubarak's death?
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