IAEA examines Syria bombing site photos
AP and Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 19.10.07, 17:41
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1. This is what Saddam did with the WMD-sweep under carpet
Alan ,   SA   (10.19.07)
You bet-Saddam Hussein had WMD .As things got closer to War ,he moved them to Syria.. Lotsa stories circulated about Busloads of Rockets(long range) going to Syria. Everyone knows how masterful these Asymetric Warfare experts are at their business.
2. Syria is spring-cleaning to welcome el-baradei of IAEA
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (10.19.07)
who will then declare, "See, there is nothing here. syria does not have any illegal or secret nuclear weapons program. Israel is lying again."
3. Like the world does not believe that this really happened.
We have it recorded! ,   Israel   (10.19.07)
4. #1 You'll find those Iraqi WMD's in Syria, I promise
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (10.19.07)
Covering up shameful acts is part of the Arab mentality. Preserving Assad's rule while also keeping him isolated and contained has always been the policy of the USA and Israel. If they wanted him out, they would have exposed Syria's activities to the world.
5. assad
fish   (10.19.07)
Didn't he say in an interview with Lyse Doucet ( who is always polite and sympathetic with Arab dictators, and openly contemptuos when she interviews Israelis and her leaders) that it was an unused military facility? Ooops... When the truth come out , will Mrs Doucet come to grill him on why he lied to her?
6. Preemptive Action Always The Right Strategy.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.19.07)
I've said this before but it bears repeating. This should have been done with Iran a long time ago. This is what we should have done in S. Lebanon as soon as we saw Hezbollah building bunkers & stockpiling missiles. We are doing the same thing with Gaza. Preemptive action is always our best strategy. Look at the difference between 1967 & 1973. Can there be any doubt which was the better strategy?
7. Zionist Washington Post
Dovy ,   Toronto   (10.19.07)
I guess that ends discussion.....If it's in the Washington Post it's as good as if it came from Mt. Sinai. All the "truth" but never investigative reporting about Zionist misdeeds....!!!
8. #1 Busloading Rockets to Syria?
observer   (10.19.07)
No Saddam could have sent them directly to Israel via rocket launchers and save the cost of the mail!
9. Allen - I agree, &
Pedro ,   Europe   (10.19.07)
.. all the knockers of the Bush Govt. be aware that this government knew that there was no other way with Iraq. Even if he comes across as a bit of a buffoon, has 0 charisma, and manages to mangle almost every public speech; he's doing the hard yards by making tough decisions for YOU, free to read this post (somewhere without internet censorship). YES - WMDs where in Iraq, and now they remain in the hands of those who acquired them, the Syrians. From the very outset, Dubya warned that the job at hand requires time, sacrifice and hard work. Bummer. But hey, we never asked to be attacked by the Islamo-fascists, nor does Israel request the constant attack from the same 'people'. Keep on rockin in the fee world (BUT IT MIGHT MEAN WE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT). God bless Israel and America! God bless freedom, and all that it stands for! God save us from the Muslum scurge!
10. #6 lack of preemtrive stike saved Israel from destruction
observer   (10.19.07)
Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, and Israeli general David Elazar met at 8:05 a.m. the morning of Yom Kippur, 6 hours before the war was to begin. Dayan began the meeting by arguing that war was not a certainty. Elazar then presented his argument, in favor of a pre-emptive attack against Syrian airfields at noon, Syrian missiles at 3:00 p.m., and Syrian ground forces at 5:00 p.m. "When the presentations were done, the prime minister hemmed uncertainly for a few moments but then came to a clear decision. There would be no preemptive strike. Israel might be needing American assistance soon and it was imperative that it not be blamed for starting the war. 'If we strike first, we won't get help from anybody', she said. Some say that in retrospect the decision was a sound one. While Operation Nickel Grass, the American airlift of supplies during the war which began October 13, did not immediately replace Israel's losses in equipment, it did allow Israel to expend what it did have more freely. Had they struck first, according to Henry Kissinger, they would not have received "so much as a nail". This was what Golda Meir said of Ops Nickel Grass: "For generations to come, all will be told of the miracle of the immense planes from the United States bringing in the material that meant life for our people."
11. #7 Dovy: I find it hilarious that you profess
yuk yuk canuck ,   usa   (10.19.07)
a media outlet to be biased and in the same breath make an obviously biased comment ("Zionist misdeeds.") What a joker you are!
