IAEA examines Syria bombing site photos
AP and Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 19.10.07, 17:41
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31. LOL reply to #14's reply to #1
JohnB ,   Alabama U.S.A.   (10.20.07)
If you cant see the difference with Israel and "all the others" you are a danger to walk loose in this world. Israel is not the problem ! Israel wants too be left alone and live in peace in a "postage stamp" size of land that God Himself deeded over to Her and "all the others" are doing nothing but trying to destroy Her. So,John from Canada, Explain to me why ISRAEL is the problem??? I seem to be missing something here.
32. #13
publius ,   USofA   (10.20.07)
measuring radition levels, with geiger good idea, however it is not likely prove anything, since almost any geiger counter reading will measure a background radiation, concrete has a significant radiation source, then there is always well the building stored medical equipment, bringing a geiger counter to the site proves nothing, because I can asure you it will measure radiation at the site, so given emotional responce of a news headline leading with "Geiger counter finds radiation signature" is as can easily be visualize "a bringing bucket of gasoline to a fire" type of solution/proof. Then there is always the fact that site could have been a fully functional micro breeder reactor minus the fuel. I've study enough physics in my day to known that U238 plus neutrons yeilds bomb material. who says reactor must be larger scale, the large scale is for social outcome... electrical generation physists most definately know take 1g of U238 exposed to nuetrons yeilds Po239, it is a function of neutron intensity, 4000 grams makes a bomb, so it is simple math 4000grams / X days/gram yeilds about 2 years to turning out a bomb. being russian you got to admit stripping a problem down to its simple engineering requirements is true genius. heck you don't even need a reactor just a strong source of nuetrons and a vial of U238 sandwiched between some graphite.(incidently, iran has been attempting to enrich U235, so they have tonnes of U238 lying around) i not attempting to pick at past, was it not a russian that once said something about selling rope used to hang the seller. The only proof I need is technology wise (___ommitted___) can track a package on route to pluto down to the nanosecond. point is... if above is read between the lines, states one important point, funny thing above american rope, you need both ends to make a noose, and both ends aren't had until it is cut off from source. the question is not a why or how but a question of when to cut. give them something they desire and track where it goes, then it is a question of political will to unlease assets that1. F's with radar assets of target , 2. down the blow pipe marksmanship 3. ability to deliver 1000lb bomb on backs of a gnat, and the world thinks israel did this. lolrof trust me the only thing syria picked up on radar was the radar profile of the bomb. suggest iranian mullahs watch godfather movie until they get it, no nuclear program, no sir'e, do not past go, don't collect $200, straight to jail. best thing they can do is take everything out into an open field and allow USAmarines to box it up and haul it away. then we can sit down and visa dipomacy talk about iranian future relations with world and the good iran can bring to mideast. I am for one tired of this tom and jerry relationship iran has with USA. they can't win with show of arms, and USofA doesn't what to do a 24/7 roadrunner over the wild e coyote mullahs plans, if they insist on provoking nuclear issue, we will know more about the Summerians than Qom headed iranian govt. in near future.
33. believe al bardi
alan ,   peril straights ak   (10.20.07)
believing el bardi about nukes held by the world's most enlightened governments is like believing the tooth ferry. what was it Regan used to say. trust but verify. neither are possible with al bardi. he has his own agenda. why would anyone in their right minds want to trust a report by the UN or el bardi. both are diplomatic tools, not objective evaluators.
34. John-David Coperfield makes Elephants "disappear"on a stage!
Alan ,   SA   (10.20.07)
How can you say there were NO WMDs. Yes,in Iraq none were "FOUND" up till today! Does Osama Bin Laden not exist because he hasnt been found ......YET??? Read my above Post! The new War is a "War of Optical Illusions" With an adjoining Syrian border anything can be made to "disappear" DONT BE SO SURE THAT THERE WERE NO WMDs-Its just they wern't found .
35. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.20.07)
Alan,I agree with you.
ATİLLA WW III   (10.20.07)
ATİLLA WW III   (10.20.07)
I FAILED. I WANTED CONVERT THEIR HEARTS INTO LOVE ! BUT ITS IMPOSSIBLE. What you think ! who am I talking about ? love ! Atilla Karagözoğlu
38. #1 I agree with you
QmAn ,   london   (10.19.07)
I agree with you #1 and he moved them to Iran as well. according to some report Iran is going to use WMD against Israel.
39. #10 Observer - I don't agree.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.20.07)
I think these were self-serving arguments to justify poor decision-making & mistaken judgement. Two points bear some thought: 1. Golda Meir was forced to resign & a number of military leaders as well. Despite much intelligence information that war was imminent, we were caught un-prepared. 2. The very fact that we turned the war around in two days is proof enough that we would have demolished Arab armies had we struck first. Another point to consider, had we mobilized fully, the Arabs might have reconsidered starting the war. Another point to consider is that even the slightest information on enemy preparations for war is a cassus belli & justifies a preemptive strike if for no other reason than to establish beyond a doubt our deterrent power. To establish effective deterrence, it is not enough to say the enemy will think twice - they should not think even once. And while it may be a consideration, the reaction of foreign powers, including allies like the US, cannot be a determining factor in matters of national security. So, I stick to my original position - preemption is always our best option.
40. # 14 Yes, but ...
Abel Shoni ,   France   (10.20.07)
contrary to Iran, Israel has and will never threaten to "wipe off the map" another country. Israel is a peaceful country surrounded by countries whose motto is destruction (of Israel), not peace.
41. To Observer, re: lack of pre-emptive action
Robert Tilden ,   Sheridan, WY   (10.20.07)
Its dificult enough to look back in history and learn from what happend, let alone what might have happend in an alternate universe. Israel is always blamed by some people, and linking US support to a lack of Israeli action is doubtful to say the least. Are you saysing the USA, in the hight of the cold war would allow a deocratic allie to be defeated by a soviet backed Syria-Egypt because 'Israel started it'? Kissinger was Sec. of state, do you think he cared about who started? Nixon as president, as anti semitic as he was, was more anti soviet. According to youre theory, while the US was giving it all in Vietnam in order not to have a domino theory collaps in asia, would give up on an allie in the oil rich middle east to the communist side. If pre-emptive attack was so much on the table, you would at least expect the front lines to be more prepared than they were. Hisrtorical documentation is highly filtered, sometimes bluntly, this seems to be one of those cases.
42. #39 realy?
observer   (10.20.07)
((The very fact that we turned the war around in two days)) .....The real fact is that after 2 days most of the counter attacking Israeli tanks were destroyed. The extent of the damage was so severe that the Israelis called it Dark or Black Monday, and Golda Meir Cried: Save Israel. In the last nine months of the 2006/2007 fiscal year; 3500 Israeli grandchildren of American Grandparents applied for US citizenship to make use of a forgotten 1944 US immigration law-supplement. Do you know why? because they are feeling that a real war is certainly coming. They would stay on the brink of destruction and do not know even days before. Perhaps their wisdom is: you can make Jews from diaspora but you can not make diaspora from Jews.
43. DU U NO-Saddam flew his Migs to Iran on eve of 1st Gulf War
Alan ,   SA   (10.20.07)
to avoid their capture by the Grande Coalition!The Iranians I think kept them till they rusted up! So dont you doubters believe that the so called WMD were moved to some adjoining country ie Iran/Syria the TWO BIG ALLIES with mutual defence treaties today
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