12. #11 - Dovy is Naturei Karta
Jane   (10.19.07)
He's on Iran's side
13. Just check the place with Geiger counter
Damir ,   Russia   (10.19.07)
They can remove it but they cannot wash it out.
14. lol reply to #1
John ,   Toronto,Canada   (10.19.07)
funny how u keep refering to the iraq WMD's when americans themselves admitted they never existed .. so thanks for your comments as it just proves syria has no WMDs .. the only country in the middle east that should be bombed for having WMDs is israel
15. We are in a War where the most creative enemy confronts us
Alan ,   SA   (10.19.07)
They use the World's very own Media as their propaganda Weapon.They create optical illusions of fantastic structure . They present the greatest lies as the greatest truth. Their soldiers dont wear uniforms . They melt away after attack.Their Women and Children are their shields . The dwellings of their people are their Armories. They use the simplest weapons to infiltrate the most secure fortress or transport vehicle or plane . They use the simplest ingredients to make the most devastating explosives. They use the very democracy of the civilised world to destroy the civilised world.The civilised world protects their right to destroy thecountries that gives them a home and a means of sustainance. Lets face it -they are really clever!
16. Alan #15-the real reason they are succeeding
Brooke   (10.19.07)
While I agree with everything you so eloquently write---I must disagree with your last line. Its not that they are so clever, it's that they have our own 5th column who chooses the Islamofascist lies, destruction, and raping of our freedoms to defend their right to do this to our fee and tolerant countries. Our own political correctness, mainstream media, educators, certain churches and the lunatic Left sides with them, either deliberately or ignorantly appeasing them. But the Islam death cult animals they choose to champion and stand with against the moral freedom loving West, will turn on them first for their utter contempt, weakness and stupidity. Yes our freedoms, politeness and fear in believing we are under existential attack is why these animals have conquered us so well. Wake up world because your children will be raped, enslaved converted or killed. Those are your ONLY options under your "friends" who are so feverishly using the freedoms to conquer the immoral "West". A special place in hell for the mainstream media, educators and traitors amongst us. Move to their Muslim countries and try preaching the same stuff. Go--get lost!
Brooke   (10.20.07)
I have been praying hard for a petition with power, Natan Sharansky's Be sure to sign 2 petitions. One is for NOT dividing Jerusalem and the other is for the Temple Mount. Please pass this on to everyone you know and other sites and blogs.immediately. Thank you and G-d bless Israel and everybody who loves her and prays for her.
18. #1 & 9- Right on, gentlemen
Cameron ,   USA   (10.20.07)
Israel behaved exactly as she should have. One can only abide so much so much slippery, malevolent behavior for so long. I've been hearing for years from both Arab & Western sources that the WMD resources Saddam had managed to gather were packed off to Syria to be stashed by fellow weasel Baathists. One can obey the forms & niceties of diplomacy for years, but when they gather no real results, then the time comes to end the diplomatic 2-step, push aside the fearful Progessive grunting, and finally put an end to the matter with a direct, heavy hand. Long efforts & any no. of UN resolutions had no effect on changing Saddam's behavior and so, that poisonous sociopath wound up being dragged out of a dirt hole and served up a Texas necktie.
19. John the Canadian
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.20.07)
Thank you for a racist, ignorant post. really shows what kiind of people are out there. Maybe some day you will get sick and have to rely on Israeli medicine and technology to help you. Hopefully you won't want to bomb israel at that point.
20. IAEA examines Syria bombing site photos
bob reynolds ,   orange park US   (10.20.07)
Neither the US nor Israel has the right to bomb a Syrian site even if they were constructing a nuclear reactor. Its an act of war. If Israel has the right to do so, then shouldn't any nation have the right to destroy the Israeli nuclear facilities? After all Israel has shown itself to be a threat to its neighbors, most recently by bombing Syria.
21. response for 14
jack bauer   (10.20.07)
maybe you along with some other semi-retarded people dont know what a WMD is before you declare saddam didnt have any 1 the west actually sold saddam much of his capability. So lets not pretend he was an innocent bystander. Germany, Russia, France, and even the US were suppling much much of saddams WMD programs. You pretend he didnt have any? Well, maybe you would like to explain what killed the kurdish townspeople halabja? Chemical, Biological,and Nuclear all qualify as WMD Thus the claims that he didnt have any are false. And even if he didnt have them any longer because he used them up and destroyed the rest. Then why couldnt he just verify that ? Bottom line is that he sent his air force to his rival and enemy iran rather then allow them to be destroyed by the US. Why would it be impossible for his WMD stuff to be sent to syria? Considering that the leftnik complainers kept up for months the warnings, and the process before the war broke was long enough to bury anything they wanted, droppedd it inot the rivers. bus it into syria, whatever. It still amazes me how people say there were no WMDs. No, that is not true. A true statement would be that you havent found any yet. Not being able to find something after you warned the guy for months.....gee what a surprise that its not sitting in plain view
22. dovy in Canada
Craig Johnston ,   Baltimore, USA   (10.20.07)
secret spy dovy taking top secret moose photographs sshhh.......
23. #15: they may be clever, but God is watching...
24. #14: no WMD's in Iraq, huh?
still skeptical ,   usa   (10.19.07)
Tell that to the tens of thousands of Kurds that were gassed by Iraq's Baathist regime. If not WMD's, what do you suppose killed those people, Saddam's bad breath? Do you really believe he just dismantled these programs just because he wanted to play nice?
25. #15
they are not clever at all. they simply are fanatics who are not afraid to die. not afraid to die at all which is a concept that is foreign to western culture, to democratic countries and to civilized human beings. these people think and believe in a completely different ideology than we do. to understand them, read THE CLOSED CIRCLE by DAVID PRYCE-JONES. a fascinating book about arab mentality and their actions and thinking paterns. i have lived with them for years and believe me, weired and backwards and unintelligent is an understatement when it comes to describing arabs in general. education, freedom of thought, nationalism and pride in your country doesn't exist. they are based on clans which always fight amongst each other and unfortunatelly drag the entire world and civilization into their slum pit. i say, close your borders, europe, australia, new zealand, the usa, etc.... and protect your civilization, peace and communities because if you don't, you'll eventually see the mahdi appear on your door steps coupled with a sword and the head of your jewish and christian neighbor down the street placed at your door for warning...if you don't convert, here goes your head.
26. John from Toronto
Yaron ,   USA   (10.20.07)
Hey Johnny like spewing your venom here? Israel may or may not have WMD but to draw a parallel between a country like Syria (led by a crazy dictator) and Israel (democratic system) is to not even be honest with your own values. If we were not subsidizing your protection for the last 60 years down here in the States, you would not be in living in your social paradise just north of our border...whanker!
27. #14; john get your facts straight
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (10.20.07)
The Americans have Never stated that WMD did not exist in Iraq. But, simply said none were found. There is a hugh diffference! In fact nobody can say one way or another at the presemt time. We know 1) none were found in Iraq 2) that there were not enough men to seal the Syria border 3) in Gulf War 1 Saddam flew his entire Air Force to Iran a country he started a bloody 8 year War with rather than lose them. So really nobody here can say anymore than no WMD's were found in Iraq. Anything more simply is not based in fact. Hey John, if you want to bomb Israel so bad I hear the Pals are still taking suicide bombers into their ranks I'll be looking for your video on the news. Submitted for your Approval...or not Mark from Georgia
28. To #14
PatriotUSA ,   Redmond, Oregon   (10.20.07)
So you think Israel should be bombed because they have WMD'S? What an ignorant statement. The fact that the Israeli's HAVE NOT ever used these weapons, despite the temptation to possibly do so, shows alot of responsibility on Israel's part. You think Iran or any other rogue arabic state would show that much restraint with WNDs? I seriously doubt that they could. Israel needs to do more of this and screw world opinion, or yours! Most of the world is against Israel anyway, so why not! So why not entertain us with what you think Israel should do, give all of Israel back to the islamofacists? Perhaps you should consider moving to gazastan where your opinion would be accepted with open ARMS.
29. RE: Lets face it -they are really clever!
DANNY ,   America   (10.20.07)
Is it being clever to drawn like a fish on a hook? I think not. We know who all of this washes out because the God Of Israel has foretold it, to all mankind. Poor boobs are being suckered...
30. Alan SA, Your right however its not that they are clever
Mike ,   Israel   (10.20.07)
Its us that are so darn stupid
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